Upcoming Ten And Five Rights

Players who have accumulated ten years of major league service time can't be traded without their permission if they have spent the last five years with their current club. Here's a list of players whose ten and five rights kick in in the near future (service time through 2011 in parentheses):

  • Bronson Arroyo, Reds ( 9.150) – Arroyo will obtain ten and five rights late this month. If the Reds trade the right-hander, deferred payments are voided and paid up-front by his new team. It’s hard to imagine a trade involving Arroyo.
  • Brian Roberts, Orioles (9.131) – Roberts’ ten and five rights will kick in by the middle of May. However, his contract already provides him with full no-trade protection and no team would trade for him at this point.
  • Travis Hafner, Indians (9.009) – Hafner's rights will kick in this September, replacing the limited no-trade clause he currently enjoys. If the Indians retain Hafner for 2013 by exercising their club option or re-signing him as a free agent, he'll have full no-trade protection.

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2 Comments on "Upcoming Ten And Five Rights"

3 years 4 months ago

I don’t see Hafner’s option getting exercised. There are much better bats out there for cheaper.

3 years 4 months ago

10-5 rights are interesting. 

When was this rule started? 
How many current players have this status?
How many players have attained this status more than once?  Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson,  Nolan Ryan came close to acheiving this three times.   
What team has the most current guys?  It must be the Yankees.
Rickey Henderson never made it, but he almost made it with the Yankees, which is interesting.