MLBTR Text Message Alerts

Want to be the first to know which team won the rights to negotiate with Yu Darvish?  MLBTR is already coming at you from many angles, and today we're going to start dabbling with text message alerts for your mobile phone.  We'll likely try this for the remainder of the offseason and determine the interest level at that point.

If you'd like to receive a text message on your cell phone for each significant MLB transaction, just text IMS2 MLBTR to 368674.  It's not case-sensitive but please note the space between "IMS2" and "MLBTR."  Each news text message will likely include a sponsored message at the end.  To comply with FCC text message regulations you are required to double opt-in by replying with a 1, then a yes to subscribe.  Once you successfully opt in, you'll receive a message that says "Thank you for subscribing!"

The service is free, though standard message and data rates may apply.  Your information will never shared or sold to third parties.  The MLBTR service will not work if your carrier is MetroPCS.

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1 Comment on "MLBTR Text Message Alerts"

Drew Tweedie
3 years 8 months ago

Hey Andrew, love what you guys are trying to do, but I didn’t receive a text today about the Darvish signing after I went through the set-up process. Anything I should do? Resubmit the texts, mayhaps?