White Sox Notes: Hahn, Peavy, Pierzynski

Rick Hahn was officially introduced as the new White Sox general manager at a press conference today and addressed some hot stove topics with the media (including Patrick Mooney of CSN Chicago and Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune).

  • Hahn projected that the 2013 White Sox payroll should be "right in the same neighborhood" of the team's $97.67MM payroll from last season.
  • The team has had "good talks back and forth already" with Jake Peavy's representatives.  The Sox hold a $22MM option on Peavy for 2013 that they're expected to buy out for $4MM, and while Hahn left the door open for Peavy to return, the price tag may be too high.  "I know Jake’s preference – which he hasn’t been shy about – is to be back here in Chicago," Hahn said.  "And that’s always a good place to start. But there does come a point where there are certain opportunities elsewhere that don’t make sense for us to try to chase.” 
  • Hahn has spoken with A.J. Pierzynski's agent though there is "a good dialogue" between the two sides, Hahn noted that the team won't know their chances of bringing the veteran catcher back until the market develops. 
  • "Given the sort of shallowness of this year’s free agent market and the fact that there are some clubs with some money to spend, I’m not overly optimistic that we’re going to be huge players in free agency," Hahn said.  “But at the same time, we’re going to be out there looking for values and certainly continue to talk to our guys and see if we can’t fit them in for next year, too.”
  • While Hahn was considered for some other GM openings with other teams in recent years, "I don't feel I ever seriously got on the doorstep of leaving," he said (via Gonzales' Twitter account).  Hahn was known to be a candidate for the Cubs' general manager opening last winter.

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4 Comments on "White Sox Notes: Hahn, Peavy, Pierzynski"

2 years 10 months ago

Ooh! New team?! White Notes 2013! 😛

2 years 10 months ago

My guess is peavy walks. Hahn will offer something like 3/4 years for 35-45 million. Last year being a club option. If they can bring him back at 12-14 per year with insurance I’m fine bother wise Santiago showed a real knack for starting and axelrod stepped up big. I say let aj walk there is no way he repeats and many pitcher have been vocal about how they don’t like pitching to him. Hand the staff over to flowers. He calls a great game, blocks balls and has a cannon any offense (huge power) is a plus and sign a back up like soto or Martin if they become available.

OR let aj, peavy, youlk, floyd, meyers all walk and use that money to go after Dan haren. Or greinke. Hahn can keep the payroll at 97 mill and still sign at least one elite free agent. A rotation of sale-haren/greinke- danks- Quintana- Santiago/ axelrod is very good. Trade Thornton for nothing as the bullpen is great. Could be fun. Heck go to the Yankees and see if de aza and cash could bring granderson to the south side.

2 years 10 months ago

I know I’m dreaming, but isnt Ellsbury a free agent? I know he was always on Kenny’s radar when we almost traded Buehrle to Boston a few years ago. God bless DeAza, but we need a legit lead-off man who own CF.

2 years 10 months ago

He has an option for this year and is a free agent next season. I would love him too even if he does not regain his power from a few years ago. He hits for average, steals bases with the best of them, gets in base and plays decent defense. He would be awesome the biggest problem is Scott boras. Kenny hates him and I doubt he lets Rick Hahn work with him