How Much Will Jose Reyes Get?

In September, I named Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, C.C. Sabathia as locks for $100MM+, and Jose Reyes, C.J. Wilson, and Yu Darvish as candidates.  The majority of MLBTR readers polled (44%) thought only those three locks would receive $100MM+.  Less than 5% of you thought all six would.

With word today that the Marlins' opening bid for Reyes was $90MM over six years, $100MM+ seems more plausible for the shortstop.  Let's see what the MLBTR electorate is thinking.

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  1. notsureifsrs 4 years ago



  2. adammyst 4 years ago

    Surely the Marlins haters will vote $150MM++.

  3. Probably end up being 6 years @ $105 million or so.

  4. Too bad “too much” wasn’t an option.

  5. I almost forgot for a fraction of a second that all professional athletes are greeting prcks. What difference does $10 mil make spread over six years to anyone other than his agent? 

    Dude’s got $90 mil on the table for Pete’s sake!

    • stl_cards16 4 years ago

      What a shame Reyes wants to earn what he can and isn’t concerned about how much money Loria can keep pocketing from the rest of baseball.

    • Sports agents generally are lawyers…so that should explain it.

    • mookie_and_doc 4 years ago

      I see nothing wrong with holding out for more if you think you can get it.  This happens every day in every profession, but baseball players are held to a higher standard simply because the market for their services involves a few more zeros? 

      Also, Reyes’ career in baseball could be significantly shorter than other players (not to mention the average who has an entire lifetime to be compensated for his skill) because his hamstring could explode at any second; rendering his speed game and defensive upside non-existent.  If anyone should be holding out for the largest deal possible, it’s Jose Reyes.

  6. More than $150MM? come on guys…

  7. AmericanMovieFan 4 years ago

    I get the feeling Reyes won’t settle for anything under $100 million, but he just isn’t worth it…I mean, he’s a fantastically entertaining player- look at all those triples! – and on a team like the Mets, who have so many bottom-tier and underperforming players starting for a team with an insane pay roll, a guy like Jose Reyes looks far more appealing.

    I like the guy, I love his scrappy style, I like that for a dude who’s primarily a defensive and speed player he’s also got a bit of pop and obviously the average this year was fantastic. However, plug in what he offers as a player to a more well rounded club or one that will most likely contend and suddenly he just isn’t quite as necessary or amazing. He’ll be valuable and he deserves A-list money of some degree but the years he’s asking for and the annual averages are insane.

    I feel like 6 years/$90 million is a huge overpay in guaranteed years and money. I know at this point any highly coveted player sees $15MM a year as an insult, but I think that’s where he’s at in terms of value.

    I wouldn’t go over 4 years/$66MM guaranteed with a vesting option for $19MM based on time not spent on the DL and other health/playing time related matters.

    • JLaw 4 years ago

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t understand why players have been able to ‘guarantee’ the amount of money they have lately anyway.. it’s getting a little out of hand. There really should be a statement that rewards staying healthy. Maybe not revoke their pay entirely, but make them accept a percentage of their salary once they reach ‘x’ number of days on a DL.

    • not_brooks 4 years ago

      6/90 feels like a big risk, considering Reyes’s health history, but considering numbers and age, I’m shocked that Reyes isn’t demanding Carl Crawford money.

      • Sylvan 4 years ago

        You have to wonder how much Reyes’s value has been hurt by the perception that the Crawford contract is already a disaster.

  8. Rick Garcia 4 years ago

    Someone will give him $100M+ if he waits

  9. Why isn’t there an option for <90 mil ? If we look at the SS position, Hanley Ramirez is a comparable player. He signed 6y/70mil 2 years ago. So, even if a team over pays, it should be around 85-90 mil. No more.

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      how is that even

      hanley signed his extension after the 2007 season (4 years ago) when he had just 2 years of service time. jose reyes is a free agent

  10. Jeffrey Wright 4 years ago


  11. mookie_and_doc 4 years ago

    *average person

  12. LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

    Pity the fools that overpay to get him. Horrible attitude, injury prone, and this year will be an abberation to the rest of his career I believe

  13. yankeesfan96 4 years ago

    I agree to the comment above me, reyes is always hurt, his prime was in 2007, 2008 and is over, hasnt done anything with the mets and is a trouble maker, thats coming from a new yorker. Reyes doesnt even desverve 20mm just another overrated bum and if florida is that stupid to sign him then at least he’s outta ny, reyes is only gonna make the marlins worse 

    • Amakiir 4 years ago

      Reyes is a trouble maker?  ROFL.  Ignorance is bliss, eh?

  14. yankeesfan96 4 years ago

    I agree to the comment above me, reyes is always getting hurt, his prime was in 2007 and 2008 and is over and is a trouble maker, thats coming from a new yorker. Reyes doesnt even desver 20mm and if florida is stupid enough to sign him then they can deal with him at least hill be outta ny. reyes is just another overrated bum

  15. yankeesfan96 4 years ago


  16. Lanidrac 4 years ago

    44% isn’t a majority.  It’s just a plurality when its the highest percentage but less than or equal to 50%.

  17. Blue387 4 years ago

    Is it $600 million Zimbabwe dollars?

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