Monfort On Third Base, Pitching, Tracy, O’Dowd

Rockies co-owner Dick Monfort recently conducted a Q&A session with fans over at The Denver Post. Here are the highlights…

  • Third base, a right-handed bat, and outfield stability are at "the very top" of the team's "to-do" list this winter, but Monfort cautions that there isn't much third base talent to go around. They still feel Ian Stewart can be their solution at the hot corner.
  • Monfort emphasized that the team must develop homegrown pitching because "paying a pitcher $15 million per year when he is in the latter stages of his career is a mistake our club cannot make if we expect to be a competitive team."
  • Monfort expressed his pleasure with manager Jim Tracy and GM Dan O'Dowd, noting that they "believe in continuity in our leadership group."
  • The Rockies consider themselves to be a mid-market franchise, like the Rangers or Brewers. Monfort is in favor of a ten-team playoff scenario, or as he put it, "anything that helps our club reach the postseason."

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