NL Central Notes: Sutton, Soriano, Cubs

The latest from the NL Central, as the Reds, Pirates and Cardinals look to improve their rosters for the season's final two months…

  • The Pirates announced that they designated outfielder Drew Sutton for assignment to create roster space for Daniel McCutchen. Travis Snider has joined the team in Chicago, the Pirates announced. Sutton, 29, posted a .243/.278/.419 batting line in 79 plate appearances with the Pirates, who claimed him from the Rays last month.
  • The Pirates are focused on adding bench and bullpen help after trading for Travis Snider, Jon Heyman of reports (on Twitter). 
  • Alfonso Soriano has provided the Cubs with a list of teams to which he would accept a trade, Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports (on Twitter). The Giants aren’t on it. Soriano was interested in waiving his no-trade clause to join the Dodgers, Ken Davidoff of the New York Post reports (on Twitter). However, the Shane Victorino trade likely reduces Los Angeles' interest in Soriano.
  • The Cubs did well to acquire Arodys Vizcaino and Jaye Chapman for Reed Johnson and Paul Maholm,'s Keith Law writes. Atlanta will be better in 2012 as a result of the trade, but the Cubs did well to obtain Vizcaino, a top pitching prospect when healthy, in Law's estimation.

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  1. DerekJeterDan 3 years ago

    Last year the Yankees and Pirates were discussing a deal that would send Francisco Cervelli to Pittsburgh for Brad Lincoln. One year later, The Pirates were able to get Travis Snider and all of his power potential for Lincoln. I agree with that masses that it was an exceptional deal by Huntington and co. Travis showed in AAA that he can rake.

    • I agree, but I also dont think the Jays got shafted or anything either. Lincoln has proven to be superb out of the bullpen this year and I think he has closer potential. Although it remains to be seen how he will fare in the AL BEast.

    • Colin Christopher 3 years ago

      True, but Snider has proven he can rake in the minors for years now, and the closest he’s ever come to succeeding at the major league level was when he batted .255 in 82 games during the 2010 season. He’s still young, though, and I hope this change of scenery works for him.

  2. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 3 years ago

    Who are the Cubs calling up to replace everyone they traded? How are Cub’s fans feeling about all the moves? If Hoyer and Theo can trade Soriano they can work with a clean slate in year one, thats kinda cool.

    • WrigleyTerror37 3 years ago

      i thought last night with the Reed trade(sad to see him go) that jackson would be called up because they pulled him last night in iowa. but now there are no reports that hes getting the call. i heard a rumor that if soriano gets delt then jackson will be up for sure.
      as for Maholm’s replacement. it will be one of Colemen R.Lopez or randy wells or volstad Eee gads! All in Triple A
      and Castillo is getting the Call up for Soto. pesronally i liked soto but he had to be traded so we can see what Castillo and Clevenger can do.

      • Bill W. 3 years ago

        Reed will be back with the Cubs next year. He loves Chicago.

        • WrigleyTerror37 3 years ago

          yes he will theo and jed said there going to try to sign johnson like they did with wakefield in boston, keep doing one year deals to get him back. and props to the Back to the Future thing not to many ppl are talking about that :)

    • Bill W. 3 years ago

      As a Cubs fan, I believe the fan base is excited about the direction that
      the new management is taking the franchise. While the rest of this
      season will be a disaster (and possibly 2013 depending on the offseason), the current roster was not built to win in future years. It was built to win in 2008, which unfortunately did not happen. We have plenty of bats and arms (albeit average ones) in the minors to replace the players we’re trading, and hopefully we can secure some future in the next few hours. There are a few pieces in place already – looking forward to 2014 when the Cubs fulfill the Back to the Future prediction of a World Series victory.

  3. rainyperez 3 years ago

    Did Soriano have a no trade list or is this his 10-5 rights? Was it mentioned before? I can’t seem to remember.


    Stupid me for some reason I glanced over it.

  4. WrigleyTerror37 3 years ago

    Wonder who else is on the list? now that the dodgers seem out, unless they wanna use him as a bat off the bench/ dh if they make it to the WS

  5. bigpat 3 years ago

    I think the Pirates really need to bring in a reliever or two now, I’m only confident in Grilli and Hanrahan and Hurdle will only use Grilli at the beginning of a clean 8th inning with a lead, he literally will not use him in any other situation.

    Also they’ve needed a lefty reliever all year long. They should be working the phones trying to acquire a reliever or two, my top pick is Glen Perkins but he may not be for sale. Seems like Minnesota shut the door on everyone asking for players other than Liriano.

  6. Jeff Snedden 3 years ago

    I want Mike Fontenot from the Phillies. The Pirates need a legit backup infielder who can play SS. Phillies are moving guys faster than anyone can keep track of, Pirates have plenty of young relievers at Bradenton and West Virginia that could be flipped for Fontenot. Go get him Neil!

  7. Jwick22 3 years ago

    So really dempster only means the dodgers.

    • WrigleyTerror37 3 years ago

      no he means the yankees and rangers, yankees more bc Henry is there and Larry R.

  8. WrigleyTerror37 3 years ago

    pirates should call Kc about
    Jose Mijares he seems to be pitching well, and could be had cheap, maybe a package deal with Frenchy. bc i know they were looking for a RH Of

    Im surprised teams havent been calling about Russell he has be great this year! but im glad bc i think hes the only part of the current pen that will be part of the future.

  9. Ian_Smell 3 years ago

    I don’t like DFA’ing Sutton. Thanks for that walk-off Drew.

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