Brewers Owner Will Try For Prince

"We'll be in the game" for free agent first baseman Prince Fielder, Brewers owner Mark Attansio told reporters last night (including Steve Haywood of ESPN 540) after his team was eliminated from the playoffs.  Attanasio said, "We'd love to bring the big guy back," but noted that he'd like to have some distance from the season so that emotions are not an issue.

Fielder received an ovation from Brewers fans last night, as many believed his eighth inning at-bat was his last for the team that drafted him almost a decade ago.  Fielder deflected questions about whether he'll be back next year, and seemed annoyed when pressed.  In September, he admitted 2011 was "probably the last year" he'd be with Milwaukee.    

Agent Scott Boras could begin by attempting to top his own record contract for a first baseman, the eight year, $180MM deal Mark Teixeira signed with the Yankees three years ago.  Boras drew that comparison publicly in July of 2010.  Boras could also make a case to beat the $184MM given to Joe Mauer in March of 2010, especially since Prince has been so durable, tweets Peter Gammons.  However, there are some who see Fielder around Adrian Gonzalez's seven year, $154MM deal, reported SI's Jon Heyman.  Mauer helps Boras, and Gonzalez hurts him, but neither is a great comparable since they weren't signed on the open market.  

I'd be very surprised to see the Brewers re-sign Fielder within the exclusive negotation period.  I think if he hits the open market and finds the bids disappointing, then a window opens for the Brewers.  Boras has occasionally fallen well short of the early buzz for certain free agent clients.  Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon come to mind from recent years.  After the '08 season, a four-year, $100MM figure was floated for Manny, but the Dodgers held the line and got him for two years and $45MM.  The Yankees and Red Sox are likely to sit out the Fielder sweepstakes, and Prince is not a great fit for the Nationals.  The remaining potential suitors are not known for record-breaking contracts, with the possible exception of the Cubs.

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  1. stl_cards16 4 years ago

    I hope Prince stays. You can just tell he really loves it there. Hopefully he is smart enough to realize he will have more money than he could ever spend no matter where he goes. Might as well enjoy it.

    • I agree; he should stay.  Though as a Cub fan I’d fear more years of that Braun-Fielder 1-2 punch.

    • chico65 4 years ago

      So, are you guys sending champagne to the Braves or what?

      • stl_cards16 4 years ago

        Is that supposed to be a cheap shot or something?  If so, pretty weak.

        • Guest 4 years ago

          Gotta agree with you on that one. Cards look good right now and they’ve earned every win on their own. Nothing cheap out their wins unlike the Braves who just flaked out. Still a lot of denial on here from Red Sox and Braves fans. I’m putting the Cards as the favorite for WS winners. I’m a little bummed as I really wanted the Brewers to take it this season, regardless of my Yankee affiliation. 

          • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

            There a reason to bring up Sox fans despite the need to simply take a shot? The ones I’ve talked to are either stunned or have gone to the “Wait til next year” approach.

            I’d say the Cards have the slight edge right now based on homefield advantage, slight edge in the pitching staff, and I think LaRussa is a better manager than Washington. Betting on a close series, 6 or 7 games.

          • Guest 4 years ago

            Relax dippy. The point was made in response to “are you guys sending champagne to the Braves or what” comment, which is absurd. The Braves didn’t help the Cards. The Cards helped the Cards. Similar to the comments made by some Red Sox fans that the Yankee’s gave the wild card to the Rays by not playing at 100% those last few games, which is equally ridiculous. I wasn’t insinuating that all Red Sox fans are in denial. And yes, for the most part, most Red Sox fans have held the Red Sox accountable for what happened. 

          • chico65 4 years ago

            You’re the one in denial.  Sure the Cards won when they had to.  They deserve kudos for that. But if the Braves hadn’t historically tanked, all those Cardinal wins would have meant diddly squat.  One team has to win while the other loses to make up a game in the standings.  To imply otherwise is what’s absurd.      

          • stl_cards16 4 years ago

            Don’t do that!! No one has picked us all year, please don’t start now. haha

            Anyway, I really don’t see how the Cardinals could be favorites.  They are going to have to get some decent starts for there to be any chance of winning the World Series.  The bullpen has been great, but it shouldn’t be counted on to do what they did in the NLCS again.

          • Guest 4 years ago

            The Rangers have somewhat mystified me as to how they’ve gotten as far as they have. Technically they don’t have that “Ace” pitcher at the moment and with the Cards win last night, it lines up Carpenter for game 1 and 5. I’m willing to bet that if things were 1 game different at the end of the season, that the Rangers would have been swept by the Yankees in three in the ALDS. No complaints, as the chips fell where they did, but the Rangers overall haven’t really impressed me and other than Cruz its not like I’m really rooting for a story line here, like the Brewers or Tigers and even the Cards since they against many odds, (with Wainwright going down) are where they are now. 

          • MadmanTX 4 years ago

            That’s a load. The Yankees would have fallen to the Rangers as well. Spoken like somebody has not paid attention this postseason. The Rangers defeated the team with the best pitcher in baseball: The Tigers and Verlander. Don’t think anything that the Cards can throw at the Rangers scares them in the least. Even without an “ace” the Rangers get by with decent starters, a dominant bullpen and loads of offense. I guess the Cards will find all that out soon enough.

          • ALDS – Rangers beat the Rays, who have the best pitching staff in the AL.
            ALCS – Rangers beat the Tigers, who have Verlander, and one of the best offenses in the league.
            We’ve beat Verlander, Shields, Price, Porcello, Valverde, and Hellickson. That’s just in the postseason.

            If you haven’t been watching the Rangers this season, please don’t say that you’re mystified as to how they’ve gotten to this point.

          • jondogg2010 4 years ago

            Don’t worry, Texas in 6 anyways.

          • FS54 4 years ago

            Rooting for Cards in WS, but I don’t like their chances based on 2-3-2 format. With one win in STL, Rangers (and their ‘skewed’ lineup) have a better shot of winning WS at home. The only thing they need to make sure is not have Wilson pitch in any Texas games.

          • stl_cards16 4 years ago

            I agree.  A buddy and I were talking about the 2-3-2 format last night.  It does seem to favor the “road” team that gets the 3 games in a row at home.   It seems if they can take 1/2 on the road they have a huge advantage to take all the momentum simply by taking 2/3 at home then having to only win 1/2 back on the road to clinch.

          • OK, but when an AL team has to go to the NL it heavily favors the NL. Y’all should be thankful that you have home field advantage just because of the All-Star game…genius idea from the one and only Bud.

        • chico65 4 years ago

          Cheap shot?  Nope, you guys have a good team that has peaked at the right time and taken advantage of the opportunity handed to them (unlike the Rays). 

          Yeah they played well down the stretch, but if the Braves didn’t collapse they wouldn’t have had any chance regardless of how well they played at the end of the year.  To pretend otherwise is silly.  It doesn’t cheapen the achievement- if anything I think it makes it more impressive (carpe diem and all that), but you’re deluding yourself if you think you don’t owe any gratitude to the Braves.   

          • stl_cards16 4 years ago

            The Cardinals did what they had to do.  The Cardinals were 6-1 against the Braves head to head.  The sweep of the Braves in early September is really what sent the run to the playoffs into motion.  Sure the Braves had to lose some games.  Every team needed other teams to lose some games or they wouldn’t of got in.

            Owe the Braves gratitude?  haha   What a bunch of garbage.

          • chico65 4 years ago

            …and such attitudes are why I am going to be rooting for the Rangers come Wednesday.

          • stl_cards16 4 years ago

            Well now the Cardinals have no chance :(

            I was talking about Prince Fielder, you know, what the article is about.  You come on here making comments about sending the Braves Champagne.  Then you talk about my attitude.  haha   You seem like a real stand up guy.

          • chico65 4 years ago

            Actually, I think it might help you guys the way my baseball mojo’s been going lately 😉

            Nothing like a personal insult to counter a comment about your attitude, huh?  I don’t get why you’re so defensive about how the Cards got in.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  The Cards are the world series, celebrate a little, man- enjoy it instead of perceiving imagined sleights.

          • stl_cards16 4 years ago

            I don’t really care what people think.  It was more your way of going about it.  If I had said anything about the Cardinals going to the World Series, sure a comment about how the Braves collapsed is fine.  But, you took me making a comment about Prince Fielder staying with the Brewers into a conversation about how the Cardinals got lucky to get in.

          • chico65 4 years ago

            Oh, I see, so now you’re the arbiter of what can and can’t be said on a particular thread?

            I never said the Cards were lucky.  I said they took advantage of the opportunity presented to them- that’s more along the lines of skill than luck to me.  Why you’ve got your panties in such a bunch instead of being ecstatic about your team being in the World Series is beyond me.

          • stl_cards16 4 years ago

            If that’s what makes you feel better.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            You aren’t even close to being in the right, here. Stl_cards16 is the undisputed victor.

          • chico65 4 years ago

            Yeah, we all know to trust the well-developed reasoning skills of teenagers…

          • stl_cards16 4 years ago

            about as much as we can trust the well-developed reasoning skills of someone who thinks he can predict a persons age over the internet.

          • chico65 4 years ago

            You aren’t new here, yet you don’t know some of these posters?

            JacksTigers: “Wait. You’re 17. I’m 15. This blog has a much younger fanbase than I thought it did.”

            Wait a second, you wouldn’t be 16 now, would you?

          • stl_cards16 4 years ago

            haha….actually no.  If I have learned one thing here(or any blog) it’s that just because someone has a number in their username, it does not mean that is their age.  Could be a year or age something happened.  Could be a sports number.  But no, I’m 27, married with two kids.  I never would of guessed you were 65 though.

            Edit: Even better that you are 65 and were looking to start an argument with a 16 year old when you asked “So are you guys sending champagne to the Braves or what” out of nowhere.

          • chico65 4 years ago

            Actually it hadn’t occurred to me that you might be 16 until the previous comment.  But just the same- enjoy the world series.  And um, er, yes, I’m 65 😉

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            Reading my comments from other blogs that took place about a month ago. Obsessive much or just a creeper.

          • chico65 4 years ago

            It’s called a memory Jack.  Hopefully you’ll still have one when you’re 65.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            You remembered an exact quote? Doubtful. Whatever.

        • Andy_B 4 years ago

          Look as a cardinals fan, it’s just a fact, we got in because the braves crashed.  If the Braves played 400 ball in september.  The Phillies are probably the NL champions.

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        “So, are you guys sending champagne to the Braves or what?”

        the rays definitely sent the red sox some beer

        • chico65 4 years ago

          Unfortunately for us they didn’t wait until the end of the season to begin doing so, no?

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            unfortunately for us, they didn’t send it to us

          • chico65 4 years ago

            Amen to that

    • Bobby P 4 years ago

      I honestly think the Brew Crew has as good a chance as any. I really do. I wouldn’t completely rule out the Yankees or Red Sox, but it’s extremely unlikely they’ll go after him. That leaves… well, the Cubs. And as a Cubs fan, I’m more scared of Fielder as our 1st baseman than Braun and Fielder playing together in Milwaukee.

      I don’t think the Cubs should take on another albatross contract and especially if you’re not going to be competing for 2+ years. So, assuming Epstein is smart (and I do assume he is), he will go after pitching. I know chicks still dig the long ball, but Epstein should be more concerned with building a winner than putting butts in the seats. There will be plenty of tourists who will want to see Wrigley Field for us to keep the revenue stream relatively uninterrupted. I want to believe Ricketts wanted to build a long-term winning team here by actually pulling off the coup that brought Epstein here, and I do believe he does want that. Thusly, Cubs should be out.

      That basically leaves teams that Brewers can compete with monetarily. I believe Pujols will return, I have no doubt about that, so Fielder is going to get suitors. So, I guess it’s just a matter of how much do you want him…

    • 1Chinatown 4 years ago

      No, No, a thousand times NO!!!!!!, We have to change the mentality of this team. Defense has to come 1st!!!!, He is a liability. Have we learned nothing from the last series. The cards take care of the ball, make the routine and difficult plays. They are in the series and we are not. Wake up!!!

    • 1Chinatown 4 years ago

      No, No, a thousand times NO!!!!, The mindset of this team must change from lumbering softball, to defense 1st!!!!. He is a liability with the glove. Didn’t we learn anything from NLCS.

  2. eyedessert 4 years ago

    “The Yankees and Red Sox are likely to sit out the Fielder sweepstakes, and Prince is not a great fit for the Nationals.  The remaining potential suitors are not known for record-breaking contracts.”

    The Marlins say they’re looking to make a big splash. If they’re serious about doing whatever it takes, then Prince Fielder will be taking his talents to South Beach.

    • Even though it’s a long shot, it would be very interesting to see what
      would happen if Prince were protecting Mike Stanton…with Hanley in the two slot, and LoMo in the 5 slot…the fish have a weighted right handed lineup and throwing Prince in there would make for some balance, and Gaby Sanchez would return you some good pitching in a trade bundled with Volstad.

      Stanton put all these numbers with ZERO protection…i think he walked at least once every game for the entire second half of the season, majority on 4 pitches.

      • Philip Marlowe 4 years ago

        I remember reading that the Marlins were looking to deal Nolasco. I wonder if they’d bundle Nolasco and Gaby and ship them to the Cubs for Matt Garza…

        Edit: Never mind. Just looked at Cot’s – the money doesn’t work out. Forgot Garza was arb-eligible.

        • Bobby P 4 years ago

          Why would you want to get rid of Garza, even if he wasn’t arbitration eligible?

          The only thing we’re competing for in the next year or two is 3rd place at
          best. We need pitching and frankly, defense wouldn’t hurt either. Gaby
          Sanchez and Ricky Nolasco? That’s supposed to make us a better team?

          P.S. Sorry for the double post.

          • Philip Marlowe 4 years ago

            Point made. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of Garza if it was for Sanchez and prospects maybe. If we’re not going to re-sign Pena, I’d like someone young with a high ceiling at 1B.

          • Bobby P 4 years ago

            You’re not a LaHair fan? Hehe.

            The only issue I see is that Garza is our best pitcher, arbitration eligible or not. That said, we certainly need pitching, I just wouldn’t give up Garza for more pitching. I’d sooner trade Brett Jackson for a stud pitcher somewhere.

            About 1B though, it’ll be interesting to see what they will do. They tried the Colvin experiment and that didn’t really work, but maybe they’ll go that route again. We’ll see, it’ll be interesting to follow once Epstein is on board.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            i think epstein will be listening on garza, if not actively shopping him. there’s a desperate shortage of affordable top starting pitching right now and garza’s value has never been higher. if you can bring back some nice pieces for the future, that’s what you gotta do

          • Bobby P 4 years ago

            I would normally agree with that, but you’ve got to consider that there is nobody in our rotation right now. As much as I’m for blowing up the pen, I really like Garza. We need pitching depth, yes, but I certainly wouldn’t trade Garza for Nolasco, that’s all I’m saying. I’m reluctant to get rid of good starting pitching, even if you can get good value. It’d have to be a no-brainer trade for me to feel good about it.

            I should add that I believe in Epstein and if that’s the route he will take, that’s fine by me. I just don’t know if another 90-loss season is a good way to endear himself to the Cubs faithful.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            ‘you’ve got to consider that there is nobody in our rotation right now.”

            you’re right, but that’s actually exactly why i’m saying it. you aren’t close to competing so garza’s talents don’t bring you that much closer. they just hurt your draft position =P

            if you like garza enough that you want to extend him and keep him around for the revolution, i can understand that. but he’s 28 and 2 years from free agency. the timing is kind of out of step with the cubs turnaround

            next offseason there’s going to be a glut of good starters on the market. garza could also regress next year, and he’d only have one year of team control left instead of 2. his trade value is as high as it’s ever gonna be right now is all i’m sayin’

            if offered a sexy package of prospects, i think you gotta take it. the cubs have the money to bring in top arms through free agency when the time comes

          • Bobby P 4 years ago

            Well, I can’t argue with that. Nor do I want to. Maybe I should stop overvaluing Garza. I like the guy, I think he’s a gritty pitcher with good numbers and he’s pitching in a weaker division. I’d hate to see him go, because he’s actually a decent pitcher unlike the hot garbage we trot out the other four days.

            But, nobody is untouchable but Castro, I guess. I really wish he was more selective though, he’s got the Vlad gene.

          • John DiRienzo 4 years ago

            if the Marlins wanted to pursue Garza, it might not hurt to include LoMo. i feel like that, with the proper prospect mix on either side, could get a deal done.

  3. mnrunleft 4 years ago

    What about the Orioles? They were interested in Teixeira, could move Renyolds to DH and leave Reimold out in LF.

  4. Bobby P 4 years ago

    Why would you want to get rid of Garza, even if he wasn’t arbitration eligible?

    The only thing we’re competing for in the next year or two is 3rd place at best. We need pitching and frankly, defense wouldn’t hurt either. Gaby Sanchez and Ricky Nolasco? That’s supposed to make us a better team?

    • JacksTigers 4 years ago

      Wrong thread?

      • Bobby P 4 years ago

        No, it just didn’t post as a reply. If you scroll up a bit, you’ll see the same post.

  5. Ed Stilwell 4 years ago

    At some point baseball needs to realize that the economy does not allow for bloated contracts to keep happening. Don’t they realize we can’t afford to take our family’s to ballgames.

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Sigh… I’ll say it again. Assume the unions agree to cut salaries in half tomorrow… which do you think is more likely to happen: 1) Owners decide to be benevolent, cut ticket prices. 2) Ticket prices continue to climb while owners continue to line their pockets.

    • Guest 4 years ago

      There are greater battles to be fought in today’s society. I have no problem going to a game with my girlfriend, spending $100.00-$150.00 on two tickets, two sausage and pepper heros, two beers and maybe even some cotton candy:) once a month. Baseball ticket prices are not that outlandish and I think the secondary market in 2011 proved that. I got two upper deck front row (like 1st row on the railing) above the first base line this past season on stubhub for $50.00 combined at a Yankee game on a Thursday night. 

      What I do have a problem with is someone who makes $100mm per year in the corporate world and their income is taxed at only 15%. This doesn’t provide anything more than front page pooper scooper material for my neighbors dog.

      • chico65 4 years ago

        Hell just froze over.  I actually agree with something Century says 😉

    • Andy_B 4 years ago

      baseball ticket prices are dictated by the market, just because you can’t afford to go to the game doesn’t mean other people can’t.  As long as the stands are full, ticket prices aren’t going to go down.

    • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

      And at some point, fans have to realize baseball runs under the same supply and demand model as every other business.

    • baybombers 4 years ago

      yeah we can

  6. SpeedS28 4 years ago

    Stay in Milwaukee Prince! 

  7. vtadave 4 years ago

    In a world where Frank McCourt isn’t the Dodgers owner, they’d be in the mix…

    Fielder – 8/168
    Kemp – 9/200
    Kershaw – 6/120
    Ethier – 5/70

    •  LOL.. I guess its a good thing then.

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      I think you’re looking at more of a Sabathia/Lee range for Kershaw, especially if he deservedly wins the Cy Young award this year. So you might have to add another $20M and possibly more years assuming a FA price tag.

      Side note: Any speculation of what Lincecum makes in arb?

      • Amish_willy 4 years ago

        Considering Kershaw still has three years of arbitration left, and lets say the proposed extension paid him 30m for those years, 3/90m for his free agent years is way too much especially since he’s still three years from that point. Verlander/Hernandez signed 5/75m deals after their 4th seasons (Kershaw after ’12). I’d expect a 6 year deal to be worth around 80m, not 120m. 120m probably gets an 8 year deal at this point.

        Regardless, the Dodgers would be wise to get a deal worked out now.

  8. Andy_B 4 years ago

    I think a Adrian Gonzalez offer is more than fair for prince.  That being said he’s got Boras for an agent, and there’s a reason players hire Boras, money.  If Prince wants to chase every dollar he’ll be on the Nationals or maybe the Orioles, but if he wants to win and play in a place where he’s loved he’ll stay in Milwaukee.  And really Milwaukee should be able to pony up the cash to make a fair offer for him,  this year Milwaukee broke all kinds of ticket sales records, and even outsold the tickets sold in St Louis.  Give him 6 years 130.  With his body type you don’t want to go much more than that.  

    • If I was truly interested in winning and I was planning on signing a long term contract, then I would probably prefer the Nationals to the Brewers. 

      • Andy_B 4 years ago

        Maybe, I don’t think the nationals are a great fit for Fielder or Pujols.  I think they’d like to make another big splash to get some traction with their fans but I suspect it will be for CJ Wilson.  The problem with Fielder and Pujols is that they block first base for Morse, who you would have to move to the outfield, but if you have Morse and Werth in the corner outfield spots you don’t have room for Harper.  Nationals would be better spent investing the money in their rotation.

      • True, Washington would be quite the flashy team down the road. On the Brewers end, though….

        Next year the Brewers lose Betancourt, a few RP, and Prince. If they keep Prince and find some way to grab a couple value replacements, they’ll be right back in the mix. For 2013 after that they’ll have to deal with the loss of Greinke and Marcum, but that’s some money they’ll free up as well. After 2013, the Brewers lose Hart. Weeks is booked through 2014. Gallardo through 2014 with club option in ’15. Braun 2020. Throw Fielder in the mix and that’s quite a few years with their core of home brewed players. The Crew will continue to have sustained fan revenue if they remain competitive, and there are a couple shiny players in their minors as well. With proper managing, there’s no reason they can’t fight for the Central for the next few years.

    • dc21892 4 years ago

      Gonazlez also has a fantastic glove though…

      • Andy_B 4 years ago

        Very true, and between the two I’d rather have Gonzalez, but Gonzalez’s contract wasn’t negotiated on the open market, and Boras wasn’t involved.  We’ll have to see though the market for elite first base men may not be as big as Pujols and Fielder hope.  Doesn’t seem like there are many teams out there that need a first base man and can afford one of the two.

  9. Flharfh 4 years ago

    Brewers are definitely a realistic possibility, if only because the really big spenders either already have a 1b/DH (Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, etc.) or because Pujols will be the first choice over Fielder. Brewers have as good a chance to sign Prince as any team in the Orioles, Marlins, Angels, Dodgers tier.

  10. woadude 4 years ago

    Still believe the Seattle Mariners are the dark horse team to sign him.

    • Why would the Mariners sign him? Especially, after the Beltre 5 year was a disaster!
      Not an unmitigated disaster, just a disaster. Plus, what is wrong with Justin Smoak.
      I think he’s going to be pretty good! 

    • rangers too…

  11. woadude 4 years ago

    Jack Z loves Prince Fielder, and even drafted him.

  12. daveineg 4 years ago

    I’ve always believed Boras has oversold by a wide margin what the market for Fielder will be.  While Fielder is indeed an elite offensive performer, he’s not quite on Pujols level on the big stage (as was just shown).  I also believe that Attanasio will be true to his words and will make more than a token offer just to please the fans.  Attanasio is genuinely appreciative of the support this team has received, and he feels the fans are deserving an effort to retain a player like Fielder.

    Fielder himself is not going to jump to a team like the Orioles or Mariners unless the dollars are significantly greater.  If Attanasio’s bid is competitive with those teams, Prince will stay.  There’s one other possibility too.  Boras may decide with Pujols the number one target out there, that Fielder would have a better shot at top dollar next year and he could opt to accept arbitration which likely would be around $20 million for one more year with the Brewers.

    One other thing to keep in mind.  It’s been assumed the Brewers would attempt to extend Grienke and that would be another reason they’d part with Prince.  Greinke’s less than dominating postseason has to have them re-considering the wisdom of breaking the bank for a guy who doesn’t seem to possess the stuff he did 2 years ago.

    • Almost no way that he accepts arbitration. He will get at least 20 million a year from somebody for 6-7 (but almost certainly much more). It would be a huge gamble to go back for one more season, what if he injures himself and loses a ton of value? 
      Nah, he will take the security while he can. 

    • i think pujols being a free-agent only helps fielder get bank….

  13. dc21892 4 years ago

    Hopefully the Brew Crew can get more and more attendance consistantly at their games in the future. They have a really good team and the only way to keep it in tact is a larger payroll. I hope Prince stays.

  14. Hoosierdaddy92 4 years ago

    If Brewers fans really want to keep Fielder, the obvious solution is letting Greinke, Wolf, and Marcum leave after 2012 and couping the draftpicks, as well as asking Fielder to have a lower salary in 2012 but giving him a substantial raise after 2012 with all that free money. The Brewers have enough good young arms in their farm that should be ready by 2013, and if they struggle in 2012, they have powerful trade assets in Greinke and Marcum at next year’s deadline to load up on more major-league ready prospects. Just food for thought but I think the average Brewer fan would rather invest long term in Fielder than Greinke or Marcum.

  15. Table 4 years ago

    With the numbers that are being thrown out there, it sounds like Fielder might have a chance at challenging Ryan Howard for worst contract in baseball at some point.

  16. Hey if I were the Brewers, I would let him (Fielder) walk if he wants.
    The Brewers could pick up Reyes (SS) in free agency and trade for David Wright.
    That could be interesting.

  17. bigpat 4 years ago

    It took about 50 posts for people to start talking about Prince Fielder… 

  18. Grant Chastain 4 years ago

    I’m a Cardinals fan, and even though it would bolster an NL Central competitor… I still hope Prince resigns with Milwaukee, if only because I am also a big fan of parity.  He’s a great player and SEEMS like a great guy.  I hate seeing guys like Prince run out on small-market teams for the big payday from one of the ESPN darling teams.

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