Pirates Sign Jose Morales

The Pirates announced today they've signed catcher Jose Morales to a minor league deal with a Spring Training invite.  Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports first tweeted the near-agreement last night.

Morales, 28, has a .289/.365/.344 career batting line in 252 big league plate appearances for the Twins and Rockies.  This year at Triple-A he hit .264/.350/.380 in 295 plate appearances.

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  1. chico65 4 years ago


  2. MonsterPike 4 years ago

    Puts them over the top now… Look out St. Louis & Milwaukee.

  3. Henduck 4 years ago

    Before the smart-alec comments start rolling in, please remember that this only minor league catching depth.  

    • rockiesmagicnumber 4 years ago

      He’s a passable big league backup. He handles pitching staffs well, and has OK on-base skills.

  4. formerdraftpick 4 years ago

    Is this the same Jose Morales that played for the Dodgers back in 84? 

  5. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    that’s foolish. they should have traded for jeff mathis

  6. Guy isnt a bad sign for Pirates. Could be a good catcher.

  7. Pete Slovonic 4 years ago

    i love this signing of not jaramillo. not jaramillo should make a great pirate. i think im going to get a jersey of not jaramillo this season. hooray not jaramillo

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