Arbitration Eligibles: Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates are next in our arbitration eligibles series.

While the Pirates have a large quantity of arbitration eligible players (11), no one projects to make even $4MM in 2012.  Pearce, Wood, and Ohlendorf may be on the non-tender bubble.  Pearce and Wood would barely make more than the league minimum, though Ohlendorf would likely stay around $2MM.  Jones remains useful against right-handed pitching and I think that justifies a potential $2.4MM salary.

Relievers Meek, Resop, Veras, Grilli, and Hanrahan figure to be tendered contracts.  Each should fall between $800K and $1.5MM, with the exception of Hanrahan, whose saves should propel him to $3.9MM.  Starters Morton ($2.2MM) and Karstens ($2.8MM) will remain affordable as well.

If Meek, Jones, Morton, Resop, Hanrahan, Karstens, Veras, and Grilli are retained, the total could be around $16MM.  Assuming Ronny Cedeno's option is declined, the Pirates will have around $26MM committed next year before accounting for minimum salary players.  With payroll expected to rise from this year's $42MM Opening Day figure, the Bucs could have a good $20MM in 2012 flexibility.

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