Nationals To Sign Edwin Jackson

The Nationals haven't finished above .500 since moving to Washington in 2005, but there's reason to expect significant improvement from the 2012 club. GM Mike Rizzo continued bolstering his pitching staff today, agreeing to terms with free agent right-hander Edwin Jackson.

Edwin Jackson

The team announced the one-year deal, and Jon Heyman of, who first reported the news (all Twitter links), says the agreement is valued at $11MM. The Scott Boras client will earn $11MM plus incentives this year, Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post reports.

The Nationals' projected starting rotation includes Jackson (pictured), Gio Gonzalez, Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmermann and Chien-Ming Wang. Every one of the starters except Wang had an average fastball velocity of at least 92 mph in 2011. John Lannan and Ross Detwiler would provide rotation depth, though Lannan is now on the trade block.

Jackson, 28, posted a 3.79 ERA with 6.7 K/9 and 2.8 BB/9 with a 43.8% ground ball rate in 199 2/3 innings for the White Sox and Cardinals this past season. The hard-throwing right-hander has averaged 208 innings per season with a 3.96 ERA since 2009, but has a career ERA of 4.46 with 6.7 K/9 and 3.7 BB/9 since he debuted with the Dodgers on his 20th birthday in 2003. Jackson ranked sixth on MLBTR’s list of top free agents entering the offseason.

Jackson profiled as a Type B free agent after the season and the Cardinals offered him arbitration. They'll obtain a compensatory draft pick in the supplementary first round of this year's amateur draft, but it won't come from the Nationals. 

As MLBTR's Agency Database shows, the Boras Corporation has quite a presence on the Nationals' roster. Danny EspinosaBryce Harper, Anthony RendonStephen Strasburg and Jayson Werth are all Boras clients.

Last week the Nationals added Brad Lidge to a bullpen that includes Drew StorenTyler Clippard and Henry Rodriguez. Washington's offense finished 24th in MLB in runs scored last year, but improvements to the pitching staff could make them a threat in the NL East this coming season.

Photo courtesy Icon SMI. Jim Duquette of MLB Network Radio first tweeted the value of the deal. 

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  1. rovert22044 3 years ago

    Wow. Didn’t see this coming. I thought he would go to the Cardinals or Red Sox for sure.

    • jhfdssdaf 3 years ago

      Cardinals had no place to put him, so I doubt they made a real offer.

      Last I heard, Boston’s offer was around 1yr/$6-8 million, which would have been a huge bargain.  I suspect he got a bit more than that from Washington.

      • Henry 3 years ago

        of course cuz how do u give up the sox 4 the nats if its the same amount or less

        • Blanketsburg 3 years ago

          As a Red Sox fan, not everyone wants to play in Boston. The Nats are young, and not everyone wants to deal with the AL East media.

          • jhfdssdaf 3 years ago

            Fenway is also a hitter’s park, and the AL East has a couple of beastly lineups.  For a pitcher on a one year deal hoping to build value for the following year, Boston doesn’t necessarily make sense.

          • 12in12 3 years ago

            Or the AL East lineups

          • as we saw last year with Lee taking a smaller deal then what the yankees offered. not everyone wants to play for the high market teams. maybe its the pressure? maybe its not. and as far as pitchers go, maybe they wanna pitch in a spot other then 4th or 5th in the rotation.

          • cliff lee went to philly…

    • I called this back after the tigers signed fielder, and since the nats were tryin hard to get him i i figured if they didnt land fielder they would go after jackson hard.

      • John DiRienzo 3 years ago

         wow that’s great, tell me more

        • FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

          Actually what you said was even greater!!! Tell ME more! 

          What in his comment deserved to be mocked?

    • gmenfan 3 years ago

      The “mystery” team strikes again.

  2. No doubt they overpaid. Edwin Jackson isn’t worth 15+ million a year. I would have liked him to sign with the Tigers, but not for what he was asking, and most likely got.

    • whoah. Why don’t you wait and see what the deal is?

    • jdr70 3 years ago

      1 year 8-12 range per Heyman.  Rosenthal says around 10

    • actually getting jackson at 1 yr 8-12 million is kind of a steal concidering hes an innings eater, younger then oswalt, less likely to be on the DL then Oswalt. hes perfect for the nationals rotation. I can see them this year being a threat in the NL East. and if they do for sure add the second Wild Card i wouldnt doubt they land in the playoffs this year, especially if Harper ends up in the line up.

      • nycub 3 years ago

        Yeah, it is, for the right team. I don’t feel like this is worth it for the Nationals. They’re not going to place in the east, and it’s a long shot they’ll take a Wild Card spot. I feel like everythign would have to fall into place for them in order for this deal to really pay off. Jayson Werth would have to return to form, Morse will have to have a repeat performance, and the pitching will have to be flawless. If this was a longer deal, it might have been worth it.

        • McKinley2 3 years ago

           Long-term, Strasburg will be counted on to pitch more than the 160 innings he’ll be allowed in 2012. A one-year contract for Jackson is perfect for the Nats. And surely no fan cares how much these players make, especially on 1 year deals that don’t compromise future flexibility. As for Werth and Morse, good performances out of both of them is hardly an unrealistic stretch. Team still needs an OBP good fielding CF’er but a second wild card would be a fitting bonus incentive and realistic goal for the franchise screwed by MLB from its inception.

          • nycub 3 years ago

            I’m really not trying to be a pessimist, I’m simply being a realist. Several pieces would have to fall into place for this deal to be worth it for the Nats. I don’t think that’s a poor assessment of this deal.

        • graywolfe81 3 years ago

          I don’t think that’s the point, I think the point is that Strass is on a 160 limit, Zimmerman just had his 160 inning year, Wang hasn’t pitched a complete season since I think 2007 or 2008, and the objective is simply to get a “bridge” pitcher and depth to help them perform at a high level when Strass is gone and have an extra arm because of the injury history of 3 or 4 of the 6 other starters they expect to bring with them beyond spring training.

          That’s the whole point, if they could resign him that would be great, but more likely, they view him as a combo of insurance, depth for injuries, and a nice #2 or #3 option depending upon how things fall with Zim, Strass and Gio during the season when any of them get hurt, or Strass has to rest starting in September.

          This isn’t as much about paying for long term contention as it is signing a quality starter to help address depth and injury issues and if it actually pays off and helps with the dream of winning 90+ instead of 85+ and actually contending, then so be it.

          Really, considering these guys are the richest guys in baseball 10 mill in totality invested for this issue is nothing, and could actually pay off, big time. I don’t see how someone can look at this move and think it’s a bad idea.

          • nycub 3 years ago

            I know exactly what role EJ will play on this team…and I understand the constraints on the rotation. 

            All I am saying is that I don’t necessarily think this move will push the Nats into indefinite contention this year. This deal would have been smarter or a team like the Red Sox, where it really would have fill a hole in a team that, unless something goes horribly wrong (as it did this year), will be in the playoffs.

          • nycub 3 years ago

            But who knows, the Nats are really going to be a fun team to watch

      • Michael Moses 3 years ago

        8 is about his value, 12 would def be an overpay. 

        • Yankees420 3 years ago

          If it was a 4 year deal, then I could agree, but on a 1 year deal, 12MM isn’t really an overpay for a guy who throws pretty hard and can consistently go 200IP.  If he’s able to put up his typical 3.5 – 4 WAR season, the Nationals got a solid bargain, even if it’s at 12MM. 

        • Yankees420 3 years ago

          If it was a 4 year deal, then I could agree, but on a 1 year deal, 12MM isn’t really an overpay for a guy who throws pretty hard and can consistently go 200IP.  If he’s able to put up his typical 3.5 – 4 WAR season, the Nationals got a solid bargain, even if it’s at 12MM. 

  3. Rick Garcia 3 years ago

    bye bye Lannan

  4. Oilcanoworms 3 years ago

    Oh well… the Red Sox will just have to be satisfied with the immortal Padilla

    • MB923 3 years ago

      Oswalt is still available as of now, but I doubt he goes there unless they step in big.

    • Lars Chunks 3 years ago

      Too bad Padilla has an arrest warrant out for him in Nicaragua for failing to pay child support for his 10th kid. Looks like we’re down to Carlos Silva and Aaron Cook…

    • Red_Line_9 3 years ago

      I’m wondering if the Red Sox now try and swing a deal for Gavin Floyd.

      • Karkat 3 years ago

        Floyd is okay but not worth what the White Sox would want for him. I’d take him for the guy we got for Scutaro maybe 😛

      • Karkat 3 years ago

        Floyd is okay but not worth what the White Sox would want for him. I’d take him for the guy we got for Scutaro maybe 😛

  5. Donny Holmes 3 years ago

    3 yrs $30M, with an option added on to tha maybe?

  6. Bryz 3 years ago

    I wonder if this mean that they already have the framework for a Lannan trade in place.

    • That’s a fair assumption. It’s probably correct.

    • Karkat 3 years ago

      I dunno, Lannan lost his arbitration case so he’s still affordable and pretty solid. (Of course, that could be spun into positive trade value if they’re confident in Wang)

  7. belky2 3 years ago

    Who needs Prince Fielder? Probably another Nats overpay; awaiting contract details.

    • Guest 3 years ago

      Yeah, an overpay for 1 year will really hamstring us.

  8. TheBigStapler 3 years ago

    The Nationals are going to be a fun, interesting team next year. Too bad I’m a Mets fan.

  9. bigpat 3 years ago

    Hope it was a good contract. The Marlins need to take notes, this is how you build a winner. They will be looking up to the Nats all season long.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      Wouldn’t go that far.. They might be a .500 team, but still have a ways to go to even be as good as the ’69 Senators for the Washington record of 86 wins.

      Both the Fish and braves are better all the way around.

      • Guest 3 years ago

        um, no.

      • WolandJR 3 years ago

        The Fish are going to be a circus this year. I got a dollar saying they finish under 78 wins.

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

          Nat’s better get Teddy Ballgame back if they are gonna’ have a record year.. He was the one who had half the ’69 Senators hitting at career record levels and the 2012 nationals are a mish mash or young kids and walking wounded.

          The circus? Yeah.. Guillen is a dolt.. U hit that one right on the head.. Wish Trader Jack was up to another year. The team respected him and he was old school.. Knew how to run a team the way the game is supposed to be played and hopefully the team will show Guillen how to play, rather than Guillen with his useless ways. I think the Nat fans are going to be in for a rude awakening tho if are having hopes of 2nd place and that’s not meant as a dice.. Just a lot of things would have to fall perfect for them and horribly bad for just one of the Fish/Atlanta for just 3rd and I don’t see it happening.

      • how is the marlins better? yeah they signed buehrle but J.J. cant even get to 200 innings. he is always hurt. hes a good pitcher, but he has health issues every year. same goes with Reyes, health issues every year. hes only as good as his legs, with out his legs he isnt worth anything. not saying their not gonna be a decent team, but if i had to pick between the nats and the marlins, id take the nats. especially if Harper is in the opening day line-up like they want. nats will win 85 games this year.

        • johnsilver 3 years ago

          “nats will win 85 games this year”

          Wouldn’t bother me any if they did.. I just don’t see it is the thing. See.. I always liked the Senators ever since Ted Williams managed them anyway..

          You left Sanchez out of the Fish rotation and on and off Nolasco and the heart of the Fish batting order that is pretty potent by any NL standards… Stanton, Sanchez and Lomo with Reyes and Bonifacio setting the table. 1-5 they are pretty good and Coghlan.. Wild card with will he go back to his rookie year performance?

          Then… There is Hanley Ramirez.. Nobody expects him to be awful again.. Add him to the heart of that order and it is almost Phillie like.

          JJ (yes, injuries) Sanchez, Buehrle (yep.. innings eater) and Nolasco (wild card) are a decent 4 and Zambrano, if he does not bash Guillen in the head and take each other out… Are a not bad 1-5…

        • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

          I don’t think Harper should be expected to be a major contributor in 2012. As for the Marlins, Buerhle was a solid pitcher in the AL and should be as good if not better in the NL. True about JJ but he was good for about 200 IP in 2009 and 2010. Wouldn’t be shocked to see him go 180-200 this year. JJ/Sanchez/Nolasco/Buerhle.

          As for Reyes….give me a break. Even w/ his injury issues he was still worth a 6 WAR

      • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

        Braves starters vs Nats starters in 2011: ERA/FIP

        3.73/3.65 vs 3.80/3.93
        Now..Add unproven rookies – Derek Low


        Add Gio, EJackson and Strasburg minus Liv Hernadez

        Offensively, the Nats and Braves were very similar:

        .691 to .695 OPS, .309 to .308 OBP and .305 to .304 wOBA. Braves hit a few more HRS…Nats stole a few more bases.

        Defensively, they were both pretty bad but the Braves were worse (-10.3 vs -23.2)

        I wouldn’t say that the Nats are as far behind as you might think.

        • smt1 3 years ago

          Don’t discount a modest bump in the Braves offensive output this year. They went from consistently top 5 in the NL to near last in the MLB in OBP last year under Larry Parrish, who was fired at the end of the season. I wouldn’t be surprised at a .900+ OPS Heyward this year. Said chipper a few days ago: “When the ball jumped off his bat [in 2010], there was a sound unlike
          you had ever heard,” Jones said. “I didn’t see that at all last year.
          It’s due to some of things he was doing mechanically. The ball is
          jumping off his bat now close to the way it was in 2010.”

  10. Guest 3 years ago

    I bet they need to add $$ to get anything for Lannan. And I really like the guy.

  11. Edwin Jackson still has nightmares about Joe Blanton.

  12. MB923 3 years ago

    1 down, 1 to go.

  13. Justin Gray 3 years ago


  14. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Better in Washington than in Boston.. This sign was a relief to me at least…

  15. Red Sox lose Edwin Jackson to the Nationals… man have things changed in MLB.

    • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

      Contract details are out, you are absolutely right!

    • RetroRob 3 years ago

      Don’t worry. As soon as the next free agent signs with the Red Sox or the Yankees fans of other teams will develop convenient memory loss about all the other free agents signing with other teams, including the teams they root for.

    • bigpat 3 years ago

      Yup, looks like Boston has packed it in this year. No excuse for them to not try and fix their rotation after last year’s debacle. I guess they really have faith in Bard and Aceves. We’ll see how they do with much less fanfare than they had last season, it might actually be good for them.

    • Popular_mechanics_for_pitchers 3 years ago

      It’s going to be alright, they have Padilla

      • JacobyWanKenobi 3 years ago

         I hope the “it” doesn’t refer to Texiera’s head, because that’d be a false statement. 😛

  16. Paul Shailor 3 years ago

    Grats on JAckson finding a job!  Hopefuly he can be a nice addition to what already is a promising rotation!

  17. Lars Chunks 3 years ago

    Heyman also notes that he’s basing all of this off of a sighting at the airport… typical

  18. Good move. The starting rotation gets deeper.

  19. Red Sox are gonna really push for Oswalt. I have a feeling Roy’s gonna get more than expected from the Sox and land 12 mil.

    • jhfdssdaf 3 years ago

      I don’t think the Red Sox are serious in their pursuit of Oswalt, nor did they appear serious in pursuing Jackson.

      Their last rumored offer to Jackson that I recall was only $6-8 million. No chance they offer Oswalt significantly more than that, even if he is the only talented pitcher available.

      I think Cherrington is bluffing for the fan’s sake (even though the fans are too smart to fall for it), and intends to go into the season with the current rotation.

      • They dumped Marco for salary. If he doesn’t get a pitcher it won’t look good for the Sox.

  20. CardsEagles1489 3 years ago

    Man, Nats have a legit rotation. Jackson is no ace, (more like a 3 or 4) but he eats innings. Hard to hate on this pickup. I was kinda hoping the Cards would sign him..

    • jhfdssdaf 3 years ago

      To do what?  Pinch hit?

      Rotation is already full, and he wanted a multi-year deal.

      Unless the Cardinals were going to trade Shelby Miller (why?!), or delay Carlos Martinez an extra year, there really wasn’t a place to put Jackson.

      • CardsEagles1489 3 years ago

        Maybe you didn’t hear, but they were looking to deal McClellan to free up cap space. Also, they could have moved Westbrook to the bullpen, or have him waive his no-trade clause. They were chasing Oswalt, so that full rotation obviously isn’t satisfying enough for them..

    • Thomas Wilson 3 years ago

      He is a Solid 2-3 if matches last years 3.55 FIP a solid 3 if he matches his three year average of 3.7WAR

  21. Heyman reports its a 1 year for 8-12 mil pending phys.

  22. NYYANKEES 3 years ago

    1 year 8-12 million according to Heyman

  23. Heyman says its 1 yr in the 8-12 mill range… Seems like a Really good deal to me when he originally wanted 15-17 mill a year.

  24. FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

    Awesome sign IMO!! Lannan vs jackson to i take Jackson everytime. Basically we get a better pitcher (at least should be) and then we get a propect maybe if we trade lannan. Hope its not just a one year deal. 2 year 14-20deal mil a little overpay is fine.

  25. I personally think Jackson is an undervalued pitcher. I like the signing for the Nats.

    • rundmc1981 3 years ago

      You only watched him pitch the no-hitter, right?

      • FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

        Well even then he had eight walks or something and 140 pitches , wasn’t that impressive (for a no-hitter). Soooo thats not a good point of reference. He has had many games when he pitched better than he did in his no-no. he just wasn’t as lucky.

        • rundmc1981 3 years ago

          .342 OBP allowed in 2011…looks like the Braves answer to getting on base lies in other team’s downgrading. I’m fine with that.

        • rundmc1981 3 years ago

          .342 OBP allowed in 2011…looks like the Braves answer to getting on base lies in other team’s downgrading. I’m fine with that.

      • FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

        Well even then he had eight walks or something and 140 pitches , wasn’t that impressive (for a no-hitter). Soooo thats not a good point of reference. He has had many games when he pitched better than he did in his no-no. he just wasn’t as lucky.

  26. I hope the red sox don’t try to aquire lannan….

  27. InLeylandWeTrust 3 years ago

    Solid rotation. Nats are lookin pretty good

  28. Blue_Bomb 3 years ago

    Well there goes my optimism. Maybe the Sox can still get Oswalt.

  29. I never knew Jackson was some type of ace.I can’t wait to see my Mets hit homeruns off of him.Lannan is a better pitcher who gets no respect from Nats fans because he is not a flashy pitcher

  30. Willjhull 3 years ago

    What am I missing here, Lannan seems like an comparable to Jackson but less expensive.  Maybe they view Jackson or Lanna as their fourth or fifth guy (which is crazy to pay 8 mil to a 4/5 guy but…) and Lannan as their trade for that CF they have been talking about all year. It would have to be something like that to make sense since they are going to pay 3 mil more for a guy who isn’t much (or any or less) of an upgrade and is right handed like most of their othter startes???

    • jdr70 3 years ago

      Jackson has the much better WAR over the past 3 years and his FIP & xFIP are all better.  Read the article on fangraphs by Dave Cameron.  Spells it out nicely. 

      • Oh boy not the WAR crap again.Have you seen the guy pitch or are you a stat freak.Lannan is a better pitcher and thats the bottom line

        • jdr70 3 years ago

          LOL.  I’m a Nats fan.  I’ve seen more of Lannan than you ever will.  Check his stats against the NL East.  Bad.  

          Please don’t tell me it’s all about stats.  I’ve seen him more than you ever will.  

        • sourbob 3 years ago

          Complaining about “the WAR crap” on MLBTR is like complaining about “that organic crap” at Whole Foods.

        • vtadave 3 years ago

          He’s a better pitcher because your eyes tell you he is or do you have something else to back it up?  Jackson walks fewer hitters, strikes more of them out, and he’s more reliable in terms of being able to count on 200+ innings.

          Other than that, Lannan is superior.

          • rundmc1981 3 years ago

            Lannan has had success in the NL East – I’m a Braves fan and am glad he’s on his way out of the division – and Jackson hasn’t had much success in the NL, let alone the NL East that keeps getting better.

          • Yankees420 3 years ago

            Jackson hasn’t hardly pitched in the NL, he had 21 starts for Arizona in 2010 and another 12 starts with the Cardinals, his time with the D’backs wasn’t very good, but he pitched well with the Cardinals and there isn’t any indication that switching to the NL should be tough on him…

  31. Ejax is a great value for a team that has an ace! why is oswalt still a FA? I have to agree with the opinion that there must be something concerning in his back. If I am the Red Sox and trying to stay in a salary cap I feel better about the team with out him then moving salary to aquire him.

  32. 14 Rocks 3 years ago

    The NL East is going to be a nasty division next season.

    • rundmc1981 3 years ago

      Not because of Jax. ATL likes this signing and subsequently seeing Lannan less in 2012. Bring on a RHP.

  33. Good job Red Sox. 

  34. Wait a minute, the Nationals made a deal with Boras that might work in THEIR favor?

    I’m impressed. They actually might be the NL East favorites come 2013 since they are now making smarter moves.

  35. TrollinPowell 3 years ago

    I love this signing. Jackson is an All-Star and he’s pitched a no-hitter.

  36. jdr70 3 years ago

    Read the Fangraphs article comparing the two.  Jackson is the superior pitcher and the numbers back it up.  

    Jackson with be the Nats 4th starter behind Strasburg, Gio, & Zimmermann

  37. Paul Shailor 3 years ago

    Based on what? Okay lets throw stats out, Jackson threw a no hitter. Boom. Fireworks. Dancing Panda.

  38. jhfdssdaf 3 years ago

    Oswalt is a significant improvement over Westbrook.  Jackson hasn’t shown that yet.  He has shown flashes of brilliance, and loads of inconsistency.

    If healthy, Oswalt is a #3, maybe even a #2, in most rotations.  Jackson is a #4.  Of the two, Oswalt is likely cheaper, and has higher upside on a one year deal.

    Why, then, would the Cardinals want Jackson?

    • CardsEagles1489 3 years ago

      Trust me, Jackson is an upgrade over Westbrook. Hell, almost anyone is. Jackson may be inconsistent, but he has no-hit stuff when he puts it together. And I dunno how much cheaper Oswalt is, he wants $10 million for one year, and Jackson just signed in between $8 to $12 million..

      • rundmc1981 3 years ago

        You really think Jackson is twice as good as Lannan, who had comparable numbers? That’s a big risk that you’re getting a traveled, albeit young pitcher with about as much upside as inconsistencies, who has never had much success in the NL in extended periods of time.

        This looks like WSH really didn’t have any better way of spending its money than giving it to Jackson. Whoever gets Lannan will benefit from him.

      • El_Bobo 3 years ago

        8 walks during his no hitter. That’s really putting it together.

  39. jdr70 3 years ago

    My eyes and the stats tell me Jackson is the better pitcher.  Lannan can’t make it through a lineup 3 times and is the king of pitching 5.1 innings.  I’m a Nats fan and trust me I’ve watched more of Lannan than you. 

    • Is Jackson the same guy who has pitched for around 6 teams in his career.Jackson is just not that good and you will learn the hard way.I have always said you Nats fans didnt really ever have love for Lannan.As a Mets fan i could say i never wanted to face him and the Braves fans would say the same as well.Jackson is a very hittable pitcher who will never reach his full potential 

      • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

        Wayne Grextky was also on around 6 teams.

        Just because he was traded doesnt mean he is a bad pitcher.

      • jdr70 3 years ago

        Are you serious?  Lannan is much more hittable. I like Lannan.  He’s a great guy but he walks way too many guys, doesn’t strike anyone out and relies on his defense way too much.  Look at his FIP.  His defense has consistently bailed him out.  Jackson has way more talent but is inconsistent.

        And you might want to look at his career stats against the NL East.  Not good so I’m not sure you’ve seen much of Lannan.  I’ve seen it and it’s not great. 

      • Guest 3 years ago

        I don’t know why you keep referring to us as ‘you nats fans’ if its supposed to mean anything, but i can tell you that he is right.  lannan is the master at 5.1 inning games.  dont get me wrong, he’s decent, but ejax is better for sure

      • vtadave 3 years ago

        Dan Haren has been on four teams, but I’d struggle to name 7 or 8 better pitchers in the game today.

      • actually i know alot of brave fans who have said they dont mind facing lannan because lannan is not that great of a pitcher. Next reason please? maybe your just jealous that the Nationals are getting better as the mets are sitting there making the A’s look like a far much better team every day.

      • melonis_rex 3 years ago

        It’s not like Jackson’s being traded for scrubs; he’s been traded for other good players almost every time. 

      • Mets Fan LOL!

  40. notsureifsrs 3 years ago


  41. Stark2k 3 years ago

    And yet the people who use WAR also tend to be the people who watch more games and actually evaluate a pitcher when watching him rather then just saying “gave up 1 run, hes awesome”/”gave up 5 runs this guy sucks”.

    • jdr70 3 years ago

      Yep.  But hey what do all those loser GM’s who use the stats all the time know?  LOL.

      • Yeah was your GM the one who gave Werth that huge contract.Nice signing by Rizzo

        • jdr70 3 years ago

          Rizzo is the guy who has taken them from 59 wins to 80 in 2 seasons.  I’m not a big fan of the Werth signing but Rizzo has done a pretty good job.  

          Nats were ranked #30 in farm systems 5 years ago.  They were #1 before the Gio trade.  I think Rizzo has done fine.  

          • With all the top picks yopu had of coarse your farm system should have been at the top.The great thing is with the new rules the days of your Nats drafting gus like Cole and Purke and giving them top 10 money are over.Nothing hard about gettting th first pick in the draft and drafting no brainers like Harper and Strasburg.Has Rizzo done some good things sure he has but his free agent signings have been pretty bad and Jackson will add to that.A all righty rotation is something i do not like

          • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

            Your grammar is worse than both of the pitchers.

          • jdr70 3 years ago

            1.  Gio Gonzales is a lefty who will be in the #2 spot.  Detwiler is a left and has a shot at the #5 spot.  

            2.  Rizzo is the guy who drafted Espinosa, Peacock, Milone, Norris, Solis, and plenty of other good young players.  It’s hardly just going over slot.  Sure going over slot helps but he’s had plenty of good picks.

            3.  Capps for Ramos.  Morse for Langerhans.

            Every GM makes some bad moves.  Rizzo has made far more good than bad.  You busted on the guy just to try and score points.  His resume is very good as scouting director and since he took over at GM.

          • Look i think Rizzo has done a good job and i do like the Gonzalez trade but i dont see a big difference from Lannan to Jackson.I am not saying Jackson sucks and he will give you innings but i do think Lanan doesnt get respect.Your Nats have a good team and will make noise so i am not going to hate on your team.You have a great future with the young pitching staff you have and some of the everyday players you have.Besides the Werth and LaRouche signing Rizzo has done a great job

          • jdr70 3 years ago

            And by the way, Rizzo is as old school as it gets when it comes to scouting.  He is hardly a “stat guy”.  He has a couple of guys in his front office who do that but he is old school and has always been considered one of the best scouts out there. 

          • I see nothing wrong with the way he is doing things. im a yankees fan, my dad is a nats fan and was even a sents fan when they were there years ago. I like how the nats are building their team. I can see them winning 85 this year pushing 90 games. and being a contender for years to come

          • ummm Gio and Detwiller are lefties. Detwiller is set to compete with wang for the 5th spot in the rotation and should not be a problem given Wangs injury history since he got hurt in houston while with the yankees. so two lefties in the rotation does not make it a right heavy rotation. i still sence alittle jealousy by a mets fan. look the mets had their chance at glory in 2000 and they got beat. the mets are a team with an all star on their team who pretty much dont want to be there. (david wright is who im talking about) maybe the mets should just clean house, start from scratch. already the worst team in baseball

          • melonis_rex 3 years ago

            Strasburg wasn’t in that farm system listing, nor was Jordan Zimmermann. 

            They both weren’t prospects when that list was compiled, I bet. 

  42. notsureifsrs 3 years ago

    math is hard

    • I know from watching pitchers whch i know a lot mor about it tan you WAR fans on this that Jackson is not better than Lannan.You will see when Jackson gets hit hard again this year.He is the Reggie Sanders of pitchers.Ask the DBacks fans of what they think about AJax

      • Stoibs 3 years ago

        Reggie Sanders? As in this Reggie Sanders? link to
        You know that he was a pretty good player right? He was solid all around the outfield and put up some monster offensive seasons. The only thing that seems similar about them is the color of their skin.

      • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

        while i have them on the phone i’ll ask them what they think about john lannan, since they have a carbon copy of the guy in joe saunders. you know joe saunders right? the guy they non-tendered this year and eventually took back after no one else wanted him?

        it’s weird that lannan lost his arbitration case too, don’t you think? he should have had you testify for him. “this guy on the internet who thinks long division is a government conspiracy says he never wanted me to pitch against his team!”

        well throw out the numbers then, my good man! that settles it

      • Stoibs 3 years ago

        Reggie Sanders? You mean the Reggie Sanders that last played for the Royals in 07? I won’t get too stat heavy on you, so lets just go with slash lines on about five or so of his seasons. I would simply put a link to all his numbers, but I don’t think that is allowed.
        95- .306/.397/.579
        99′- .285/.376/.527
        01- .263/.337/.549
        03- .285/.345/.567
        05- .271/.340/.546
        Now clearly this is cherry picking, but man these are some productive seasons! He was a pretty darn good fielder and was considered one of the nicer guys in the game. The only things that I see that make him seem similar to Jackson is the color of his skin and that they both played on a lot of teams. This doesn’t change the fact that they are both good players. 

        • JacobyWanKenobi 3 years ago

           Those stats…they seem….ODD! ZIIIIIING!

  43. Popular_mechanics_for_pitchers 3 years ago

    Nationals will lead the league in something this year: walks issued

  44. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 3 years ago

    Looking forward to watching the Nations next year, they have really built a decent team

    • Karkat 3 years ago

      I got tickets on Saturday to see them when they’re in Boston, and now I’m extra excited about it!

      • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

        pleasebestrasburg pleasebestrasburg pleasebestrasburg

        “tonight’s starter for the nationals, tim wakefield”

        • Karkat 3 years ago

          You kidding? That’d rock! Standing ovations all around 😀

          Of course, the nationals have about 7 better SP options…

      • Tko11 3 years ago

        Did the Nationals raise their ticket prices a lot? Maybe I will go watch the Red Sox in DC since I live in between Boston and DC. 

        • Karkat 3 years ago

          Sox aren’t playing in Washington this year, since interleague play continues to be poorly-structured.

          • Tko11 3 years ago

            Oh thanks, I have to check the schedule. 

  45. AlKelz 3 years ago

    Another good move for the Nationals , who are making more progress in 5 years than the Orioles have in 14 + 😉

  46. FS54 3 years ago

    I am surprised by this signing. I thought Nationals were planning to deal Lannan and move Detwiler to the rotation. Now RD has to be traded or moved to the bullpen. I don’t see how him, Gorzalenny, and Burnett all fit into the bullpen. 

  47. ellisburks 3 years ago

    Yeah! Who are we to look at statistics and math to prove who is the better baseball player. I use my eyes, not science. You losers probably think we evolved from monkeys too!

  48. Paul Shailor 3 years ago

    Also doesnt this comment violate the new comment policy, I mean he insulted people who use stats….

  49. cfjohnsn56 3 years ago

    You do know that the Great Edwin Jackson isn’t a winning pitcher over his career either?

    And this is a guy that’s had some serious offense backing him up in Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis!

    • InLeylandWeTrust 3 years ago

      Uhh what? Detroit’s offense in ’09 was ranked 15th overall in runs, and the White Sox last year came in at #18. So even if him being a “winning pitcher” or not was a valid argument, he has had league average-below league average offenses backing him up.

  50. Karkat 3 years ago

    I am a math major and a baseball fan and in no way is John Lannan a better pitcher than Edwin Jackson.

  51. Karkat 3 years ago

    The Marlins are probably just steaming down there in Miami right now.

    • Of course we are. It’s 85 degrees in February. 

      • MaineSox 3 years ago

        You play for the Marlins?

        • Yankees420 3 years ago

          You don’t know about Serdar?  He’s supposed to have a better bat than Harper and can play every position, including pitcher….

    • i’m not a big ejax fan.  that being said, the nationals look good on paper right now.  it will be a fun season.  this maybe the second toughest division in baseball.  

  52. lefty58 3 years ago

    Now it’s a 3 team race in the East, for the wild card at least. 
    Let’s hope the Braves, Nats and Fish can stay healthy and this will be a fun year out East.

    • Tko11 3 years ago

      Why are you awarding the division to the Phillies already? Howard is going to miss time and their offense is not great at all. They also lost Oswalt too. Now they only have 3 aces haha but still I dont think they will run away with the division. Their offensive core is getting up their in age like Polanco and Chase. I think it will be a fun division to watch this year, the only team that wont compete there is the Mets. 

    • lefty58 3 years ago

      It was intended to be more of an anti Mets post than a pro Phili post.

  53. cfjohnsn56 3 years ago

    So did Bud Smith!

  54. whitesox2005 3 years ago

    Great Signing!

  55. Ugh.  Great value for the Nats, but it’s killing me to watch all the Marlins and Nationals trying hard to improve and the Phillies standing pat up top while the Braves do nothing.  I know there isn’t much the Braves could have realistically done this off-season and I’m glad they didn’t do anything stupid just for the sake of doing something, but that doesn’t make it much easier to watch.

  56. Popular_mechanics_for_pitchers 3 years ago

    I know, stats are useless

    • Stats are not useless but sometimes are very overrated.Jackson is a solid picher so i am not saying he is a stiff.He is a better signing than Oswalt so i cant hate that

      • wait a minute you just contradicted your self. first you say lannon is better then E-Jax but Ejax is better then oswalt? so your saying Lannon was better then oswalt too? Oswalt had better numbers then both of them and Ejax had better numbers then Lannan but yet Lannan is better then Ejax while Ejax is better signing then Oswalt? did i miss something?

        • MaineSox 3 years ago

          “Stats are overrated, so the exact opposite of what they say must be true.”

        • MaineSox 3 years ago

          “Stats are overrated, so the exact opposite of what they say must be true.”

      • wait a minute you just contradicted your self. first you say lannon is better then E-Jax but Ejax is better then oswalt? so your saying Lannon was better then oswalt too? Oswalt had better numbers then both of them and Ejax had better numbers then Lannan but yet Lannan is better then Ejax while Ejax is better signing then Oswalt? did i miss something?

  57. Now that Ejax and Kuroda signed for the same amount of money.. Which team got the better deal?

  58. Nats Rotation:

    1 – Strasburg
    2 – Gio
    3 – Jackson
    4 – Zimmerman
    5 – Wang/Detwiller/ or lannan

    Can see Lannan being traded for an OF, maybe to Tampa with another prospect for Upton? they were trying last summer to get him, and alot of talk he may end up there anyway next offseason so why not tampa trade him and get something for him from the nationals? then when Harper comes up move morse back to 1B.

    line up could look like this

    1) Upton
    2) espinosa
    3) Zimmerman
    4) Werth
    5) Harper
    6) Morse
    7) Desmond
    8) Ramos
    9) pitcher

    1-8 could be pretty lethal, Espinosa showed promise as a rookie last year and so did Ramos, Morse broke out, and Zimmerman is always a good hitter, was just on the DL last year. if werth can hit better like he did in philly and Harper hit like he should could be a really good team that could turn the NL East into the AL East with 3 or 4 teams who can contend.

    • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

      I could not see Lannan being traded to Tampa, the Orioles I could see in a big package for Jones.

    • rundmc1981 3 years ago

      TB already has a crowded rotation. PIT/BAL/maybe KC/NYM (not knowing Mets pitching needs). I wouldn’t be surprised to see a NL East opponent make a grab at him, knowing how good he is in the division.

  59. OsFan106 3 years ago

    “There is no clearly established formula for WAR. Sites that provide the statistic, such as Baseball Prospectus, Fangraphs, and Baseball Reference, all calculate it differently” I found that quote regarding WAR on Wikipedia.

    Without a clear formula to calculate WAR, how can anyone use this statistic to justify or detract anyone’s playing ability. Just saying.

    • RetroRob 3 years ago

      Not really.  You just need to understand how they’re different. Fangraphs’ WAR incorporates fielding-independent pitching statistics into its WAR formula, removing luck, ballpark and fielding to create a more neutral assessment of a pitcher. That’s important when signing a free agent pitcher since Fangraphs’ WAR will give a much more accurate picture of how he pitched and is much better are predicting how he’ll pitch in the future.  Jackson had an fWAR of 3.8, compared to Lanna’s 1.3.  Huge difference. 

      • theguy17 3 years ago

        WAR is a dumb stat, especially for pitchers.  FIP is as well.  It implies that pitchers have little control over balls in play, when that is not true at all.  The main goal of a pitcher is to distrupt the hitters timing.  If the hitter is out in front of a pitch or late on a pitch they will more than likely hit a weak ground ball or a pop up resulting in an out more often than not.  So to use a stat that says pitchers have little control over balls in play is dumb IMO.  If they do thier job they have a huge impact on balls in play. This is also why I hate BABIP and most sabermetrics.

      • theguy17 3 years ago

        WAR is a useless stat, especially for pitchers.  FIP is as well.  It implies that pitchers have little control over balls in play, when that is not true at all.  The main goal of a pitcher is to distrupt the hitters timing.  If the hitter is out in front of a pitch or late on a pitch they will more than likely hit a weak ground ball or a pop up resulting in an out more often than not.  So to use a stat that says pitchers have little control over balls in play is useless IMO.  If they do their job then they have a huge impact on balls in play. This is also why I hate BABIP and most sabermetrics.

        • Yankees420 3 years ago

          How could you hate BABIP?  It tells of factual events and nothing more.  What conclusions people draw from them is entirely up to them, but the stat itself isn’t complicated or misleading.

  60. optionn 3 years ago

    Rizzo is a tard for this belief that overpaying subprime Boras clients somehow gets you somewhere.  If your going to deal with Boras then get someone good like Fielder.

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

      The Edwin Jackson deal Rizzo just signed is MONUMENTALLY better than that Fielder deal that’ll probably start crippling the Tigers soon. 

    • Yankees420 3 years ago

      Fielder till he’s 37 and after paying him 214MM or Jackson in his prime for 1 season to help bolster a rotation that could use a solid 200IP guy………hmmm.

  61. MarcusV70 3 years ago

    Considering he’s played for 6 teams in 9 seasons, it makes you wonder why so many teams have given up on him in such a short span. I think the Red Sox made a good choice not to aggressively pursue him.

  62. $8-12 seems like a lot for a one-year contract in a crowded rotation…I don’t know, Boras magic again.

    • Yankees420 3 years ago

      Boras wanted something like 5/75 if I remember correctly, so I wouldn’t say this is him using his magic.

  63. rundmc1981 3 years ago

    When in Washington, do as the politicians do: overpay. 

    Maybe you should have GMs in unmarked white vans park in front of free agent homes with candy in the back rather than pay a few extra million dollars to get the talent in the nation’s capital.

    Boras 2 / Righteousness 0

  64. Jacob Viets 3 years ago

    Im gunna drop an idea here. Maybe if Trout proves himself in Spring Training:
    Bourjos for Lannan and Anthony Rendon. Angels need a #5 and Lannan could be that guy.

    • Peter Bourjos: Going into the 2010 season, he was named the second best prospect in the Angels system, the ‘Fastest Baserunner’, and the ‘Best Defensive Outfielder’ by Baseball America
      You on the other hand want to trade John Lannon for him… HAHAHAHA!
      You want Dipoto fired don’t you?
      No, I could see a trade in the works involving Baltimore
      Robert Andino for Lannon. Duquette will declare “Victory Is Mine”
      I will give you points for style, not many, but some.

      • Jacob Viets 3 years ago

        Even if said prospect was Anthony Rendon? He seems to be permanently blocked at third base, if the Nats are able to extend Zimmerman, which is highly likely.

        • Thekid19444 3 years ago

          Um he cant be traded

          • Jacob Viets 3 years ago

            Why not? Zimmerman is one of the top 3B in baseball. Rendon’s just a prospect.

          • Snoochies8 3 years ago

            well, technically he COULD be traded, but he’d be a ptbnl

            that said, a player can’t be officially traded until a year after they signed after being drafted, which means rendon couldn’t be officially traded until august, that’s why he said rendon can’t be traded right now

          • MaineSox 3 years ago

            PTBNLs have to be named within 6 months so he can’t be a PTBNL either.  He was right when he said Rendon can’t be traded.

        • Natsfan89 3 years ago

          You do know they can move Zimmerman to first right?

          And he literally CANT be traded. You cant trade first year players until a year after they’ve been drafted.

  65. Dc21892 3 years ago

    I’m excited to see how the Nationals do this upcoming season. On paper they look pretty strong, but we all know on paper doesn’t always translate to the field.

  66. chris_synan1 3 years ago

    The Nats are legit

  67. Gio, jackson,and Lannan in the same rotation? This could be walk city, I’d be willing to put money on the Nationals pitching staff leading the leagues in walks this year.

    • LUWahooNatFan 3 years ago

      Lannan won’t be in the rotation, and I would gladly take that bet

  68. Gio, jackson,and Lannan in the same rotation? This could be walk city, I’d be willing to put money on the Nationals pitching staff leading the leagues in walks this year.

  69. LUWahooNatFan 3 years ago

    I wish I knew why half the things I try to post have to get ‘approved by a moderator’ before being posted when they have nothing vulgar in them

    Complete joke of a ‘moderation’ team on this website

  70. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    with all due respect to madson.. signing of the offseason imo

  71. Ok, Jackson is an improvement over Lannan pretty clearly but certainly isn’t worth double the money. Super overpay for a slight improvement isn’t as genius as people make it out to be.

    Here’s my theory, Lannan is a groundball pitcher that had to deal without Laroche all year last year and Zim for a part of the year. Espinosa and Desmond are still not the best fielders up the middle as well so Lannan didn’t really have a chance last year by those standards did he? I don’t care for the deal for the Nats by those standards, there rotation was impressive without EJax.

    Love the deal for Atlanta though, this rotation is great but they are gonna have some serious control issues.

  72. MetsEventually 3 years ago

    Have fun trailing them Miami. 

  73. eyeglass1 3 years ago

    Yes, the Nats have a great starting pitching group, but the offense is weaker compared to the other teams fighting for playoff spots. I think the Nats really need to acquire some offensive stud somehow. Trade from your strength (starting pitchers). 

    • LUWahooNatFan 3 years ago

      If Zimmerman can stay healthy for the whole year, Werth can bounce back to regular numbers, and Desmond(26), Espinosa(24), and Ramos(24) can show progression the Nationals offense should be just fine.

      • Natsfan89 3 years ago

        Don’t forget about LaRoche. Assuming he comes back healthy he should be a lock for a .270 BA and 20+ HRs.

        Lot of questions when it comes to the Nats offense.

        • eyeglass1 3 years ago

          I usually follow the Reds, but I think the Nats are my number 2 team. I wish you guys well. 

  74. oscargamble 3 years ago

    I love the one year deal for the Gnats.  EJ is well on his way to shattering Mike Morgan’s record for most teams played for.

  75. JST1331 3 years ago

    Talk about Boras screwing himself over this winter.

  76. UltimateYankeeFan 3 years ago

    Just saw this about the Nationals signing of Jackson:

    The Washington Post
    Posted at 11:15 AM ET, 02/03/2012
    Details emerge on Edwin Jackson’s contract
    By Adam Kilgore
    Some new details emerged today on Edwin Jackson’s contract, from a person with knowledge of the deal. Jackson will make $11 million in 2012, not $10 million as had previously been widely reported, including by The Post. Jackson’s deal also includes significant award bonuses for making the all-star team, receiving Cy Young and MVP votes and postseason awards.

  77. KeithLawSucksInStl 3 years ago

    So does this make 5 draft picks in the first and first supp. round this year for the Cards?

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

      i count 4. 

      2 for pujols, their original 1st rounder, and 1 for jackson (type b). 

  78. Damit Jackson is vastly overpaid

  79. Donny Holmes 3 years ago

    I am hearing 1 yr deal.  Not sure

  80. Thomas Wilson 3 years ago

    he has not posted a 3.5 ERA yet, so lock might be a stretch

  81. 200 innings yes a lock. Wouldn’t be so sure about the ERA though pal…

  82. jhfdssdaf 3 years ago

    Busch stadium is even more pitcher friendly than Nationals Park, and he failed to post a 3.5 ERA there too.

    I think he’s a good pitcher, and may post a low-3 ERA, but “lock” is too far.

  83. Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

    FIP isn’t park adjusted, fwiw.

  84. Thomas Wilson 3 years ago

    I think what we are saying is that if he ends up in the 3.7 to 3.8 ERA range this is still an excellent signing, junior.

  85. cfjohnsn56 3 years ago

    A great defense behind him?

    You are aware that he his a fly ball pitcher these days and may have an outfield of Harper (RF), Werth (CF) and Morse (LF)?

    They might actually have the worst defense in baseball when all is said and done. They’ll at least have the worst OF defense if they use Werth in CF.

  86. sonofsnake 3 years ago

    You are assuming that all of the other owners in baseball aren’t outrageously wealthy as well.

  87. Stoibs 3 years ago

    Worth every penny. If Laroche has a healthy season, Strasburg pitches 150+ innings, and Harper continues to knock on the door, then the Nationals will be a force to be reckoned with in the east. 

  88. Paul Shailor 3 years ago

    Jackson won a world series ring too! We need more fireworks!

  89. Guest 3 years ago

    Not really..Morse is a liability but a lot of teams have liabilities.  Werth was always a good defender in right and, he’s not Willie Mays, but he was solid in center last year (if he starts there).  And, in the outside chance Harper starts with the majors, which i am opposed to, he is still learning but has the athleticism & ability/potential to be a very good defender.

  90. melonis_rex 3 years ago

    there’s also the likelihood of Morse playing 1B, and Bernadina playing LF. 

    Bernadina is probably better than LaRoche at this stage. 

  91. GlassJawn 3 years ago

    Nick Punto agrees with his ring too – brings his own fireworks.

  92. Karkat 3 years ago

    Haha, I’m familiar enough with your posts not to take that seriously 😛

  93. Mike1L 3 years ago

    I’m decidedly not a Red Sox fan, but I agree with Obsessions.  I’m not sure about Bard, but think the Red Sox are more than good enough to contend for the playoffs (especially if they add another wild card) with what they have now.  And the off season isn’t over.  There’s still Oswalt out there, and maybe Lannan.  And there’s the Theo compensation. I expect for them to be a powerhouse, and it’s just a question from that point on as to who stays healthy and who plays to their abilities.  

  94. bigpat 3 years ago

    You make a good point about Lackey not being around this year. It won’t take a lot for another pitcher to be an upgrade over last season’s performance. Dice-K was pretty bad too. They just need to avoid the 4th and 5th spots becoming black holes and relying on guys like Cook and Silva who can barely make it 5 innings in the NL.

    They still have a shot with Oswalt, I just felt Jackson was a great fit because even though he isn’t an ace potential guy, he gives you solid innings guaranteed. They need someone reliable.

  95. RetroRob 3 years ago

    I agree with Obsessions, and that’s even looking at it from a Yankees fan point-of-view. The Red Sox have three solid starters and their offense will once again be one of the top few in the league. 

    It’s not as if the Rays played great.  The Rays were able to slip in last year based on the Red Sox September collapse, and then the Yankees coasting after winning the division, including shutting down their bullpen in the final game of the year getting ready for the playoffs. 

    Not trying to diminish what the Rays did, but it took a once-in-a-generation or two set of circumstances for it to happen.

  96. Zach Ripple 3 years ago

    Sorry, I’ll take 2004’s rotation over either other year by a longshot. That was an experienced, talented rotation throughout. Lowe as a fourth starter??? That’s outstanding.

  97. Stoibs 3 years ago

    Health will determine this. I think Morse is clearly a better fit at 1b, but LaRoche has no other position. Derosa basically hasn’t played in two years and Cameron has been a fourth outfielder for two years. LaRoche is all over the place in regards to defense according to UZR. Morse seems to be pretty awful at any position (granted it’s a limited sample). I’m actually really interested in seeing what will happen with Gorzellany and Lannon. Both guys have a pretty nice track record and would be nice pieces at the back end of a lot of rotations.  

  98. Pawsdeep 3 years ago


  99. i second that pete.

  100. if you flag people who you disagree with, it only leads to a lot of people agreeing, but maybe not being right.  

  101. Thomas Wilson 3 years ago

    Whaever you say, chief

  102. Karkat 3 years ago

    Phillies the first time (in Philly) and then Braves the second time (in Boston)

  103. vtadave 3 years ago

    That’s what you get for referring to someone as a “gamer”.

  104. Jackson more playoff expereience…. More Fireworks. wait not done….Lannan can now be traded for another OF to play CF….Lannan packaged with a prospect or two for Adam Jones….More Fireworks

  105. notsureifsrs 3 years ago

    while it’s true they’ve had a solid offseason and the emergence of matt moore is a big deal, another thing that’s been forgotten in the mess is that the rays were a much worse team than boston last year. it took an unprecedented 20-loss collapse by the red sox just to even things up on the final day of the season, while the rays went 17-10 (and were handed at least a couple of games – including the last one – by the yankees)

    if boston even plays mediocre .500 ball in september, the rays remain anywhere from 3-7 games out of the wildcard – even while going 17-10. the season was all but over for the rays at the end of august. what they pulled of was great – and they earned it – but it was also completely improbable

  106. Stoibs 3 years ago

    For real with Wang? Man his stuff came back very nicely last season. Numbers were pretty much on par with previous seasons. x-fip was right there with previous seasons. I think putting Detwiler in the long relief role would be for the best. He performed pretty similarly to Wang, but it couldn’t hurt to get him some innings in out of the pen. He still needs to iron out a few things. Gorzo and Lannan could fetch a couple decent guys and free up a  little money. It’s not totally necessary, but it’s always nice to have the option to be able to move a starter. Obviously you move Lannan first. 

  107. RetroRob 3 years ago

    Jackson is the defensive CFer you want, but he is not the lead-off hitter you want!

  108. RetroRob 3 years ago

    Jackson is the defensive CFer you want, but he is not the lead-off hitter you want!

  109. Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

    You also have to include that 6-game losing streak to start the season.

    To put it in perspective, Boston had a 99.6% chance of making the playoffs on September 3rd, with 24-games remaining.

    Tampa Bay had a good team, just nowhere near as good as Boston’s.

  110. HobokenMetsFan 3 years ago

    ahh the beauty of baseball. thats why preseason predictions mean bupkiss, anything can happen

  111. FS54 3 years ago

    I don’t see Angels trading Peter for Lannan but saying JW is a better pitcher than Lannan is a little too much.

  112. FS54 3 years ago

    I don’t see Angels trading Peter for Lannan but saying JW is a better pitcher than Lannan is a little too much.

  113. Yankees420 3 years ago

    You mean the guy who has started 14 games since 2006 (in the majors) and in that time accumulated a -.2 WAR?  Lannan isn’t exactly setting the world on fire, but at least he provides positive value…

  114. they dont have the OF help the nats are looking for. unless they are going to trade crawford lol

  115. I agree, I feel oswalt is desperately trying to push himself onto the rangers. Rangers already have what 7 or 8 guys who can start? Oswalt should just take what he can get right now, even if that means pitching for someone like Minnesota. if not then he should just retire.

  116. FS54 3 years ago

    what other factor is left?
    and you seriously think that JW is a better pitcher than Lannan?

  117. MaineSox 3 years ago

     It’s not that funny

  118. melonis_rex 3 years ago

    “Why Selig hasn’t told everyone to stop keeping that stat is beyond me”

    Well, it IS Bud Selig now. 

  119. AlKelz 3 years ago

    Agreed. They went 80-81 and have lost nobody of value , but added , Gonzales , Jackson , plus they have Harper coming at some point in 2012. Add in a full year of Davey Johnson ( Who won’t resign in mid-season over a contract extension dispute ) , and I would say Nats fans can expect 85-90 wins and possible wild card status.

  120. AlKelz 3 years ago

    Agreed. They went 80-81 and have lost nobody of value , but added , Gonzales , Jackson , plus they have Harper coming at some point in 2012. Add in a full year of Davey Johnson ( Who won’t resign in mid-season over a contract extension dispute ) , and I would say Nats fans can expect 85-90 wins and possible wild card status.

  121. Yankees420 3 years ago

    He put up a 3.58 ERA while with the Cards, so that’s pretty darn close, although I didn’t look up his splits specific to Busch stadium, his home ERA in 2011 was 2.92, so it could’ve been sub 3.5 at Busch.  

  122. Yankees420 3 years ago

    Werth has only started 93 games in CF in his entire career, so his defense would at the very least be a question mark if he were to become the everyday CF.  

  123. JacobyWanKenobi 3 years ago

     Talk about a salary dump. lol

  124. JacobyWanKenobi 3 years ago

    If I owned a Beer and Chicken truck, I’d be parked outside of Citi field this summer. They could sure use some comfort food.

  125. mypoorbuccos 3 years ago

    oh man, was that a typo or have sox fans started calling him Time? If so, bravo.

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