Olney On Hamels, Hamilton, Quentin

The free agent market will feature an unusually strong class of outfielders this coming offseason, ESPN.com’s Buster Olney writes. Josh Hamilton leads a group that includes Michael Bourn, Andre Ethier, Melky Cabrera, Shane Victorino, B.J. Upton and Carlos Quentin. However, teams are looking to avoid unnecessary long-term commitments, so it may not be possible for all of these players to cash in. Here are more notes from Olney:

  • Cole Hamels’ contract talks with the Phillies remain dormant, Olney reports. Hamels is on track for free agency after the season, when he’ll be the top starting pitcher available.
  • One general manager suggested the Orioles could become aggressive bidders for Hamilton, who will likely command an annual salary of $20MM-plus. "But [at that price] I don't think he's got a lot of places to go," the GM told Olney.
  • Some MLB officials guesstimate Quentin could be in line for a deal in the four-year, $48MM range if he stays healthy and keeps hitting. Four years and $60MM isn’t out of the question, according to those officials. 
  • Personally I see Quentin signing for two or three years at an average annual value of $6-9MM. He'll turn 30 before the offseason, his defense isn't particularly well-regarded and injury questions persist, so I believe he'd do well to match Josh Willingham's three-year, $21MM deal.

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  1. Nick Swisher is among that list too.

  2. Some MLB officials guesstimate Quentin could be in line for a deal in the four-year, $48MM range if he stays healthy and keeps hitting. Four years and $60MM isn’t out of the question, according to those officials.

    He’s played 8 games so far in 2012. They are telling us he can get 12 – 15 million for 8 games. I wish I could get the same pay rate.

    Also, Hamilton to the Orioles, now that would be interesting. I just worry about injury for the long term contract. More so than his off the field issues. He would be a lot of fun if he came to “Charm City” and would definitely put fans in the seats!
    He would pay for himself, believe me he would.

    • bryan 3 years ago

       I am a life long Orioles’ fan but after Angelos shelling out money to Jones and having to pony up more money to Weiters in a few years. I doubt he will give hamilton 7-8yrs at 20+mil. Please prove me wrong.

      • You would really want your team to pay Hamilton for 7-8 years @ $20MM+ per year?? Good luck with that.

  3. bigpat 3 years ago

    A productive stretch of games will not change the fact that Quentin is extremely injury prone. I still would like to see the Pirates trade for him, but teams should tread with caution when making up his next contract. 3/24 would probably be the max for me. 

  4. A few weeks back it was said that the Nats didn’t believe Harper was their long term solution for CF; welcome Victorino/Upton…. I am not sure the market for B.J. but I am sure the Nats will be in to the end. They may even make a run at Melky.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      Phillies won’t trade Vic to Nats, that’s a guarantee.

      • Dylan 3 years ago

        Unless Rendon is on the table.

      • Assuming the Phillies re-sign/extend him I would agree. He hits the market you better believe the Nats will be calling.

  5. Jason_F 3 years ago

    I am curious what it would take to re-sign Melky midseason.  His success that is carrying over from 2011 is appearing more and more sustainable every day.  Would 3/$27M do it?

    • Jorden 3 years ago

       Ned would be all over a 3 year contract for an ex-giant. (Schmidt, Uribe)

  6. Rangersfan32 3 years ago

    I wish Hamilton and Texas could come to an agreement on years for a deal. Reports say Texas is willing to meet the dollar demand but that Hamilton wants too many years. They need to find a nice middle ground, such as a 5 year deal with an option for a 6th, that would work for both sides.

    • Slopeboy 3 years ago

      That’s a good call! I believe that’s what Hamilton will settle for after he tests the FA market and returns to Texas.

  7. daveineg 3 years ago

    I’m thinking Corey Hart will move to 1B permanently, and Brewers will be in market for an OF with potentially a fair amount to spend.  Ethier or Cabrera make a lot of sense.  So would Hamilton for the right price with the Johnny Narron connection.

  8. sdsuphilip 3 years ago


  9. Was this the same “quality” source that linked the Orioles to Prince Fielder?  Or Edwin Jackson? Or Pujols?  Absurd.  They haven’t signed a major player on the free agent market since Tejada in 2003.  That’s a track record folks.

  10. They’re in a rough spot because they just aren’t going to get what Cole is worth. He’s more than likely a rental for any team that acquires him, and you don’t get the pick compensation when he leaves. The Phillies aren’t going to get anything major for him. I would just keep him considering they’re only 6 games out of 1st and there’s an extra WC now.

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