Brewers Looking For Bullpen, Infield Help

The Brewers stand to lose both Takashi Saito and Francisco Rodriguez to free agency this winter, and GM Doug Melvin told Tom Haudricourt of the Journal Sentinel that he plans to talk to agents and look for bullpen help at the Winter Meetings next week (all Twitter links). Furthermore, the club is also looking to add infield help, though the only player they are actively trying to sign right now is Jerry Hairston Jr.

Jimmy Rollins, Alex Gonzalez, Rafael Furcal, and 2011 Brewer Yuniesky Betancourt are among the shortstops the club has checked in on. Melvin said he plans to meet with Betancourt's agent next week. Last week we heard that Milwaukee has already offered Hairston a one-year deal, but several other teams are interested as well. Melvin also confirmed that he does not have any offers out to free agent relievers at the moment.

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  1. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    rollins doesn’t make a lot of sense. you either go for value with furcal or you go for impact with reyes

    they’ve already shoved all-in. if i’m a brewers fan, i don’t want to see them skimping now. spend every available dollar and hope that you get a title out of it. the next few seasons after that are likely to be rough either way

  2. AaronTV 4 years ago

    Even considering resigning Bentancourt = Fail

  3. Chipper_is_GOD 4 years ago

    Loll yeah get A-Gon. He’ll impact the team a lot.

    • bobskube 4 years ago

      He’s a massive upgrade over Betancourt.  I understand as a Braves fan why you’d say that, but he’s like Honus Wagner compared to Betancourt.

  4. Rcsully 4 years ago

    Every team in MLB is looking for bull pen help

  5. CyYoungSuppan 4 years ago

    This just in?

  6. Furcal is the obvious best fit for the Brewers, however with the upside he brings tempting a lot of teams thin up the middle, the price might not be right.  However, SS is the only real hole in a projected Brewer’s infield of Taylor Green, Rickie Weeks, Mat Gamel/Casey McGehee.  That infield has enough upside and/or cost control to support overpaying for Reyes. 

    I think Brewers brass believe that pushing payroll beyond the previous few years is not that scary of a proposition, as attendance has been been ranked in or near the top 5 in the NL for 5 years running.  That said, I agree with notsure, Brewers have to spend money to win now, as the window to compete is not particularly huge at this point.

    • bobskube 4 years ago

      I don’t think it’s obvious at all.  Furcal is a DL trip waiting to happen and will be fairly expensive.  I’d much rather have Gonzalez.  Cheaper, better defensively.

  7. Howard 4 years ago

    I’d take Alex Gonzalez on a short cheap term deal, seed if he can get back to his former self when he bashed 23 dingers and 88 ribi’s.. but if you can’t get him at cheap cost then get Rollins, Brewers need more speed…

  8. Not sure why the Brewers need more speed.  They are not the fastest of lineups but I would hardly see it as a definite need, Braun gives you 30+ SB, Gomez/Nyjer platoon at CF gives you 25+, and other than McGehee, the rest of the lineup has good enough speed to swipe an occasional base.

  9. cookmeister 4 years ago

    Maicer Izturis?

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