Mets Closing In On Reliever?

The latest on the Mets's search for bullpen help, with the newest updates on top…

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  1. front runners in the miguel batista sweepstakes! huzzah!

  2. A bit awkward? What does that mean?

    • LifelongMets 4 years ago

      I guess it means that there might be a bit of uncomfortableness with Reyes’ agent after Marlins signed his client. 

    • Joe Valenti 4 years ago

      clearly someone has never dealt with rejection in their life…

      • I just don’t see ex-Marine Alderson as having an awkward feeling in his body. He is the baseball is a business type. But yeah, I overlooked that.

  3. angel sosa 4 years ago

    Sorry but i dont trade Daniel Murphy for Andy Dirks alone. Murphy it great utility. Also can play regular with good AVG. and RBI production. Not have great defense, but can play more well than others regular players from other team. If the Mets trade Murphy i think it for Dirks and Al Alburquerque. Murphy it excellent player. Dont gift Murphy for nothing. 

  4. angel sosa 4 years ago

    Sorry but where it the head of Mets GM and Assistant. Sign 40 year player to play in the MLB level. Ou noooo…..I prefer to see A player and dont see old timer play in the Mets team.  I dont understand why dont sign Harang. The only way to understand that it, the Mets gone call up Harvey, Mr. W and Groski. If am Mets GM i push to sign Varitek, why because hes good Capitan. He can help to develop the young ARms that the Mets have in Harvey, Big Z W and  Groski. 

  5. It was probably pretty awkward because those players are terrible and the agent thought of a minor league deal while the Mets insisted on a major league contract.

  6. Except I’d love to have Endy back.

  7. bluejaycountry 4 years ago

    Rauch had good talks? Does this mean he’s set on declining arbitration?

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