Arbitration Eligibles: Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates are next in our arbitration eligibles series.

While the Pirates have a large quantity of arbitration eligible players (11), no one projects to make even $4MM in 2012.  Pearce, Wood, and Ohlendorf may be on the non-tender bubble.  Pearce and Wood would barely make more than the league minimum, though Ohlendorf would likely stay around $2MM.  Jones remains useful against right-handed pitching and I think that justifies a potential $2.4MM salary.

Relievers Meek, Resop, Veras, Grilli, and Hanrahan figure to be tendered contracts.  Each should fall between $800K and $1.5MM, with the exception of Hanrahan, whose saves should propel him to $3.9MM.  Starters Morton ($2.2MM) and Karstens ($2.8MM) will remain affordable as well.

If Meek, Jones, Morton, Resop, Hanrahan, Karstens, Veras, and Grilli are retained, the total could be around $16MM.  Assuming Ronny Cedeno's option is declined, the Pirates will have around $26MM committed next year before accounting for minimum salary players.  With payroll expected to rise from this year's $42MM Opening Day figure, the Bucs could have a good $20MM in 2012 flexibility.

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  1. Dave Plavi 4 years ago

    You hit it right on the head, for all players.

  2. Ron Greenawalt 4 years ago

    They better hand Wood and Pearce their walking papers!!

  3. With no good internal options and no chance of signing a SS of the Reyes/Rollins caliber, I don’t see it as a given that Ronny Cedeno’s option is declined.  $3 million is certainly not unreasonable for a passable SS.

  4. Completely agree with james. It’s relatively surprising that most firmly believe the Bucs will automatically decline the $3 million option on ol’ Ronny-it is a VERY reasonable price tag given that his statistics can translate, or hopefully grow, into next year.

  5. RaiseTheJollyRoger 4 years ago

    Ross Ohlendorf should be non tendered, no doubt, so should Wood and probably Pearce. Most of the relievers are on the fringe. I’d definitely pick up Cedenos option

  6. bigpat 4 years ago

    I agree that Cedeno should be picked up, and it should be an easy call. He’s actually progressed some this year, and shortstop is one of the weakest positions around the league. When guys like Jason Bartlett and Yuni Betancourt are getting paid an upwards of 5M (Bartlett is better but still mediocre), I think Cedeno at 3M is a value. Fact is, quality shortstops don’t grow on trees, and there won’t be many guys out there who would be an upgrade.

  7. I dont even think Bartlett is better….his bat is avg at best and his defense is below avg

  8. PiratesFan 4 years ago

    Everybody should be kept except for Ohlendorf, Wood, and Pearce

  9. i would keep wood for his versitility on defense and the pop he can provide of the bench as a middle infielder

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