Mariners Close To Deal For “Young Impact Hitter”

6:36pm: The trade could involve Michael Pineda and Yankees prospect Jesus Montero, as Larry Stone of the Seattle Times has heard "rumblings in that direction" (Twitter link).

6:06pm: The Mariners have moved closer to a trade that would net them a "young impact hitter," reports ESPN's Jerry Crasnick.  A source calls the trade "significant" and says Brandon League is not part of the deal (both links via Twitter).

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  1. I like how everyone is speculating that its gonna be jesus montero, unless king felix is in the deal i doubt montero is on the move. With that being said i do believe that its probably a deal involving Franklin Gutierrez i read something about it being a typical AA deal and i believe thats gonna be the case and i also believe that it will be Travis Snider and though he’s had his struggles i think he has a very large upside to him id say.

    • ianyo 4 years ago

       Pineda has more value than Montero right now anyways. He had stellar full season in the majors while Montero is still a prospect and solely a DH at this point.

  2. Josh Gedert 4 years ago

    LOL at anyone saying the Yankees are going after Fielder now. They don’t have that much money to work with right now…

  3. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    Chris Young for Pineda and Guiterrez? 


    Jesus Montero and Dante Bichette Jr for Micheal Pineda and PTBNL

  5. PeterJMoss 4 years ago

    If only the Mariners had taken Montero in the Cliff Lee deal instead of Smoak… 

    • It’s not like Smoak is a bust yet. He’ll have this season to prove himself again at 1b. When he was healthy he put up some really good numbers last season.

  6. Read this if your a day dreamer….

     Billy Butler   or   Jesus Montero   or   Gerardo Parra   or   Mark Trumbo   or   Logan Morrison   or   Hanley Ramirez   or   Justin Upton   or   Yoenis Cespedes   or   Pedro Alvarez & Jose Tabata   or   Nick Markakis   or   B.J Upton   or   Mike Moustakas   or   Mike Trout   or   Chris Davis   or   Gaby Sanchez   or   David Wright   or   John Mayberry & Dominic Brown   or   Mike Morse   or   Drew Stubbs   or   I dunno…. we dont really have a clue. Come on Jack, land a monster catch!   

    Maybe Ryan Braun? Has he ashamed him self too much for the BrewCrew and they will sign Fielder instead?   

  7. Ichiro for Jim Thome and the rights to Jamie Moyer….

  8. Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

    If he can’t hit in Rogers Center, what hope does he have in Safeco? :/

  9. I’m going to say Seattle-Native, Travis Snider from the Blue Jays

  10. goodbyebaseball 4 years ago

    Pineda for Montero

  11. $3513744 4 years ago


  12. Stark2k 4 years ago

    Not exactly “impact”…

  13. Frank Drebin 4 years ago

    No, they said “young, impact hitter,” not just “young.”

  14. RahZid 4 years ago

    Upton has far more value than Felix when you factor in their contracts.

  15. Stark2k 4 years ago

    Because hes a 1b who was never a major prospect coming off a .733 ops year and wrist surgery?

  16. chris_synan1 4 years ago

    well anything could be “a young impact bat” when it comes to who the Mariners have

  17. MaineSox 4 years ago

     He was barely above average offensively in ’10 and was below average offensively in ’11.  Overall he has been worth 1.1 WAR in 181 games.  All of this in a ballpark about half the size of SafeCo.

  18. chris_synan1 4 years ago

    not saying they ain’t young

  19. I wouldnt trade Jason Vargas for Snider. 

  20. bravesdude 4 years ago

    He hasn’t proved to be an impact bat yet .

  21. why are people mentioning brown? phillies need more bats than arms.

  22. Everyday Eddie! and Norm Charlton

  23. InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

    How is this not newsworthy? They are moving in the direction of completing a trade, so it gets posted and added on to as more details are revealed. Chill

  24. Jason Vairtek? 

  25. Shawnthemon 4 years ago

    Yea that’s true, I would rather Pineda than Garza and other pitchers though, but if they wanted a young catcher, Arencibia could be included.

  26. lairdd 4 years ago

    fielder, cano, teixera, jeter, arod, martin, granderson, swish, gardner. i can see every starter going to the allstar game there.

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