Yankees Will Monitor Hamels, Pass On Greinke

The Yankees will stay informed about Cole Hamels’ availability between now and the July 31st trade deadline, Ken Davidoff of the New York Post reports. But even if the left-hander's possible extension doesn't materialize and the Phillies decide to weigh trade offers, Yankees GM Brian Cashman probably won’t pursue Hamels as aggressively as he went after Cliff Lee two years ago. 

Under baseball’s new collective bargaining agreement, it’d be impossible for the Yankees to obtain draft pick compensation for Hamels if he were to depart as a free agent when his contract expires following the 2012 season. And signing Hamels long-term doesn’t seem realistic for a Yankees team that aims to avoid luxury tax penalties by 2014. Not only would Hamels command an annual salary of $20MM plus, the Yankees would have to surrender inexperienced (and affordable) players to pry the left-hander away from the Phillies.

The Yankees aren’t interested in Zack Greinke and don’t believe his personality would thrive in New York, Davidoff notes. Like Hamels, Greinke could sign an extension before the trade deadline. Cubs right-handers Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza are among the other possibilities for the Yankees. However, Cashman has said he’s skeptical about the chances of finding a deal that makes sense.

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  1. MB923 3 years ago

    Talks between the Yankees and Phillies will start, Yankees are heavy suitors, talks continue but an agreement has not yet been reached, and then the Texas Rangers suddenly acquire Cole Hamels in a trade.

    Offseason comes, Cole Hamels gets a huge offer from the Yankees, then gets a huge offer from the Rangers, he awaits a few days, headlines read “Cole Hamels signs with Philadelphia Phillies”.

    • marinest21 3 years ago

       Reminds me somewhat of Cliff Lee.

    • InvalidUserID 3 years ago

       Cliff Lee part II.

      I wouldn’t be bothered about losing out on Hamels although he is just as good as Lee, if not better (and younger). I don’t think the Yankees would have the cash to keep him since they are so adamant about getting below the payroll threshold.

      • MB923 3 years ago

        I actually prefer they don’t get him (via trade that is)

      • slider32 3 years ago

        The Yanks can sign Hamels and stay under the cap, they will just not be able to sign Granderson and Hamels. Swisher will also have to be willing to sign for less money to stay with the Yanks next year.

    • More like Hamels gets a huge offer from the Dodgers and signs it.

  2. Guest 3 years ago

    Cashman don’t make the trade, team already has best record in baseball but we need more prospects, already a little thin there

    • MB923 3 years ago

      Oldest lineup in baseball. Can’t afford to give away young hitters.

    • Yanks have some legit, impact prospects, just none at the upper levels. They had 3 on Keith Law’s top 50 and it would’ve been 4 if Banuelos was healthy. 

      • MaineSox 3 years ago

        Did Law actually say that that is why he wasn’t on the list?  Because unless it’s a serious enough injury to put their future career in question guys really don’t fall because of an injury.

        • MB923 3 years ago

          Mike Axisa on RAB (and here) mentioned he and some other injured players were ineligible to make the list, but Banuelos would have made the top 50 if healthy.

  3. UltimateYankeeFan 3 years ago

    I doubt very seriously the Yankees make a trade offer for him without first negotiating a exclusive window for an extension. Cashman has said many, many times he does not like to pay for a player twice once with prospect and then again with a huge contract. Add on top of that, that the new CBA agreement does not allow for teams to get a draft choice for “rentals” I just don’t see it. Beside if he doesn’t resign with the Phillies I think there is a 95% chance he goes west to the Dodgers. But it won’t be long before we all find out.

    • Considering Hamels is a Boras client, I seriously doubt he would entertain an extension without testing free agency. I don’t see this trade happening.

  4. randyfastman 3 years ago

    Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see the Phils and Yanks matching up on this one.. The Phils want either a major league ready 3b or Of and I don’t think the Yanks have either…..unless it’s a 3 team deal with someone like the Padres where the Yanks get Hamels, the Phils get Headley and a prospect from the Yanks, and the Padres get 2 prospects from the Yanks…. but as the posts above say not sure why Cashman would do this

  5. MB923 3 years ago

    Feel free to disagree, but for now and in the long run, I think the Yankees can use someone like Justin Upton more so than Cole Hamels. They already have a solid rotation (for now), and could have 4 good pitchers for the next few years (CC, Pineda, Hughes, Nova). Notice I said Could, not Do. Also, I personally would not be surprised to see Andy Pettitte come back next year.

    • Upton definitely makes more sense, especially considering the other options if Swisher isn’t resigned this offseason and Granderson next offseason. While Hamels would be a great addition to the rotation, I think it is otherwise pretty solid and young.

    • InvalidUserID 3 years ago

       Justin Upton makes way more sense than Hamels. Totally agree.

      The Yankees just need Hughes and Nova to be solid #4 & #5 starters.

      • MB923 3 years ago

        And hopefully Pineda to get healthy and efficient. I think Nova’s better than a #4 starter, I’d call him a #3 starter

      • slider32 3 years ago

        Pitching is the key to success in baseball, Upton is an under acheiver in my book just like his brother. Something is fishy with him and Arizona, why would they want to trade a young talent like him. Two years ago he was the francise.

    • slider32 3 years ago

      The Yanks have been looking for the right deal for a #2 for the last 2 or 3 years. Whether Hamels or someone else is the answer we will have to wait and see.

  6. ARod's Ring 3 years ago

    Isn’t Pineda coming back next year? no point in trading our best prospects for half a season from hamels. (Mason Williams, Dante Bichetter Jr, Tyler Austin should be untouchable) 

    • MB923 3 years ago

      Hopefully they keep Sanchez as well.

      • ARod's Ring 3 years ago

        Yes! definitely forgot about Sanchez!

        • They could always ship out Romine or cervelli. but i agree giving up sanchez would be bad concidering they already traded montero.

  7. Mike1L 3 years ago

    I don’t see the logic in the Yankees making a major move right now.  They have a healthy lead and only a mediocre upper minor leagues.  Selling prices are way too high, and they need cheap younger players.  Maybe a waiver move after the deadline where it’s only 2012 money.

    • slider32 3 years ago

      I think the selling prices on this years pitchers will be less with the new CBA. Teams are not going to give up as much when they can’t get draft picks in return at the end of the season for a rental.

  8. Phillies_Aces35 3 years ago

    I don’t think they really have the prospects to interest the Phillies unless the Angels/Rangers refuse to give up anything valueable.

    • actually havent the rangers all but refused sending their big prospects for him? Angels seem to be trying to push hard. but i really do not see hamels or greinke leaving their teams. wouldnt be surprised if they both sign a new contract before the deadline. the only way i see anyone giving up alot for either one is if its a sign and trade type deal.

  9. everyone puts down nunez defensive ability because he has alot of errors, but not many players are cut out for “utility roles ” and if given a every day start at one position i believe his errors will go down. he has already proven he can hit and although not with power, he can come up with the occasional big hit. plus like many players who come through new york and stink up the place a change of venue may help him. he wont have the pressure of fans and the press from new york on his back. Pavano and Vazquez had better seasons when not wearing a yankee uniform, Burnett is actually having a great year in pittsburgh. Melky Cabrera has had a better career since not being a yankee. Maybe nunez is one of those guys who needs to be sent out packing just to improve.

    send Nunez, Romine or cervelli (Ruiz isnt getting any younger), Tyler Austin, Dwayne Wise (could fill in until Austin is ready in 2014), and phelps or warren for hamels. the phils would prob choose phelps over warren since phelps has had a better major league stint then warren.

    it will prob take one more prospect but it isnt really that bad of a trade. could even throw in a third team in there too, maybe with the padres like it was stated in a earlier post where headly goes to philly…something like this

    Yankees get – Hamels (pending a sign and trade deal)

    Phillies get – Headley, wise and romine or cervelli

    Padres get – Nunez, Tyler Austin, Phelps or warren and banuelos or betances.

    • I really dont see that being a bad trade, BUT even with how bad a couple of those players have been this year, i dont see the yankees making that trade if there is no sign and trade type of deal.

    • Vmmercan 3 years ago

      Giving up Nunez, Austin, Phelps, Wise Romine/Cervelli and Banuelos/Betances for two months of Hamels?

      No thanks. I don’t think they give up Nunez, Austin, Phelps, Banuelos in a deal for Hamels even if it were a long term contract.

      • i think as he stated is if it was a sign and trade deal. i wouldnt really see why they wouldnt pull the trigger on that kind of deal. if they wont give up those guys, then you can count the rangers,angels,tigers, dodgers, and anyone else who would want hamels out in getting him and him just not going anywhere at all because its going to take that kind of deal if not more to aquire him.  

        • Vmmercan 3 years ago

          I get that, but you don’t give up top prospects for the opportunity to sign a player long-term with your own money. It costs the Phillies nothing to give the Yankees’ a signing window, just like the Twins didn’t get anything extra giving Johan a window for the Mets.

          Therefore the fact it’s a sign and trade had no impact on the package the Phillies should receive, just whether or not the Yankees would even be interested in pursuing a deal.

          You’re talking about a top hitting prospect, the top pitching prospect, a serviceable MLB ready backend starter, a backup catcher and a MLB caliber utility man for two months of a pitcher. That is beyond absurd and wouldn’t happen, nor would any other team give up that much for Hamels.

  10. TheMeng 3 years ago

    Yankees with cole will win 3 W S IN A ROW 

  11. if the yankees do make a trade i think hamels would be an upgrade but our rotation is fine right now unto make sense an outfield of gardener grandy and uptown sounds beast and cano and upton in the same lineup in yankee stadium in the next 5 years sounds scary

  12. jb226 3 years ago

    I’d love to see him get a couple more starts and see if he can break the record, but of course only if it doesn’t impact trade negotiations (read: if it doesn’t hurt our return).  He only needs 12 more innings to pull ahead, so two starts.  Or if he wants to go give up a run that would be good too, heh. I’d just hate to see him a couple innings from the record but not get a chance to break it because of a trade.

  13. UltimateYankeeFan 3 years ago

    I think he’s going to need more then a couple more starts the record is 59 by Orel Hershiser. Dempster is 26 shy of that numbers. Based on averaging 6 or 7 innings per start he would need at least 4 possible 5 more starts.

  14. Manfrenjensen 3 years ago

    He’s talking about the Cubs club record for consecutive scoreless innings.

  15. UltimateYankeeFan 3 years ago

    In that case I stand corrected, thank you. 

  16. UltimateYankeeFan 3 years ago

    Just a side comment is it a coincidence that the Cubs record established in 1908 by Ed Reulbach happened the last time the Cubs won the World Series.

  17. I wonder if dempster comes cheaper then the other big three named pitchers that are in the rumor mill.

  18. will he freak out before pitching in the world series and end up on top of yankee stadium contemplating whether or not to jump? lol

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