Blue Jays Notes: Williams, Dempster, Jackson

Now that they have sent John Farrell to Boston, the Blue Jays are looking for a new manager. In an article at the Globe and Mail, Jeff Blair suggests this might be “the most important managerial hire in club history.” Blair argues that the Blue Jays should consider former catchers such as Sandy Alomar Jr. and Don Wakamatsu. Here are the latest Blue Jays-related links…

  • The Blue Jays obtained permission from the Diamondbacks to speak to third base coach Matt Williams about their managerial opening, Jack Magruder of reports (on Twitter). Williams has also drawn interest from the Rockies.
  • Free agent starters Ryan Dempster and Edwin Jackson are targets for Toronto, Blair reports. Either right-hander would provide the Blue Jays with some certainty in the middle of a rotation that struggled mightily in 2012 due to injuries and poor performances. Free agents can only sign with their own teams until Saturday.

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  1. Frank 3 years ago

    Romero Morrow and have Alvarez and Happ fight for last spot ..sign Edwin Jackson to a multi year deal and sign Chris Young to a 1yr deal

    • LetsGoBlueJays 3 years ago

      Happ is a great starter. Solid. Alvarez is young but is progressing well. I think he had the most double plays or something. Drabek and Huch will be back around August meaning that if they are making the stretch to the post-season, they have 2 solid starters to substitute in.

      • Jaysfan724 3 years ago

        Hutch won’t be back for 2013. Drabek could be back around August or September.

  2. The Blue Jays need two SP, to account for injury, and they will take home the east and maybe a WS title. Dempster and Peavy are not the answer and WILL fade like they have this year, very marginal, in weaker hitting AL and NL central divisions (until Demp traded to TEX). I love the idea of trading for king felix or big game James, also EJax and grienke would both put us over the top.but I have a good trade that is smart for both teams and wouldnt cost the Jays much. that is yunel and rajai plus a marginal prospect for porcello. now I’m not sold on porcello and think the tigers over all are week, but like i said what is this costing the Jays. yunel is GONE, rajai is good but we have depth. if we get grienke or ejax and make this trade than we can sign a good middle infielder. even if porcello becomes our SIXTH starter the cost is minimal because we have depth to replace the prospect and rajai and Yunel is GONE. this makes sense for the tigs since resigning anibal and going with one lefty in smyly is just as good or better than porcello. they also are not fond of Jhonny P and would have to pay him 6mill as opposed to the 8 million to have Yunel AND rajai. they also will lose Delmon and it would be very very smart to not count on all or some of the following to perform over a 500 at bat season; Boesch, Dirks, Berry, Garcia. I know tigers fans will probably say no and think all of their guys are future all stars but FACTUALLY that is not the case, Boesch and Avilia have already proven that players get figured out. alot of the tigers stats came from 54 games against the Indians, Twins and Royals, take the ss under team control for 3 years and the speedster 3/4 OF and a good prospcet and try to field a TEAM next year and not just 3-$20mill. players and some other SP, with no defense, speed or bullpen.

  3. Gose, yunel, JP, 1 OF the big 3 for David Price

    • LetsGoBlueJays 3 years ago

      Great plan bro. Sell half your team for a starter. Maybe the astros will sell their entire team to get Miguel Cabrera next.

      • My line of thinking is that all those players have replacements or someone blocking them under control. Gose is blocked by Rasmus, Hech is nearly ready to take over for Yunel and D’Arnaud should be healthy and ready to step in for JP. Tampa needs help at each of those positions and presumably needs big league talent to help out with their line up. Losing these players doesnt overly hurt our defence or line up and gives us a clear number 1 starter for a few years. The jays need to take some risk in going out to get a top teir starter. Weither or not these players are expendable I think the Jays and Rays match up well in a trade even though they are in the same divsion.

  4. Brandon Cantero 3 years ago

    If the bluejays need a pitcher there is a possible NL CY young award winner that could be traded for the right price

  5. Daniel 3 years ago

    Dempster would get hammered in the AL East. I say AA should sign Brandon McCarthy, trade for Brandon Beachy. Then the rotation would look like, Morrow, Romero, McCarthy, Beachy, and either Happ or Alvarez. AA could get McCarthy cheaper than Jackson and has some additional arms to offer the Braves for Beachy, maybe throw in Lind.

  6. meanguygary 3 years ago

    Yeah, Jeff Blair seems to have lost the plot awhile back. He used to be pretty plugged in when Ricciardi was GM, but not so much under A.A.

  7. johnsmith4 3 years ago

    Probably why the Toronto media doesn’t like AA. He keeps everything close to his vest. JPR shared everything.

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