2013 Contract Issues: Cincinnati Reds

The Reds are next in MLBTR’s 2013 Contract Issues series:

Eligible For Free Agency (2)

  • Scott Rolen – Rolen, now on the disabled list with a strained shoulder, could be replaced by Todd Frazier in 2012. Frazier is 11 years younger than Rolen and considerably more affordable.
  • Miguel Cairo - Cairo, 38, contributed at three positions and posted a .742 OPS in 102 games last year. He's off to a slow start in 2012, and will probably be looking at a minor league deal next offseason.

Contract Options (2)

  • Ryan Madson: $11MM mutual option with a $2.5MM buyout. As MLBTR's Dan Mennella recently explained, it's safe to expect the Reds to decline their side of this option. It'd be a lot of money for a player recovering from Tommy John surgery on a team with alternatives in the bullpen.
  • Ryan Ludwick: $5MM mutual option with a $500K buyout. Ludwick hasn't done much at the plate this year; it's hard to imagine the Reds exercising their side of the option.

Arbitration Eligible (10)

First-time eligible players Latos, Stubbs and Leake have their shortcomings, but they've got bulk performance on their side, and could each earn $2.5-4MM in 2013. Bailey will earn a raise from $2.43MM his second time through the arbitration process, giving the Reds at least four reasonably expensive players. Non-tender candidates such as Valdez will emerge, lessening the team's obligations.

2013 Payroll Obligation

The Reds have steadily raised payroll from $73MM to $87MM in recent seasons. They have $74MM in pre-existing commitments for 2013 plus a large arbitration class, so it seems likely next year's payroll will rise as well.

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3 years 3 months ago

I’m afraid Rolen may have seen his last days as a full-time 3B.  His shoulder just does not hold up to any sort of grind.  Hopefully Frazier can fill the void but if he struggles for another couple weeks/month we may see some trade talks begin.  Possibly Youk from Boston if they eat salary for a decent prospect to fill the “all-in” mindset this franchise seems to have. Sox have middlebrooks lighting it up right now

3 years 3 months ago

 I’d rather get Headley from the Pads if they are willing to trade him. He is younger, cheaper, can hit, can take a walk. We need someone who can get on base in front of Joey more consistently than Stubbs

3 years 3 months ago

 The Padres already cleaned out your farm system.

3 years 3 months ago


3 years 3 months ago

No, wouldn’t say that, reds still have a decent farm.  And All in?  Last time I checked locking up 2 of your top players to long term deals wasn’t an all in approach. I’d love to have Youk return to Cincy (went to UC) to play for the Reds, his OBP and Vottos would be a great 3/4 combo, allowing BP to lead off.

3 years 3 months ago

what’s your offer for Headley?

3 years 3 months ago

What are the Pads biggest needs?

I’d say that due to the extensions for Votto & Phillips that prospects at those positions became a lot more expendable. We already sent you Alonso so you are set there. Not sure what your 2B depth chart looks like but we have a few solid players there. SS is also strong for us. So guys the Reds could be willing to part with are:

SS Gregorious – His defense is ML ready now & his bat has caught up to his D the last two seasons.
2B Greene – Good power for 2B and stole 38 bases last season
2B/3B Rodriguez – Great hit tool. .300+ AVG every season since 2008. Was playing strictly 3B this year before he broke his wrist when HBP. Should be back in a couple of weeks.

In the OF we have:

CF LaMarre – Stole 55 bases last year & knows how to work the count (.387 OBA). Great CF defense to boot.

I’d say the top guys in our system that would be untouchable off the top of my head are SS Hamilton, OF Lutz, 3B Vidal, LHP Cingrani, RHP Corcino, LHP Joseph.

3 years 3 months ago

 we need 2b and ss we can start with that.