Wang Wants To Return To Nationals In 2012

The Nationals have spent the last two seasons waiting for Chien-Ming Wang to get back onto a big league mound, which he finally did earlier this summer. Because of the way the team has stuck with him, Wang told's Bill Ladson that he would like to return to Washington in 2012.

"They have taken care of me a lot the past two years. So I want to come back," said Wang. "I want to help them get more wins. I just want to get back, no matter the salary."

The 31-year-old sinkerball specialist is having an odd statistical year, with more walks (13) than strikeouts (12) in 44 2/3 innings across eight starts. He's getting by thanks to a 53.9% ground ball rate, which is very good but a notch below where he was before shoulder troubles set in a few years ago. 

Earlier tonight we learned that Wang could end up making more than $1MM in incentives if he stays in the rotation the rest of the season. The Nats signed him to a one-year deal worth $1MM guaranteed, and he's scheduled to become a free agent after the season.

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  1. Isaac 4 years ago

    I can see it happening veteran pitcher for some of the young guns

  2. The Nationals need to start selling “We Love Our Wang” shirts.

    • let him go please….he is a joke….no wonder he wants to stay because nobody wants a guy who get rocked in the first 2 innings…..nats might get thier money back on those t shirts you mention though

  3. How is it even possible to only K 2.4 per 9 innings?

    • because he is a contact pitcher…..i have the crappy unpleasure of watching this guy pitch and im telling you he is a horrible waste of money and time……here is the nats pitching line up for next year if i had my way….  no.1..strasburg      no.2…zimmermann    no.3……tommy milone  no.4….brad peacock….  no.5….john lannan                                   

  4. Pseudonymus Bosch 4 years ago

    With a bit of offseason tweaking, some added strength, a bit more time in the weight room and on the mound, I think Wang next year will be even more improved. A perfectly league-average starter at least.

    Wang and Lannan may not be the sexiest pitchers to watch, but they should be solid and dependable. For the excitement factor they’ll have Strasburg and the Z-man(n).

    • nahhh…stras, j.zimm, peacock, milone,and have detwiler and lannan fight for no.5….look dude its time to give up on wang, ok…..let him go to free agency….it was a nice “project” but its time to move on and give the kids a chance

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