Rich Harden To Miss 2012 Season

Rich Harden will miss the 2012 season while he recovers from a shoulder operation, Peter Gammons of MLB Network reports on Twitter. Dr. James Andrews repaired a torn capsule in Harden's shoulder last week and the free agent right-hander aims to come back healthy in 2013.

Harden started 15 games for the 2011 Athletics, but he's no stranger to serious injuries, having spent much of the 2006 and 2007 seasons on the disabled list. The 30-year-old posted a 5.12 ERA with 9.9 K/9 and 3.4 BB/9 in 82 2/3 innings for the A's in 2011. He drew interest as a starter and as a reliever this offseason from teams such as the Rockies.

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  1. 5_tool_MiLB_fool 3 years ago

    he got seriously injured…and didn’t even pitch an inning in the 2011 season!

    • Ron Loreski 3 years ago


      •  If you are given a 9 run lead and your team ends up losing by 13, I probably wouldn’t call that pitching either

    • jjflash13 3 years ago

      the torn capsul has been an issue for awhile,yrs. I wonder why it’s taken this long to get this procedure done. He did pitch for the A’s in 11, starting 15 games & K’n 91 in just 82 innings, somethings their. He won’t be done if it’s a success.

  2. I imagine this might be it for him. I know he expects to come back healthy, but for a guy with major injury history and now a torn capsule on top, it’s pretty iffy. It’s a shame he was never healthy. He could really pitch the rare times he was 100% and on the mound.

  3. 5 tool MiLB, He pitched 82 2/3 actually. Not that that’s good. He is injured incredibly frequenty, but he did make 15 starts in 2011.

  4. Ron Loreski 3 years ago

    Wow, I’m shocked. It’s not too often you see a reliable player such as Harden miss an entire season.

  5. Blanketsburg 3 years ago

    It’s unfortunate how injuries have affected Harden’s career. He’s clearly extremely talented when healthy. Here’s hoping he returns to a successful 2013 season.

  6. InLeylandWeTrust 3 years ago


  7. Sully65 3 years ago

    Pretty sad actually, Rich had HOF stuff and injuries have rendered him to an almost null career

  8. “Its being reported that Harden tore his capsule while in the midst of brushing his teeth”

    This guy is just a walking injury. His best years were already behind him anyways but its a shame that such a talented arm has gone to waste. Amazing change-up

  9. HHHDMS 3 years ago

    He should just retire, hes been injured more than hes pitched..The thing is he does have good stuff, but whats the point if hes always injured

  10. RepOak 3 years ago

    It’s a shame. Soo much talent, feel bad for the guy.

  11. Joe Goodin 3 years ago

    No wonder the deal fell between the A’s and Boston in July

    • Karkat 3 years ago

       I guess I kind of need to give Theo a pass here for ending up getting Bedard instead of him. Even though Bedard wasn’t very good either.

  12. Mike H 3 years ago

    Is resiliency undervalued in today’s game?

  13. ubercubsfan 3 years ago

    He should try to recover and come back to be a reliever like Kerry Wood.  Might be successful that way.

  14. Runtime 3 years ago

    Dustin McGowan 2.0or is Dustin McGowan Rich Harden 2.0?


  15. YouCannnnnPutItOnTheBoard 3 years ago

    I’ll bet Dr. James Andrews has a picture of Rich Harden hanging in his practice. It’s probably next to Mark Prior, Carl Pavano, Dustin McGowan, Jake Peavy and Brett Anderson. 

    • The pictures he hangs are probably of those who came back from the surgery really quickly and then had successful careers.

      • Manfrenjensen 3 years ago

         Or of those who are paying for his great-great-grandchildren’s college educations.

  16. I think Harden is done.  It sucks because when healthy, he was pretty awesome

  17. Chillin_in_California 3 years ago

    The reason he always gets hurt must be because of his Canadian diet

  18. crzycanuck 3 years ago

    They call me Mista Glass.

  19. astros_should_be_fortyfives 3 years ago

    harden isn’t even the surprising story in this bunch of updates ,the really surprising one is that the Astro’s think Wandy is a good building block going into their completely disappointing switch to the AL. He will be shelled right out of a job if is to face AL batters on a daily basis.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      Like the username ^^ They should get old time 45’ers like Rusty Staub, Jimmy “Toy Cannon” Wynn and Joe Morgan on the field wearing retro uni’s when/if they switch.

  20. astros_should_be_fortyfives 3 years ago

    john thanks . and you are right that would be an awesome sight to show up and maybe give a boost to all the youngsters the astros are sure to have starting next season .

  21. Alex 3 years ago

    Harden injured? I’m shocked.

  22. chrisn313 3 years ago

    That’s not counting his cut from Dr. James Andrews, I wonder how much teams have spent on his various surgeries and rehab over his career…

  23. chrisn313 3 years ago

    That’s not counting his cut from Dr. James Andrews, I wonder how much teams have spent on his various surgeries and rehab over his career…

  24. ellisburks 3 years ago

    Then he pulled a rib cage muscle while yawning.

  25. Cubs27 3 years ago

    Don’t forget he then got back spasms from sneezing.

  26. JTT11 3 years ago

    didnt he get frostbite last august?

  27. ellisburks 3 years ago

    No way! He’s a good Canadian boy. He knows how to protect himself from frostbite. However he did “accidentally brutally stabbed himself in the stomach while shaving”.

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