Brewers Notes: Trade Deadline, Greinke, Marcum

The Brewers were shut out by the Marlins today, dropping them to 38-44 on the season. Last year's NL Central champs are currently 6.5 games out of a wild card spot. Here's the latest from Milwaukee, courtesy of ESPN's Jerry Crasnick (all Twitter links)…

  • "We're just trying to win games and get back in the hunt,'' said GM Doug Melvin. The Brewers play nine games against NL Central competition after the All-Star break, and Melvin says he'll probably wait until the end of that stretch to determine the team's course of action for the trade deadline.
  • There is nothing happening with Zack Greinke at the moment, ditto the injured Shaun Marcum. Last week we heard that the Brewers are prepared to trade Greinke if the two sides are unable to work out a contract extension prior to the deadline.

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  1. tfence 3 years ago

    Give the fans all that hope with the win streak only to blow another lead and then get shutout today.
    Just trade them already, the sooner the more value.

  2. pfunknut 3 years ago

    i knew we can get frustrated. but do u realize the world series champ cards. were 10.5 games out last august? its true.  having said that i think the starting rotation is set, with greinke still inthe mix of course. but they may need to move fiers to a relief role.

    •  They need to move Wolf, out of town once Marcum comes back.

    • lionofsenate 3 years ago

       Fiers to the pen?  Are you reading his numbers with your eyes closed? 

  3. Not in any order but…
    Hanson….2 Great Braves 
    Sheets….2 Great Brewers
    Minor… a lefty learning the ways of being great

    send away delgado, pastornicky and other prospects for greinke

    I like that rotation, i think the braves can defiantly get greinke but being able to resign him may be a major issue that ends up making the braves not trade for him. Might as well hope we get him tho haha 

    •  They won’t trade him unless they get top rated prospects including a SS and SP.  Especially to a NL team.

  4. Watch Greinke be traded and then resign with the Brewers later.

    • David Gibson 3 years ago

       I hope you are right.  But if they do trade him, I think they should put everyone up for potential trade except for Braun.

  5. lionofsenate 3 years ago

    12 and 13 year old boys love trading and building for the “future”.  Don’t do it.  Always play to win.  Take the picks, unless you get a superstar.  

    The Royals have all this young talent, but they aren’t winning….it takes 4-5 years to play at a high level, by that time you are selling and rebuilding again for the “future”.  


  6. bonaparte3 3 years ago

    If Melvin makes a deal for Greinke, it would be the final nail in the coffin- indicating that the club would be a seller at the trade deadline.

  7. If I were Melvin,I would package Kotaras and Wolf for either a SS or a hard throwing bullpen prospect. Then firesale Veras,Parra and even Marcum! Bring up our young pitchers and give ourselves a better chance to win..Our fans reaction when Fiers pitched on the 5Th tells it all,we are sick of these old stale arms,bring up the studs from our affiliates!!!!!! Joe_Boo needs a refill 

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