Blue Jays Acquire Luis Valbuena From Indians

The Indians have traded Luis Valbuena to the Blue Jays in exchange for cash considerations, according to the team's officlal Twitter account.  The infielder was designated for assignment on November 18th.

Valbuena spent the majority of 2011 with Cleveland's Triple-A affiliate where he hit .302/.372/.476 with 17 homers in 472 plate appearances.  The infielder, who turns 26 on November 30, played 194 games for the Indians' varsity squad in 2009 and 2010 and saw a good deal of time at second base.

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  1. Pete Chmielecki 4 years ago


    • RationalSportsFan 4 years ago

      I understand he has been seven levels of awful in the MLB in his career, but his MiLB numbers (especially at the upper levels over the last few years) are quite solid.  He is not a guy that you should be happy to see leave your organization for a mere pittance.

      Good (extremely) low risk, solid upside pick-up by Toronto.  In other words, business as usual north of the border.

    • $17867741 4 years ago

      YES YES the next Brandon Phillips!

  2. Anthony Polito 4 years ago

    welcome to the blue jays

  3. xfipMachine 4 years ago

    What do you know, Toronto doing something smart, shocking.

  4. WrigleyTerror37 4 years ago

    Hurray something happened!!

  5. crzycanuck 4 years ago

    This tells me trade a trade’s a brewin’.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it involves Oakland’s Bailey or Atlanta’s Jurrjens (one of the coolest names in baseball imo haha).  Both those teams need offense and Toronto has some very good offensive prospects in their system.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Encarnacion and Thames are also involved in a deal.

    • MacK Korris 4 years ago

      You’re reading way too much into picking up a guy who’s been DFA’ed.

      • crzycanuck 4 years ago

        Maybe so when it comes this this particular transaction but everyone knows Toronto needs a starter and closer andboth Oak and Atl need offense, hence my post.

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          AA wouldn’t want Jurrjens, and you continue to overvalue Thames, he’s not bringin anything substantial back in a trade

          • slider32 4 years ago

            Nobody is trading for Thames unless you want Wells back!

        • MacK Korris 4 years ago

          What’s the last move that was solely made to set up another deal? The Edwin Jackson deal? We knew Jackson was headed to St. Louis almost before the deal to Toronto was even done, lol.

          • slider32 4 years ago

            Toronto would have been wise to keep Jackson, then they would not need a #2.

          • Maybe in the nl central Jackson is a 2 but in the al east Jackson is a 3 at best and the jays have 3s

          • grownice 4 years ago

             True , they would need a #2 and a starting CF’er.

          • Al_Oliver 4 years ago

            his pending free agency made him both attractive to some teams and unattractive to others…

          • WarvsBA 4 years ago

            You understand that he if a FA Right now and if the need to be so wise the can sign him now?

          • Howard 4 years ago

             Why would we want a guy who walks 7 batters in a playoff game? Might as well of kept Jo-Jo Reyes….

        • Pete 4 years ago

          Who are the Jays willing to trade who is like Yonder Alfonso or Logan Morrison? All you Jays fans talk a big game without naming names, or putting up terrible matches. Other than Anthony Gose, the Jays don’t have very many expendable hitting prospects, and no one wants David Cooper, Eric Thames or Travis Snider guys, so give up the dream.

          • Lucas Kschischang 4 years ago

            HAHAHAHA, comparing Yonder Alonso to Travis Snider…

            Snider, who’s younger, has had
            more plate appearances in the minors, and posted a higher OPS. 

            MiLB Stats:

            Alonso 24 (4 seasons): 313 GP, 1340 AB, 345 H, 36 HR, 179 RBI, .293 BA, .370 OBP, .466 SLG, .837 OPS

            Snider 23 (6 seasons): 439 GP, 1887 AB, 508 H, 73 HR, 325 RBI, .306 BA, .379 OBP, .522 SLG, .901 OPS

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

             not to mention the fact that Snider has defensive value as well

          • Bluejaysnation 4 years ago

            And he’s the Lunchbox kid!!

          • Bluejaysnation 4 years ago

            And he’s the Lunchbox kid!!

          • Howard 4 years ago

             And an awesome mustache!

          • Pete 4 years ago

            Snider, who has looked totally lost at the big league level and cant take a walk to save his life, that Snider?

            its not 2009, no one cares about that guy anymore. Alonso has mashed at the big league level and drawn walks too.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            lol so what your saying is… forget about stats and reasoning, i’m going to overlook that and stick to my opinion, which is wrong.

            stellar stuff pete .

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            while the trade proposed was ridiculous, and any intelligent jays fan will tell you the same..

            the jays have a top 3 farm system, mentioning david cooper and eric thames who were never top 10 organizational guys isn’t exactly proving a point

          • Howard 4 years ago

             I’d say Valbuena is a good extra addition, never know what will be available at 2nd base if Kelly Johnson doesn’t stick around… and we need to focus more on another starter and figuring out the closer spot, so… does this kid we got have any speed too or what lunchbox?

          • Valmalo isn’t very fast… doesn’t have much range.. has a strong and inaccurate throwing arm.. As a LF’er (after the Indians entire OF was decimated with injuries in 2011) in an emergency fill in role, failed miserably..and can barely hit his weight, and don’t expect him to do anything when it matters.. Another poster mentioned Valmalo in the same context as Brandon Phillips.. at least the Jays fans have a sense of humor… They’ll need it when they see what they’re getting with this guy..

          • Pete 4 years ago

            Jays have a top 3 farm system???

            Um…..what? Homer much?

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            umm why don’t you look it up. stop emberrasing yourself.. most ratings have them third, the highest they are ranked is 5th.

            go home

          • slider32 4 years ago

            AA, pass the Kool Aid!

          • grownice 4 years ago

             Dont group us all together just because of one crazy canuck.

          • Al_Oliver 4 years ago

            as a jays fan i hope they don’t give up on snider yet… 
            marisnick is a cf prospect that might be available in the right deal. mcdade might be expendable too. can’t say that they really have players with major league experience (as the 2 players you referenced have)

  6. Dawson Bergmann 4 years ago

    Val-bueno home runs, amiright?

  7. mike292929 4 years ago

    I started to think time stopped moving.

  8. Popular_mechanics_for_pitchers 4 years ago

    Warning: over used joke ahead

    Can he pitch?

  9. Ryan 4 years ago

    Anyone believe this is 2012 2nd baseman starter?

    • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

      I think so. Or at least, until he proves he can’t hack it at all, a la Jayson Nix, he’ll be the full time 2B

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        i dont know about starting 2B.. his career high OBP is .298..

        they would have just kept Hill if this was the case

        • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

          Hill costs several million while Valbuena costs, what, $500K?

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            noted. but is saving money really worth adding another batter to a lineup that already struggles to get on base? 

            I still think KJ is the best fit for the team.

          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            If you use the saved money to better ends, such as absorbing Mark Teahen’s contract, then yeah, it’s worth it.

          • Bluejaysnation 4 years ago

            Agreed. Teahen is a waste of a roster spot. And the only reason he’s on is cause of his hefty salary the Jays inherited. I’d say cut him loose.

          • sourbob 4 years ago

            To be fair, Valbuena is just 26 and is coming off a season with a .372 OBP in AAA. He has a career mark of .387 in AAA. It’s true he hasn’t produced in the bigs, but it would seem AA thinks there’s still time for him to figure it out.

          • slider32 4 years ago

            You never know you might catch lightning in a bottle!

          • LA 4 years ago

            We already did! Is it possible to do it again?

          • bingo, thats the point of this deal: probably amounts to nothing, but you never know.

          • bingo, thats the point of this deal: probably amounts to nothing, but you never know.

          • grownice 4 years ago

             What is the most you’d be comfortable paying for KJ before the picks look more valuable?

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            dont care about money as much as length of deal. 2 year deal I’m okay with

            chances are you arent going to get a first round pick for him anyways. Most teams who are interested have protected picks.

          • Howard 4 years ago

             As do I, but him and McCoy could do alright at 2nd if KJ doesn’t stay… what do you think KJ is worth? I’d say like a 2 year 16-18m deal or so, what do you think? And maybe in the end Lawrie at 2nd, Bautista at 3rd, Snider-Rasmus-Thames in the outfield. DH – Edwin, 1st – Lind, just a thought though I think Lawrie wouldn’t do so well at 2nd maybe?

          • slider32 4 years ago

            Great now your a Money Ball team in the AL East.

          • grownice 4 years ago

             Go Away.

        • Al_Oliver 4 years ago

          i would hope aa pursues prado if this is what our 2B is looking like

      • NorthOf49 4 years ago

        Valbuena will just assume the Johnny Mac role, there’s no chance he’ll be starting for Toronto.

        • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

          Meh, who really cares? No better option unless bring in a FA, re-sign Johnson, or rush Hechavarria, none of which are really favourable to the Jays.

    • mike292929 4 years ago

      I would still rather see them resign Kelly Johnson. To me he is insurance if they can’t find a starting 2nd baseman.

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago


      • LA 4 years ago

        Why waste 2 picks when we all know we are not going to win next year. We have holes in all pitching positions. By the time next off season, we will be talking about adding pieces for the run at World Series( Optimistic)

    • slider32 4 years ago

      Maybe on the Mets!

    • Paul_Zuvella 4 years ago

      No, my bet is that Valbuena becomes the new Johnny Mac around the infield. Mike McCoy can’t hack it and Valbuena has way more offensive upside. Good bench signing….can’t wait to see the other shoe drop and find out who the starter is. 

    • johnsmith4 4 years ago

      Yep…AA kept referencing how Reds picked up Phillips when he ran out of options with Indians before reaching his prime and he wanted to get a 2B in a similar manner.  Lo and behold, Indians have a 2B prospect out of optional assignments…and that was the rest of the story..

  10. link? I don’t see this on either team’s twitter feed.

  11. FriedCalamari 4 years ago

    Jays are going to change his whole mechanics and he will, hit 35 HRs tomorrow

  12. Gurvir Nijjar 4 years ago

    I think they let Johnson walk and add one or two more utility guys and depth at second base and draft a second basemen at the draft with the pick or picks that come with letting Johnson walk. 

    • rzepczynski 4 years ago

      this isnt football, never draft for need in baseball 

      • Al_Oliver 4 years ago

        talent should always trump need. best player. always, unless it’s really close

      • Al_Oliver 4 years ago

        talent should always trump need. best player. always, unless it’s really close

    • hurley55 4 years ago

      They should have drafted Kolten Wong to be the 2nd basemen of the future instead of Beede. Hindsight is 20/20 of course but I’d rather have Wong sign right away and be close to the bigs sometime in late 2012/early 2013 than have the 22nd pick in 2012.

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        There’s absolutely no guarantee that Wong will ever make it to the majors let alone be ready by 2012, he’s only had 47 games to date. 

      • johnsmith4 4 years ago

        they drafted Berti & Vega-Rosada….they seem to be doing alright

  13. nats2012 4 years ago

    The Blue Jays have a really great GM so this guy will probably turn out to be a star.

  14. john12121212 4 years ago

    Wild card here we come!! Sure hope this isn’t our everyday 2b for 2012! Cleveland gives someone away for cash….he can’t be too good?

  15. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    Meh, resign Kelly Johnson already.

    • If they can get him for 2 years, then I would be happy. I don’t really care too much what the yearly amount would be. If I were AA, I would probably be willing to give more money to not tack on that 3rd year.

  16. NicholasDerosa 4 years ago

    johnson would be okay, but not at the cost that will come.  Johnson will probably cost 2 years, at least, maybe 3, plus the picks that we don’t get for signing him.

    If he signs elsewhere, we get 2 picks.  He’ll probably get 13 mil for 2 years (hill got 11 for 2 i think) That’s just too much for a guy like him.  Maybe if he was still hitting like a couple years ago.  the risk-vs-reward just isnt there.  No need to overpay for johnson, even if he does bounce back which isn’t a guarantee

    • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

      “Maybe if he was still hitting like a couple years ago.”

      You mean last year?

      Edit: FWIW, Johnson with the Jays: .270/.364/.417

      • RationalSportsFan 4 years ago

        I would hesitate to read too much into a 33 game sample size.

        That being said, Kelly is better than he showed in Arizona this year. A .750+ OPS next year seems like a reasonable expectation.

      • RationalSportsFan 4 years ago

        I would hesitate to read too much into a 33 game sample size.

        That being said, Kelly is better than he showed in Arizona this year. A .750+ OPS next year seems like a reasonable expectation.

  17. Pete 4 years ago

    Quick question for Jays fans: why don’t you make Lawrie your 2B and sign Aramis Ramirez? Seems like a good way to add another 30+ HR masher to the lineup who plays a better 3B than the out of position Lawrie.

    • Sports33 4 years ago

      Because Lawrie can’t play 2B?

    • bluejayspwn 4 years ago

      they tried lawrie at 2b and it didn’t work out and they don’t want to keep changing his position plus ramirez’s defense isn’t that great anyway

      • slider32 4 years ago

        Let’s face it Lawrie is a sub par fielder who can rake!

      • Howard 4 years ago

        I’d rather have Snider-Rasmus-Thames in the outfield and Bautista at 3rd than Aramis Ramirez… nobody wants to be associated with a brother of Manny steroids Ramirez lol and on top of it, Lawrie blows at 2nd and is better fit at the hot corner! 

        • triple_play_baseball 4 years ago

          “nobody wants to be associated with a brother of Manny steroids Ramirez lol”

          I’m sorry, is my sarcasm indicator not up to date or are you being serious?

          • Howard 4 years ago

             Facts don’t lie, Manny would of been a bad signing, too.

          • triple_play_baseball 4 years ago

            Manny’s not his brother!

    • grownice 4 years ago

       Out of position lawrie? Have you seen him play 3rd? I bet he would surprise you.

      • Once a player is graded by Fangraphs / UZR being negative, the stigma will follow him forever.. Defensive metrics are at best a marginal interpretation of a players ability to play a defensive worst.. they’re voodooo…
        I’ve seen Lawrie play, accuracy with his throwing (his arm is much more than strong enough) by having better footwork will eliminate most of his egregious errors. His “range” for a 3B is more than adequate.. His reaction off a batted ball will take some time and experience to develop. Having a GG SS standing to his left, doesn’t hurt…

    • Or sign A-Ram and package Lawrie for pitching?

    • iains 4 years ago

      How is Lawrie out of position?  He had two years in the minors playing second.  Prior to that he was a catcher.  The Jays moved him to third because they had a need and he wasn’t really suited for second.

      • and the move to 3rd worked out great. all scouts said he couldn’t hack it at 2nd base, in 1 year at 3rd he’s looking like a very credible defender.  Also, hecheveria is only 1 or 2yrs away, and escobar will move to 2nd, so they aren’t in a rush to screw around with lawrie & make him switch back to a position that wasn’t working for him.

        also, from lawrie himself, he wanted to play 3rd & the brewers would never allow him, this is probably the position he prefers playing

        • tdot32 4 years ago

          im pretty sure hecheveria would play 2nd if we still have escobar when he’s playing full time.

          • That’s probably wrong for two reasons. 1) Hech probably doesn’t have the bat to make it at 2B; and 2) Most scouts project him to be a better defensive SS than Escobar. 

            The only reason Escobar would not get moved is because they don’t want to mess with his head, or for some reason he shows a real reluctance to the idea and it would cause a controversy.  

          • tdot32 4 years ago

            escobar is solid at SS, so why would you put a worse bat at a position where you already get solid offense and defense? plus it would be easier to move hecheveria to 2B because he’s younger and fits the criteria in terms of size. since i’m assuming hercheveria’s assets are his speed and his glove, then i’d rather have him play second rather than screw with escobar. im not saying that’s what should happen, but that’s what i would prefer if they both played full time on the jays.

          • Speed and glove play better at short than they do at 2B.

          • tdot32 4 years ago

            if both guys are good at the position, it doesn’t matter where they play. if you move escobar to another position because he’s struggling at the position he’s currently at, that’s one thing. but he is a really good fielder, and unless hechevaria is the next omar vizquel, then it really doesn’t make that much of a difference if he’s projected to be a better fielder. i’d rather not screw around with escobar because he’s one of the better shortstops in the league and he’s not the type who would take the move to second base particularily well imo.

          • Suh Girls One Cup 4 years ago

            Yunel a potential locker room liability? Noooooo.

        • tdot32 4 years ago

          im pretty sure hecheveria would play 2nd if we still have escobar when he’s playing full time.

      • slider32 4 years ago

        Think about it, you were a catcher and they make you an infielder. OK Joe Torre!

    • Al_Oliver 4 years ago

      ramirez is on the decline. more like an orioles move. lawrie is good at 3B now and going forward

    • Al_Oliver 4 years ago

      ramirez is on the decline. more like an orioles move. lawrie is good at 3B now and going forward

  18. atomicme123 4 years ago

    I wont read too much into this, TOR needs 2B depth option as the system does not have that much middle infield depth. Afterall the guy has been DFAed, he will be called up to play 2B should any injury occurs.

    Basically, it confirms what every Jays fan know: KJ is not coming back and AA will pocket the 2 picks.

  19. why is everyone saying re-sign kelly johnson.  Fact is that is not going to happen, why sign a 30+ year old for 11+ million when he can net you 2 draft picks & you have a prospect (hecheveria) who is only 1 year or less away from coming up to the majors & taking that spot.

    good pickup by the jays on this guy, I’m sure they’ll be working the phones to find a better starter at 2nd base, but at least they already have a backup plan in place with this deal

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      your counter to signing kelly johnson is…. wait for hechavarria??

      You know his ceiling is a #9 hitter.  Throwing in the towel in 2012 and wasting another year of bautista’s absurdness would be foolish.

      Not to mention that with the new draft restrictions, it will really prevent the jays from targeting the players they have in the past. AA has already made the farm team top 3, its time to put the talent on the field. . If a team with a protected ends up signing him, is it really worth letting him go for a 40th and 65th pick?

      • our time isn’t now anyways! regardless if jose is in his prime, this team isn’t ready to be a top contender for another year or 2, what is blowing 22 million on kelly johnson going to do for us? nothing. getting 2 draft picks helps that future. I’m not saying we don’t need a 2nd baseman & that hech is going to be something great, but we should value getting these draft picks & it looks like we do; so we need to find other options at 2nd base, this is hopefully a plan B & hopefully they are still working on a plan A, but at least it looks like we have a good plan B in place already

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          22 million on KJ, what world do you live in?

          • what world do you live in that KJ isn’t going to want at least a 2 year contract worth 11m or more each…. being the only good free agent 2b available, think about it

          • I think he mistook you, thinking that you meant 22 per year.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            no i understood him fine.. but KJ doesn’t get anywhere close to 10 million

            7.5 max which makes it a 15 for 2 years

          • Howard 4 years ago

             He’ll only get 18m for 2 years, I bet any money on that. He’s a 50/50 chance to keep and resign, if he does want more money though I would let him go.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            how many teams need a 2B??

            how many teams that spend money need a 2B?

            there is literally no market and especially no big market teams fighting for him.

          • Howard 4 years ago

             Maybe not but I mean there is more than the Jays who want him. There’s nobody but KJ on the 2nd base market right now, but you are right not a lot of teams need to fill that 2nd base hole. Esp. since Hill resigned in arizona and mark ellis signed elsewhere too.

          • crashcameron 4 years ago

            now we know what Jim Hendry changed his name to

      • atomicme123 4 years ago

        2012 is the last yr that GM like AA can gain the draft pick compensation system. The draft has always been a crapshoot, only increasing the no of picks can increase the chance that TO can get an impact player from the draft.

        I say AA will pocket the 2 picks just simply because KJ is not that good, way too inconsistent, well that is after 2 yrs of shitshow that screams Aaron Hill

  20. LA 4 years ago

    The two draft picks are more valuable than Kelly Johnson right now and the future. You never know those two players could be trade bait in the future. An example is Boston’s trade with Padres for A.Gonz.

    • djfanon 4 years ago

      Your two draft picks would be very lucky to net even one player of KJ’s caliber, as such a small % of prospects actually make the mlb. If the money is not a concern (which given the jays paltry payroll, it should not be) then then KJ is way more valuable then draft pick compensation.

      If AA has plans of getting another quality 2B then I might be able to understand passing on KJ. That type of player is valuable though, and the jay’s certainly don’t have anyone else in the system right now who would project to provide near KJ’s production.

      • LA 4 years ago

        Yup, your right that it is a small % of prospects  make the MLB. But, I would put my money on AA and his staff that they’ll find a guy in the first and sandwich rounds to be able to make it worthwhile. 

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          you have a 50% chance that its a 1st rounder

          add to the fact that teams like the sox, yanks, texas, phillies, rays etc have no need for him, the chance that its a 1st rounder is closer to about 30%

          • Bluejaysnation 4 years ago

            Aren’t there only 10 protected picks next year? Or does that start in 2013?

  21. cmock 4 years ago

    Omg! AA strikes again, what a great deal for the jays, he is gonna be the next Robbie alomar I know It, AA is god!!1!1!1!1!!

  22. Jonathunder 4 years ago

    I’m okay with us giving him away.  He was not going to play ahead of Kipnis or Phelps and he never played well in the bigs.

  23. JST1331 4 years ago

    You know the offseason is slow when there are over 100 comments about a guy who has been acquired by cash considerations.

    • LA 4 years ago

      It’s Blue Jays news! We actually love our Blue Jays!

  24. Paul_Zuvella 4 years ago

    Jays should forget about Johnson. Sign a stop-gap like Carlos Guillen and wait until Hech is up with the big club in 2013. 

  25. cyberboo 4 years ago

    Valbuena was strictly a guy that is acquired for depth in the system.  Nothing more – nothing less.  It only cost a small amount of cash for a 26 year old infielder that now has an opportunity to put his past behind him and try to improve his chances of returning to the major leagues. 

    Many people put too much emphasis on offense, but that is only a small detail when it comes to players.  Iglasius in Boston has a good glove, zero offense, but I doubt if that prevents Boston from calling him up at some point.  Gardner in New York plays defense, has speed, but he isn’t in the lineup for his bat.  Walks are just as important as a base hit. 

    Everyone needs to remember that every player is on a different level, when it comes to their skills and where they are in their development.  Some players can hit major league pitching at 19.  Others don’t start enjoying good offensive years until they are 28 or older.  Pitchers may get knocked off the hill in their early years, then turn around and win Cy Young awards per Cliff Lee.  Valbuena is only 26, not 36, which leaves a lot of years to reach his potential.  That makes it a good trade.  Depth at a position makes teams stronger – it doesn’t weaken them, because injuries can occur at any time, to any player on the field.

    • its impossible to argue this being a good trade, anytime you give up cash for somebody who has any potential its always worth it in my books.

    • its impossible to argue this being a good trade, anytime you give up cash for somebody who has any potential its always worth it in my books.

  26. 2nd base insurance incase Kelly prices himself out of A.A.’s range

  27. 2nd base insurance incase Kelly prices himself out of A.A.’s range

  28. i’d find it hard to believe luis will start if we don’t get kelly, he is most likely a replacement for johnny mac. when i saw luis on waivers i said to myself AA should pick this guy up seeing how he can play most of the infield positions decently, is young, and is cheap

  29. sounds like 2B insurance. 

    he’s been able to hit everywhere in the minors. worth taking a shot on to see if he can figure it out. given the price tag, a nice move. he was simply redundant and falling behind some other young guys with the tribe.

  30. Cavman_Boland 4 years ago

    Valbuena just makes me think of the one Indians announcer absolutely losing it on him in that memorable post game rant two years ago. Check youtube if you haven;t seen it!

  31. vilifyingforce 4 years ago

    200 posts and counting for a utility guy that may or may not make the majors next season…LET’S SEE SOME REAL NEWS!

  32. johnsmith4 4 years ago

    This is definitely a tough trade market when GMs are trying to “win” trades for AAA players with optional assignments (Jeroloman) and MLB bench players out of optional assignments (Valbueno).

  33. Chipper_is_GOD 4 years ago

    lol at all the Blue Jay fans wanting Hanson and Beachy. Don’t you guys know that those 2 are almost untouchable?

    Of course, if you want them we can work out a deal for Jose Bautista.


    I just posted this on the wrong page… The “Braves surplus of pitching” right underneath this is where this post was suppose to go… I fail.

  34. LMTShawn 4 years ago

    I find it hilarious some of you guys think Valbuena will become “the new Johnny Mac”. This would be true if Johnny Mac was a butcher in the field. Oh, and if he was the worst hitter on the planet. NoBueno’s AAA stats are VERY misleading so don’t get your hopes up. He is nowhere near a prospect and will get under Blue Jay fans’ skin real quick.

    • Dawson Bergmann 4 years ago

      As long as he’s not Kevin Mench or Brad Wilkerson, I’ll take him.

    • vilifyingforce 4 years ago

      I was thinking more the next Jayson Nix with less pop.

  35. Valbuena is easily one of the worst players Ive laid eyes on….and Im an Indians fan….

  36. JP 4 years ago

    The French thing is a joke right?

    *crosses fingers that you don’t actually think Toronto is a French speaking city*

  37. Al_Oliver 4 years ago

    because mexican is a language… wow. 
    at least in canada he’ll actually learn english

  38. Yes it was but he does speak some mean Mexican 

  39. JP 4 years ago

    haha.  I saw the French thing and didn’t even notice the ‘speakin Mexican’.

  40. Pete 4 years ago

    Did you look at his screen name/avatar? lol

  41. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

    Is it his poor grammar?

  42. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

    Who’s Fred G Sanford?

  43. jedicouncil 4 years ago

    seriously? didnt you ever have a black and white t.v.? lol hes freddy “boom boom” washingtons neighbor, the “fonz” fixed his 6 cam diesel powered wheel barrow…..that fred g sanford

  44. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

    I don’t know those people! Haha

  45. Bluejaysnation 4 years ago

    Too young!!

  46. Bluejaysnation 4 years ago

    Too young!!

  47. Howard 4 years ago

     best old school show ever

  48. everyone likes getting paid.
    and Johnson had been a target of AA’s for a while, so yes, they would be more prone to dishing out $$ for JK over Hill.

  49. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    pursued by which contenders exactly??

    If you take a look around the league most contenders have 2B already in place..

    maybe if your head was removed from your [explicit] you would be able to take in some meaningful information every once and a while, instead of spewing garbage.

  50. find a new audience.

  51. Bluejaysnation 4 years ago

    Your arrogance is becoming very stagnant. Maybe you should consider keeping your trash comments to yourself.

  52. CnkFn80 4 years ago

    The only way the Jays do that trade is if the Rays throw in Desmond Jennings

  53. tdot32 4 years ago

    it’s not a signing.

  54. tdot32 4 years ago

    it’s not a signing.

  55. grownice 4 years ago

     You are one angry human being.

  56. johnsmith4 4 years ago

    Hasn’t your head exploded yet?

  57. ZZZZZIPPP 4 years ago


  58. grownice 4 years ago

     Dont reason with the ignorant, he will simply spew some other lame insult because he cant comprehend what minor depth moves are. He assumes every move must be a pujols or fielder signing otherwise it is useless and retarded. I encourage everyone not to respond to his “mediocrity (at best)” posts … and yes i know its mediocre , not sure he does though.

  59. grownice 4 years ago

     Dont reason with the ignorant, he will simply spew some other lame insult because he cant comprehend what minor depth moves are. He assumes every move must be a pujols or fielder signing otherwise it is useless and retarded. I encourage everyone not to respond to his “mediocrity (at best)” posts … and yes i know its mediocre , not sure he does though.

  60. FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

    d’Arnaud, Marisnick, and Perez aren’t expendable, they’re the best prospects in their farm system.

  61. Pete 4 years ago

    There’s no law saying you have to read or respond to me. 

  62. johnsmith4 4 years ago

    English? Don’t they speak Canadian in Canada?

  63. Yankees420 4 years ago

    Final offer:  Price for Edwin, take it or leave it!

  64. johnsmith4 4 years ago

    already have 40 on the 40-man….might have to move Jeroloman again

  65. Matty 4 years ago

    Those are the guys I’d like AA to get this off season.  I’d consider Harden to close though, or set up Broxton. 

  66. John Bowman 4 years ago

    Usually for one of those organizational depth moves, you acquire a player who has options or is signed to a minor league contract. Unless Valbuena clears waivers, he’s on the 25 man roster. I hope his role is utility infielder.
    I don’t quite get the Hechavarria love. Yes, he had a good month in Las Vegas and that’s better than not having a good month in Las Vegas. Does that really outweigh the 900+ lousy PAs in Dunedin and New Hampshire?

  67. tdot32 4 years ago

    lol i know he’s trolling, i’m just pointing out that it’s a trade, not a signing.

  68. Howard 4 years ago

     your moms got a wooden leg with a kickstand

  69. Howard 4 years ago

     Not you Carter… I meant grandmaster gaylord lol

  70. Howard 4 years ago

     English mostly, one province is full of frenchies well some but then we took in imigrants lol

  71. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    wilner would probably end up talking about how lyle overbay is so underrated

  72. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    o dear

  73. Paul_Zuvella 4 years ago

    And I’m a redhead, but that can change with some hair dye. From the reports, Hech or Escobar could move to 2B and the Jays would be just fine on defence. As for Carlos Guillen, he’s an under the radar guy who could is hugely injury prone, but not a bad fit at 2B if it is on a part-time basis. I haven’t heard much about interest in him this offseason, any legitimate reports about interest in him out there???

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