Red Sox Did Not Inquire About J.D. Drew

The Red Sox did not inquire about J.D. Drew's availability following Jacoby Ellsbury's injury, reports's Rob Bradford (on Twitter). Ellsbury subluxed his right shoulder last Friday and there is no timetable for his return. Carl Crawford is also on the disabled list.

Drew, 36, was reportedly "very likely" to retire during the offseason, though no official announcement has been made. He spent the last five seasons in Boston, hitting .264/.370/.455 overall but missing lots of time due to injury. Last year he hit just .222/.315/.302 in 286 plate appearances. The Red Sox are actively exploring the outfield market, but right now they're relying on Cody Ross, Darnell McDonald, Jason Repko, and Ryan Sweeney.

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  1. rrwrayiii 3 years ago

    Boston – you can acquire Chone Figgins from Seattle. He can play many different positions, including CF, LF, 3B, and 2B. He can hit leadoff and steal some bases. Former All-Star! Very affordable!

  2. johnsilver 3 years ago

    I **knew** this would come up.. That is.. JD Drew’s name after these injuries and you know what? If they are not going to give defensive whiz and no bat Lin a chance? Call up Drew for league minimum and dump McDonald, he has already proven (once again) he cannot hit MLB pitching and is a well below average fielder. At LEAST Drew is a decent fielder and awful hitter, that’s an awful lot better in 1 category than mcDonald.

    They really should just stick with Ross and Sweeney every game until CC gets back. No reason to burden the lineup with 2 of McDonald and Repco at once and another thing… Why-O-Why did they waste a roster spot with Nate Spears when they could have called up speedster Ciriaco, who could have been invaluable already as a PR, like yesterday when Spears was brought in to PR for ortiz already?

    Some of these roster moves just plain old make no sense.. Thomas kept while Bowden DFA’d.. Just looney.

    • chico65 3 years ago

      I like Spears, saw him in Portland some.  Dude’s a gamer and can hit a little bit.  But otherwise couldn’t agree with you more- what in the name of Pesky are they doing in the front office?

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         The team prefers retreads for some reason over people with the same talent as these 30+ YO people with less.. Such as mcDonald and Repco.. If they want to go that way and call up guys like that? At least give some one like Hazelbaker a call who can come in and steal some bases and play some “D”, rather than this collection of retreads. There has to be a point of calling it quits when each and every one is a bust and they have 22-25YO kids with the exact same (or better) talent in the system, like Lin already..

  3. soxin10 3 years ago

    Boston did not inquire about JD Drew. They did not inquire about Alex Rios or Vernon Wells either???

  4. Karkat 3 years ago

    Well thank goodness.

  5. Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

    Man, you know it’s bad when your best outfielder is Cody Ross. *Cringe*

    Seriously, you guys want Marlon Byrd? 

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      Watch a few Boston games and would see how “bad” Ross has done… 2 balls already planted into the parking lot beyond the green monster and he is putting dents in the wall already as well, just like I figured he would well before Boston ever signed him.. Have been hoping they would get this guy ever since Crisp left as a FA so they could have a top notch 4th OF, just because the team has been hammered with injuries and he has been pressed into F/T duty and cannot rotate with Byrd is not his fault and anyway?? Ross at 3m is a far sight better than Byrd at 6.5..

      Ross has never had the luxury of playing at an offensive friendly stadium in his career, yet has almost always put up numbers favorably to Byrd, while Byrd has ALWAYS played at extremely hitter friendly places..

      Why should they pay Byrd 6.5m, much less give the Cubs anything for him? THAT is why the Cubs are still stuck with him.. He is a poor value for the $$$

      I would prefer Boston target Crisp again if they go out and get someone who is a more upper tier player rather than Byrd.

      • sourbob 3 years ago

        Given that the *least* Byrd’s been worth over the last five years is $6.5MM and that his average annual value has been more like $11.5MM, how precisely is he a poor value?

      • Havok9120 3 years ago

         Sure, his bat might make him good enough for a corner outfield slot in Fenway but his D…

        Oh the D….

      • Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

        I never said Cody Ross was bad. I just said he’s currently your best outfielder. 

        I don’t know that I agree with you that Coco Crisp is a more valuable or better player than Marlon Byrd though. Provided Byrdie turns it around, anyway – he’s off to a rough start this year.

  6. Carlos Lee 3 years ago

    JD Drew is way overrated. He had about 3 really solid seasons in his career, but Boras got him the money.

    • notsureifsrs 3 years ago

      .278/.384/.489 career line with great defense? laaame

      • sourbob 3 years ago

         Yes,  but he got hurt sometimes and refused to sign when first drafted by the Phillies. So it’s okay to pretend like nothing he did *ON* the field ever happened. Right? RIGHT?

    • BLB25 3 years ago

      He’s actually pretty underrated by most fans.  125 career OPS+ is pretty great, throw in great RF defense and thats a really, really good player.  He had 6 seasons where he had greater than a 130 OPS+ with over 450 at bats.  Those are really, really good seasons I really don’t understand where your idea that he only had 3 solid seasons  came from.

      • sourbob 3 years ago

        Only 3 solid seasons using shallow understanding of counting stats, I am betting.

        • chico65 3 years ago

          Well, it was Carlos Lee saying that.  The man’s made a fortune off of counting stats.

    • owlssc 3 years ago

       Says Carlos Lee.

  7. Bring him back!

  8. Fangaffes 3 years ago

    Boras will offer the Sox a special bargain price: 3 years at $28M

  9. dunnster 3 years ago

    bring back Drew. He’s certainly an improvement on Mc Donald and Ross and Repko. I love the guy. Sign him for $1M

  10. dunnster 3 years ago

    resign Drew for small money… certainly better than who they have now.

  11. sourbob 3 years ago

     He’s their third best OF, not counting Jackson.

    He might be the Sox best OF though, were he traded there.

  12. Philip Marlowe 3 years ago

    Ugh, don’t remind me.

    I will say, though, that he’s stepped up his defensive game this year.  At least by the eye test, anyway – I’m not sure what UZR has to say about him. He doesn’t look anywhere near as awful as he has in previous years, and he’s attempting to steal bases again, which is nice. 

  13. sourbob 3 years ago

    47.6 career WAR in 14 seasons, Fangraphs.
    45.9 career WAR in 14 seasons, B-Ref.

    No matter how you slice it, dude was worth 3+ WAR per season on average over 14 years. That’s not sucking.

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