Twins Claim Matt Maloney

3:50pm: The Reds announced that the Twins claimed Maloney off of waivers (Twitter link).

1:08pm: The Twins appear to have acquired 27-year-old lefty Matt Maloney from the Reds, as Maloney tweeted today, "Thanks for everything Reds…but i am now a Minnesota Twin!!! Looking forward to a great new opportunity!!"

Maloney spent most of the season at Triple-A, where he posted a 2.99 ERA, 5.6 K/9, 1.2 BB/9, and 0.9 HR/9 in 81 1/3 innings, missing much of the season with a cracked rib.  Baseball America ranked him eighth among Reds prospects a few years ago, noting that his ceiling was that of a back-of-the-rotation starter.

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  1. Alex 4 years ago

    “The Twins appear to have acquired 27-year-old lefty Matt Maloney from the Twins”?

  2. Francisco Rodriguez 4 years ago

    The Twins appear to have acquired 27-year-old lefty Matt Maloney from the Twins

  3. Tim, it should say “from the Reds”

  4. Do the Twins have an evil twin team based in St. Paul?

  5. FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

    Pitch to Contact!

  6. Mauerneau 4 years ago

    Another back of the rotation starter? Weird…

  7. RMR 4 years ago

    Good control – fly ball pitcher – change-up specialist.  Won’t miss nearly as many bats in the majors as he did in the minors, but should be a serviceable back of the rotation type.

    • They said the same thing about Kevin Slowey.

      • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

        They said the same thing about every Twins pitcher other than Liriano

        edit: but then I remembered Scott Baker. Crap.

  8. nick1538 4 years ago

    So the twins traded for a Duensing/Slowey/Blackburn/Diamond/Swarzak clone?  What is Bill Smith’s fascination with soft throwing “pitch to contact” back of the rotation starters?  

  9. JA 4 years ago

    Not sure why? Does anybody have an idea where he’ll fit? Bullpen or fighting for a rotation spot?

    • nathanalext 4 years ago

      The last couple years, he was a swing man when he was on the reds 25 man roster. So, figure somewhere in between.

  10. Dan Gallagher 4 years ago

    Who did they trade to get him?

  11. A P E 4 years ago

    He’ll fit right in with Scott Diamond, Phil Dumatrait, Jose Mijares, and Brian Duensing.

  12. Guest 4 years ago

    This is actually a pretty solid pick up for the Twins. A couple good moves today. This could be a prelude — like a prelude prelude to other moves – which result in trading Liriano. Regardless, its smart for a few of these teams to stock up now if the moves come cheap and workout things over the next two months. Rather be deeper with a few decent pieces now instead of being empty handed in Jan. He could even become an appealing target for other teams for lefty bullpen help and just by having a guy like this, his value could rise just in two months for lack of other options available. I like how the Twins did this.

    • Don’t get too excited, Maloney was the Reds #9 starter. Good chance he wont ever make the 25 man roster.

      • Guest 4 years ago

        That’s probably correct, but a youngish lefty that can throw decent even if they have him for two weeks could just be filler for a larger move the Twins have in mind. 

  13. sorryidontcare 4 years ago

    This will probably be the biggest move the Twins make all winter long.

  14. Dan Mazzaro 4 years ago

    Anyone remember Matt Maloney from the Houston Rockets?

  15. Maloney will promptly be swapped for a “scrappy” slap hitter with no power at some point this season.

  16. Sky14 4 years ago

    “…his ceiling was that of a back-of-the-rotation starter.”
    This is probably the most common phrase used to describe Twins pitchers right behind, “Has the upside of a Brad Radke.”

  17. Paul 4 years ago

    another back of the rotation starter, wahooooooo, that’s just what we’ve been missing in Minnesota.

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