NL East Notes: Nationals, Mets, Rodriguez

Nationals GM Mike Rizzo told Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports that he's always looking to upgrade, but don't expect Washington to trade long-term assets for a short-term piece. “We’re never going to do a knee-jerk reaction to win now," Rizzo said. The GM added that he's comfortable with his team's bullpen and lineup. Here are the latest NL East notes…

  • One prominent Mets player told Andy Martino of the New York Daily News that the team could use a right-handed bat. “We can’t hit lefties,” the player said. The NL East features some elite left-handed pitchers so a hitter like Carlos Quentin might appeal to Mets GM Sandy Alderson. 
  • Martino hears the Mets won’t trade their best prospects for a bat or a reliever. 
  • One veteran player suggested to Martino that the Mets should stay away from Francisco Rodriguez because the reliever has “too much baggage.” The Mets traded Rodriguez to the Brewers last year and appear to have some interest in bringing him back to Queens.

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  1. Gary Martinez 3 years ago

    Been preaching this for months.. the Mets NEED Carlos Quentin. GET IT DONE!

    •  Zack Wheeler for Carlos Quentin.

      • There’s no way the Mets are giving up any of they’re prospects especially they’re best prospect who has just been moved to the 13th best prospect right now

        • Natsfan89 3 years ago

          So you expect other teams to give the Mets a reliever and a bat for free? You have to give value to get value.

          • no, they just wouldn’t give away a prospect. Maybe Valdespin and Hairston for Street and Quentin… or like @twitter-134790915:disqus said Marte, Puello and Valdespin for Quenton and Street 

          • Drew Tweedie 3 years ago

            Terrible offer. Quentin > Hairston (who is doing much better this year, but was cast off by the Padres two years ago) and Padres have far better options at 2B than Valdespin even now.

          • who Logan Forsythe? Pshhh the Padres have 33 wins thats the 2nd worst in the NL… They will probably consider that trade they need all the help they can get… and Marte, Puello and Valdespin are all capable in playing in the majors in the next year to year and a half

          • Yea I agree the Padres can have whatever prospect they want as long as it isn’t our top 10 prospects .  Quinten and Street are free agents after the year is over so honestly if i’m the padres and I can get some prospects for those 2 then it’d be a win win for both teams.

          • Finally someone who know what they’re talking about

          • I would deal Valdespin in a heartbeat.He could be a viable option to the Padres so could Daniel Murphy

          • Natsfan89 3 years ago

            Right. Light hitting second baseman with sub.250 OBPs are sooooo desirable…

          • he hits for power and contact though needs a little work in the fields so i would say valdespin, puello,edgin for street and quentin

          • Robb Logan 3 years ago

            Looking at what Towers has done via trades though he will want top prospects to part with a package of Street and Q. No way around that based on his history as a GM.

          •  They are not giving up their best prospect for a rental.

          • yes we are not Brian Sabean

          • Like the crap you gave Oakland to land Gonzalez

          • you are totally making sense here but go on.That by the way is sarcasm

      • Gary Martinez 3 years ago

        NEVER! Valdespin, Marte, Puello is a good starting package. And maybe they could even throw in Street.

        • The Mets would more than glady take there contracts and pay them off.

          Valdespin+Puello+off beat+full salary takeoff

          Send us Street + Quentin

  2. Tonyhan9 3 years ago

    Strauss said he’d be stunned if the Cardinals acquired Greinke, not the Braves.

  3. The Joe Strauss Twitter link says absolutely nothing about the Braves.

  4. Where does this say anything about the Braves?

    Joe Strauss ‏@JoeStraussIMO, the MIL Brewers trading Greinke to the Cardinals would be a bigger upset than Towson St. beating ‘Bama in CFB. I’d be stunned.

  5. markcoddington 3 years ago

    I think you’re confused on the Greinke/Braves note. Strauss said he’d be stunned if Greinke was traded to the Cardinals, not the Braves.

  6. Teheran,Minor,Pastornicky,Lipka/Ahmed for Greinke!!!! then extend him 5 years for 110 million! that leaves you with 14 million to resign bourn 4/56 million!

    • Yeah, send two cheap young arms instead of one, with no assurance you will re-sign Greinke. Worse yet, you suggest putting all of the money to Bourn and Greinke… I guess we don’t want to have any money to afford McCann, Prado, Hanson or potentially Heyward and Freeman when needed… sounds like a great plan to me! /sarcasm

    • Colin Christopher 3 years ago

      That seems very tidy, but you’ve basically used up all the spare cash they’re going to have on two free agents. Where does the money come from to pay:
      1) Hanson, Heyward, and Venters, all arb-eligible for the first time?
      2) Jurrjens, Prado, and O’Flaherty, all arb-eligible for the third time?
      3) McCann, whose option for ’13 includes a $3.5M raise and will certainly be picked up?

    • Jerry D'Erasmo 3 years ago

       You got the right idea my friend. I second that

    • 14 Rocks 3 years ago

      Too much money and too many prospects for Greinke. Take Teheran out of that grouping of prospects.

  7. Jonathan 3 years ago

    Like everyone else said, no mention of the Braves.

  8. How about Michael Fulmer and Cory Vaughn for Carlos Quentin?

    •  Vaughn yes Fulmer ain’t happening as they just signed him last year.  I’d prefer a Quinten/Street package deal if they could pull it off honestly but we’ll see what happens.

    • Hmm.I don’t know about either of these guys because the Padres want low cost major leauge ready talent probably,these guys have about 3-5 years before seeing major leauge action.I would be open too trading Wilmer Flores who is closer

      • Well there are other options in our farm system so I mean it doesn’t necessarily have to be Cory Vaughn as we have surplus of Outfielders right now in the minors which they could center a package around if they’d like too.  I don’t know though we’ll see what happens the fact of the matter is the Mets really need bullpen help badly as evidence by yesterdays game against the Phillies.

  9. Koby2 3 years ago

    Strauss’ tweet doesn’t say a thing about the Braves. Probably should fix that Ben.

  10. Kenny St John 3 years ago

     Street should be a straight salary dump. Acquire Street, then I would propose Valdespin and Marte for Quentin. If that is not enough, I would throw in Lagares or Armando Rodriguez to sweeten the pot and seal the deal.

    • It wouldn’t be a salary dump considering the season that he is having and the amount of demand there is for a closer.They should be able to acquire some level of talent for him.

      Marlins(if they consider themselves contenders)
      Red Sox
      Brewers(they are still within reason although I would market them as sellers)

  11. GoFish 3 years ago

    One prominent Mets player told Andy Martino of the New York Daily News that the team could use a right-handed bat. “We can’t hit lefties,” the player said.

    Assuming the player talking about offense is an offensive player, the only prominent offensive player is David Wright.  Therefore, David Wright believes they can’t hit lefties.

    • Kayrall 3 years ago

      I liked your comment because of your avatar.

    • lol unless they consider Murphy a prominent offensive player.Andy Martino uggh

    • greggofboken 3 years ago

      No.  It isn’t Wright.  In the same article, Wright is quoted by Martino as defending the team’s performance vs. lefties.

  12. Jeffy25 3 years ago

    I think you guys got the joe Strauss tweet incorrect.

  13. Bik 3 years ago

    Padres GM Josh Towers did a hell of a job acquiring pieces this offseason. He moved Mat Latos for Volquez (who’s been better then Latos this season), Alonso, Grandal, and Boxberger (all whom have played in the major leagues). Traded Anthony Rizzo for Andrew Cashner and traded Ernesto Frieri for Alexi Amarista and Donn Roach (who was 10-1 at High-A and has since been bumped up to AA). The Friars have been playing better recently (they’ve won five in a row). Based on that, you can’t think that he’s just going to give Carlos Quentin and Huston Street up, they are the two biggest names in the organization. They will probably be moved, but I would expect that whichever team acquires them to pay with players that the Padres can use and can control for a few years.

    • Anthony Rizzo was a top prospect in the game so that was not a great trade by any means.However he did do a good job with the Latos deal, but Sandy Alderson also made a great deal by forcing the Giants hand to deal their best prospect Wheeler for a year of Carlos yet he ave up K-rod for nothing

      • however I think the market for relievers has weakend another words the Demand is more than the Supply so he can demand for more.

        • Bik 3 years ago

          Their trade of Rizzo was a great deal. They got Alonso in the Latos deal and most people around baseball were saying that he was an awful outfielder. So instead of stockpiling guys at the same position he went out and got a flamethrower. Cashner throws 100 MPH routinely and when they finally decide what to do with him, I don’t doubt he’ll thrive in any role they choose for him. The point I was trying to make is that the Mets will have to pay a pretty penny to acquire Street or Quentin and I’m not sure Sandy Alderson and the Mets front office are in the position to change course now to acquire Quentin, effectively making Jason Bay a bench player at $15M. $24M for left field is unreasonable for any team let alone one that’s bullpen needs a major renovation if they want to continue to contend going forward.

  14. AaronAngst 3 years ago

    I still don’t see Greinke going to the Braves because they don’t have the minor league pieces available that the Brewers will be seeking… so in that respect, Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch may not be surprised if Zack is sent to Atlanta, but I would be… and that’s all that really matters.

    •  What would they be seeking in return? He only has another couple of months left on his contract with no compensation if he was toleave for FA.

      • AaronAngst 3 years ago

        I realize that there are only three months left, but there are two sides to every trade, no? The Brewers won’t deal him just for the sake of dealing him when they CAN collect compensation picks. So, what does Atlanta have that the Brewers would want that’s worth more than those picks? Pitching they certainly have, but I don’t believe that’s what Milwaukee needs, or wants. A high caliber Shortstop prospect would be ideal – that should be at the center of any potential deal. Barring that, I’d say infielders in general with high upside.

      • 14 Rocks 3 years ago

        I agree. Minor and Pastornicky should be more than enough for 2 months of Greinke.  With that trade the Brewers are getting a true major league ready pitcher and a major league ready utility player.  There is no guarantee that the two compensation picks would be anywhere near as good as Minor/Pastornicky.

        • AaronAngst 3 years ago

          The chance that those picks will be better, or more valuable to the franchise is a chance worth taking. Minor’s value has never been lower, and that deal will not happen.

    • No they do have the pieces.The Brewers do not have a lot of long term team controlled starting pitching.Remeber also to get Grienke the Brewers had to deal there best prospects to KC,too add in some of their other talent went to the indians in 08 in order to complete the Sabathia deal.The Braves could easily offer a package that includes

      Teheran+Ahmed+Pastornicky that should get it done, however it is the finances that would be holding Atlanta back from making this deal.It is not worth it fot Atlanta unless they can sign Grienke long term but also keep their young talent Bourn,Freeman,Hanson etc under team control until 2017-2018

      • AaronAngst 3 years ago

        They have: Gallardo, and Fiers is looking like he belongs. They have Peralta struggling in AAA currently, but next year should be now or never time. Thornburg is a definite possibility, and they drafted college arms in Jungmann and Bradley in order to facilitate a quicker move to the Bigs. Narveson will be back on the cheap. If anything, the pitching in their Farm is ready to step up, but they lack impact bats, and specifically middle infielders who profile as future everyday guys, Gennett excluded. That deal will not “get it done.”

        Also, they lost an everyday SS, a good pitching prospect, and a fourth outfielder in the deals you’ve mentioned… not exactly “selling the farm” in hindsight.

    • RiverKKiller999 3 years ago

      SS would be the position the Brewers most likely need I assume you mean. Braves have plenty of young SS’s in their farm system but not any stars like Machado or Profar. However, I still think the Braves have some good enough pieces to get a deal done reguardless of the SS need. SP Teheran, SS Ahmed, SP Graham, 3B/1B Terdoslavich (having a bad year so far. IMO the Braves rushed him too quickly. Going from High A to Triple A ball then demoted to Double A ball where he’s been doing a lot better now) Spruill, ect. 

      Braves aren’t giving up Andrelton Simmons either.

      • AaronAngst 3 years ago

        Whether the pieces are good enough to warrant trading Greinke for collectively isn’t the point. I don’t see Mark Attanasio and Doug Melvin ever admitting to being in re-build mode while they still have Braun around… they will be looking for a guy that’s near MLB-ready, not a bunch of spare parts that may never contribute to a winner, or may possibly make a contribution four years from now. If that sort of player isn’t available, I think it’s best they hold onto Greinke, and use the draft picks to strengthen an area of need. Last year that was starting pitching, this year it was apparently advanced bats.

        • RiverKKiller999 3 years ago

          So uh, what package did you have in mind? Braves – Brewers

        • RiverKKiller999 3 years ago

          Braun isn’t going to save the Brewers from a playoff spot. The Brewers are missing Fielder pretty bad this year. It takes more than one player on your team to win. That’s a bad excuse.

          Let me remind you what the Brewers gave up for 2 years of
          Grienke.Alcides Escobar (12 prospect according to BA in 2010)Lorenzo
          Cain – not ranked in top 100Jake Odorizzi – not ranked in top 100Jeremy
          Jeffries – not ranked in top 100So they are expecting us to give up
          MORE for 2 months of him?
          Remember the Braves trading Teixiera to the Angels at the trade deadline when Tex’s contract was going to expire that year? Yeah, I remember.

          Casey Kotchman & Stephen Marek for Mark Teixiera

          • AaronAngst 3 years ago

            You don’t need to remind me of anything – they just don’t match up. In fact, that Teixiera trade is a perfect example of why it doesn’t make sense for the team trading away unless they’re getting something they really covet in return. Milwaukee has the leverage here, the way I see it. Teheran could make them decide to do it… but I doubt it.

            Also, for the record, Greinke forced the Royals hand by basically demanding a trade through the media. That killed any leverage KC could have hoped to have.

  15. doyers 3 years ago

    is there a possibilty that Greinke comes to the angels since haren has a back problem and santana isnt pitching that good rite now

    • RiverKKiller999 3 years ago

      Um, no.

    • Ok im going to be blunt when I say this but here is the truth there is one prospect/player the Brewers would demand from the Angels and we all know who that is Mike Trout which I would presume angling for AL ROY and the fact that he was the best prospect in  BB last year he is considered untouchable.However there are other players that can take of interest I do not know if the Angels would be willling to start a package that would angle around Morales or Trumbo I presume not because they are generating the majority of the offense for that club along with Pujols also. They would probably have to start a package around Segura or Richards.

      Segura+Moore+Lindsey  I know its expensive but that is what it may take to land him.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         They couldn’t get Trout for Grienke if he was under control for more than a half season. No Chance..

      • RiverKKiller999 3 years ago

        The Brewers wouldn’t be demanding a damn thing if they were so called “demanding for Mike Trout”. The Angels would laugh at them.

      • stl_cards16 3 years ago

        “Mike Trout which I would presume angling for AL ROY”

        Mike Trout is putting up MVP type numbers, not just ROY.  He’s not getting traded for anyone.(period)

  16. The tweet said he would be stunned if the Cards landed him… 

  17. Grienke would be a great fit for Atlanta who needs a true ace type pitcher

  18. Natsfan89 3 years ago

    I’ve looked at the facts Tom, and the fact is that in 33 games Valdespin is hitting .222 with a .250 OBP, 13 SOs and 1 BB with so-so defense.

    His numbers in the minors are decent, but only a Mets fan would think a team would trade a major league contributor like Street or Quentin for a guy who’s been inept at the plate since getting to the bigs.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

       Always more hype surrounding big city market prospects. Just a natural born fact. Mets, Yankees, Boston.. I am ALWAYS leery of swapping with the Mets anyway. Look at how well the Santanna deal worked out and well remember those 2 top prospects Boston got in the Bob Ojeda deal.

      Put a little salt on them and think 2x.

  19. Brewers won’t trade Greinke to a NL team.   He will go to either Texas or Baltimore.  The rest are just wishful thinking.

  20. OptimusSmoltz 3 years ago

    Wait….when did they trade for Andruw Jones and then lose him to free agency?  At the minimum, I would say that the got out on Andruw at just the right time.

    They had 1+ year of Tex and at the time of that trade probably thought he was signable.

    The Braves paid $48 million to Hampton over the length of his contract.

    I’m still glad they got rid of Escobar, he’s not a superstar and certainly shouldn’t be acting like he is one.

    Calculated risks are still risks, so just because they’ve been burned in the past doesn’t mean that they stop taking any risks.

  21.  Rumor is they wouldnt trade for him unless they could sign him to an extension.  Would be trading for him to only pitch a couple of months

  22. OptimusSmoltz 3 years ago

    Some players just don’t fit in an organization.  Or, the organization might not fit the player.  Either way, the Escobar trade was about more than just WAR.

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