Prince Fielder Rumors: Tuesday

7:45pm: Boras told Bruce Levine of that there's no chance Fielder would prefer a short-term deal. "Not only is that inaccurate and delusional, but it seems that some people have gotten into their New Year's Eve stash just a little bit early this year," he said. At least six teams appear to be interested in Fielder, Levine writes. "It appears some baseball people are just bored," Boras said. "That's when you hear ideas like that floated."

5:10pm: MLBTR readers expect Prince Fielder to sign a long-term deal, but some general managers think agent Scott Boras could try something else. Several GMs told Peter Gammons of MLB Network that they think Fielder could agree to a three-year deal worth $26MM per season then return to the free agent market as a 30-year-old (Twitter link).

Albert Pujols signed for $25.4MM per season earlier this month, establishing a record for first basemen. Pujols agreed to his ten-year deal during this year's Winter Meetings, where Boras argued that a long-term deal makes sense for Fielder and his suitors.

"People say ‘why don’t you do a three-year deal?,’" Boras told reporters. "That doesn’t fit anybody’s purposes. The length of contract has a lot to do with an understanding from both sides of what franchise players are and what they mean. The branding part, the media rights part — all of those things go into that and while the initial concept is shorter is better, the reality is with these types of players it’s usually not the best dynamic for the franchise."

It's been three weeks since the Winter Meetings took place, so it's possible Boras and Fielder have changed their approach. Based on Boras' comments and the scarcity of power bats available I still expect Fielder to sign a long-term deal. Fielder hasn't found the offer he's looking for so far, but he's the top free agent available and it appears likely that he will get long-term offers to his liking before the winter ends.

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