Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Feinstein, Giants, Royals

On this date in 2008, the Rays won their 71st game of the season to set a new franchise record. They finished the season with 97 wins and won the first pennant in team history as well. Here are this week's links…

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3 years 25 days ago

1st of all.. I don’t really want him back at Fenway…

Now… If Boston chooses to not for some reason think they will resign Cody Ross? Crawford, they delay getting his TJ surgery (which they should send him for now btw) I could see the Mets and Boston trying to work out a salary trade with Bay and Beckett. I think Beckett has a far better chance of returning to their former self, especially in the NL and he would send the Mets a #3-4 (now) SP on the cheap, like the NYY did with Burnett, only Beckett is better than Burnett and generally has been for years.

Boston might have to include either salary, or some kind of fair prospect in return to make up for the other 15m beckett is owed thru 2014, then try and get CC to move to RF when he comes back, or platoon Bay when he does.

It is a scenario to move Beckett and Bay if both GM’s want to get rid of “problem childs” if they so choose.

3 years 25 days ago

unfortunately that Granderson deal has looked worse and worse every day for the Yanks. Hes nothing more than a power hitter at this point, which is fine, but I think we all expected alot more tools from him. His average is below .250, strikes out at an alarming rate, plays terrible defense, and doesn’t steal any bases. Jackson is turning out to be one of the better OFs in the game. Not sad to see Kennedy ago (always felt last years success was an apparition and his stuff and mentality would not translate well in the AL East) and Coke is replaceable. Now if the Yankees shell out for 20 mill a year for this guy they are in trouble. Hes in his prime of his career and that average, and the strikeouts and the defense will only get worse. Nice guy, but rather overhyped.

3 years 25 days ago

Joseph will be MLB ready as soon as next year, his fellow C in A ball Hector Sanchez went straight from A ball to AAA to the big leagues last year and has become a solid backup to Posey. So from the Giants perspective this was inevitable, they want to give Belt a solid shot and he’s basically in competition with Hector for playing time as Posey can play 1B. But it’s very likely Buster is going to remain a C where his value is greatest for as long as he can under club control. The Giants got a solid acquisition and the Phils will have to decide how best to use Joseph behind Ruiz who’s clearly not past his prime yet.

3 years 24 days ago

Ruiz will be 34 on Opening Day. While he is, or was now that he is likely done for the year, having a career year, considering the age and position, how much longer can he go on?
Joseph will get a shot by 2014 at the earliest, but hopefully he is ready for the show by then, because chances are Ruiz will be on fumes.

3 years 24 days ago

uhh yeah, he doesn’t. Have you seen him this year? Hes been average, maybe even worse considering he leads the league in hits, and is a big reason the Dbacks are under-performing. He would of been eaten alive in the East, almost anywhere in the AL for that manner.

3 years 23 days ago

hmmm well i feel stupid, i thought i used aberration, well played sir, sorry about the confusion