AL East Notes: Blue Jays, Sanchez, Villanueva, Red Sox

The latest out of the AL East..

  • Free agent Anibal Sanchez is reportedly seeking $90MM over six years and that may still fit the Blue Jays' budget.  GM Alex Anthopoulos says that the club could accommodate that kind of average annual value, according to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet (via Twitter).  The club hasn't talked about going beyond their current five-year limit on contracts, but Anthopoulos said that things can always change (Twitter link).
  • Meanwhile, Anthopoulos says that he can promise free agent pitcher Carlos Villanueva the 30 starts that he is seeking, Davidi tweets.  The GM said that the club has never doubted Villanueva's abilities, but has raised concerns about his durability in the past.
  • Anthopoulos went on to say that the club is taking a wait-and-see approach with their left field approach while being a little more aggressive in terms of the rotation, tweets Davidi.
  • After wrapping up his six-year, $52MM deal with the Red Sox, agent Scott Boras tells Brian MacPherson of The Providence Journal that Daisuke Matsuzaka figures to have a number of suitors now that he comes with a lower price tag.
  • The Yankees would like to find an upgrade for Jayson Nix which means finding someone who can play 100 games between shortstop and third base, tweets Ken Davidoff of the New York Post.

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  1. Jaysfan724 3 years ago

    I like Carlos, he has been a huge help to the Jays the past two seasons, but he has not convinced me that he can be a full-time starter for a full season.

    • jaysfordays14 3 years ago

      Infuriatingly inconsistent. If he’ll accept the swingman role he had last season with the promise of some starts, then I’d want him back. Otherwise, I see him getting picked up by a team that’s not looking to contend and willing to start him (i.e., Minnesota, Houston, Cubs, etc.)

      • Jaysfan724 3 years ago

        That’s exactly my sentiments. I mean if they could re-sign him at reasonable/deserving price, I’m all for it, but there can be no guarantee he will have a rotation spot more or less one for the whole year.

        • jaysfordays14 3 years ago

          Yep, I think he’s pretty adamant on being a full-time starter though, and there are teams that will give him that opportunity. I highly doubt he’ll be back in T.O. next season.

          • Joe Turner 3 years ago

            My guess would be he’ll end up in the AL Central: KC, Cleveland, or Minnesota.

  2. YanksOnADownfall 3 years ago

    Yankees should go after Marco Scutaro. guy can play SS,2B and 3B.

    • EightMileCats 3 years ago

      But why would the guy take a bench role when he can start for SF? Unless NYY pay way more… Which wouldn’t help getting under the cap by next year

      • vtadave 3 years ago

        Because it’s the Yankees and every player’s dream is to play for them.

  3. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Boras left out several huge differences when he was comparing Matsuzaka to Tazawa.

    One is that Tazawa doesn’t try to nit pick around corners and refuse to attack batter. Tazawa isn’t afraid to throw a strike.

    Two is that Tazawa actually has COMMAND of multiple pitches anyway.. Like a devistating splitter, a 95-98mph FB that Matsuzaka NEVER had in his MLB career and a decent changeup and slider as well.

    Just like Boras.. he tells half truths, leaving out the most important parts.

    Matsuzaka will get a minor league invite at best for no more than 1m and probably take until Jan-Feb to accomplish that.

    • jaysfordays14 3 years ago

      Given that Matsuzaka has shown in the past that he has good stuff with mechanics, a wide arsenal, smarts, and competitiveness, I’m sure he’ll be in demand and some one’s going to give him a ML deal in order to get him.
      Regardless, both guys are undersized meaning that they can’t be counted on to log major innings or to stay healthy.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        Tazawa came to the US needing TJ, his only injury. He is a reliever now so no reason to suggest inning would be an issue and he is now throwing the ball as hard as reports on him were when he was pitching as an amateur in Japan.

        Matsuzaka on the otherhand came to the US with high praise, painted as someone with 6-8 pitches and showed he didn’t have the ability (nor confidence) to throw a single one for a strike. he also came with the supposed ability to throw mid-upper 90’s and that was proven false right away. He was low 90’s and touched 94, maybe 95mph his 1st year and never got close to that again.

        There is no comparison at all between someone who attacks the zone with confidence and a repitoire of plus pitches and another who lacks all confidence, plus has all below average “stuff” as Matsuzaka does, healthy or not.

        Maybe try and convert him to long reliever, if could get him to throw strikes, cause it sure is awful letting him start games putting his team in 5-7 run holes by the 2-3rd inning on a consistent basis.

    • rikersbeard 3 years ago

      someone will likely give him a major league contract with incentives.

    • Goriax 3 years ago

      Just like EVERY sales person on the planet. Whether it’s Boras or the guy trying to sell you an Lazy boy at the furniture store. Same thing.

  4. Anibal Sanchez 6 years 90 million? What? He’s never even pitched 200 innings in a season, and hasn’t had an ERA of under 3.50 in any full season. His career high in wins is 13. When did that become 6 years/90 million caliber?

    • Lionel Bossman Craft 3 years ago

      He’s almost asking for a $100 million dollar contract, and how many pitchers have gotten that?

      • vtadave 3 years ago

        K. Brown

        • LazerTown 3 years ago

          But all were pretty good when they signed except for zito. Zito was good early in his career, but the 3 years before FA really should have alluded to the giants what to expect.

        • Lionel Bossman Craft 3 years ago

          I wouldnt put Sanchez in this club or in the level below it.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      Nice.. Just 195+ 3 years in a row…

    • Bob George 3 years ago

      He’s hitting free agency at the perfect time for him, he’s still young and one of only two solid SP’s on the market that someone will likely offer 4-5 years for. He’s not worth $15 mil per yr but he’ll get close to that, pitching is so scarce. Just dumb luck on the timing for him.

    • Jaysfan724 3 years ago

      Not that I am completely disagreeing but Fangraphs have his last 3 years of performance at $17 million each year ($17.5 – 2010, $17.1 – 2011, $17.0 – 2012)

  5. jaysfordays14 3 years ago

    15 mil a season for a mid-rotation guy? I’ll pass…

  6. jjs91 3 years ago

    From the FA class only scutaro and keppinger are the only two infielders I’d let play a 100 games. And im not even sure if keppinger can play ss.

    • jaysfordays14 3 years ago

      …..what about Kelly Johnson, Theriot, Freddy Sanchez (if healthy)? All are guys that can definitely be starters, and I’m just looking at the available second basemen.

      • jjs91 3 years ago

        They dont fit the criteria cash set out which is a 100 gms at ss and third. sorry i should have been more clear. And no one theriot anyway.

        • jaysfordays14 3 years ago

          Bartlett and Cedeno can also be plugged in there

        • jaysfordays14 3 years ago

          Why are you down on Theriot, he’s a guy that just knows what he needs to do during each AB to get on base, hits for a decent average, and can even steal a little bit. Definitely would’ve preferred to see AA sign him over Izturis.

          • vtadave 3 years ago

            .316 OBP last year to go with his zero HR’s. So yeah he knows what to do to get on base, but he doesn’t do it all that well.

          • jaysfordays14 3 years ago

            Fair enough, had a down year last season, but he has a career OBP of .341 which isn’t too shabby.

  7. Bob George 3 years ago

    Someone will sign Daisuke but I would be shocked if it’s more than 1 year with a lot of incentives.

  8. rikersbeard 3 years ago

    Makes the Weaver deal look even better.

  9. BtgJays 3 years ago

    what would edwin jackson be looking for in a deal? i would like to sign him. someone posted a trade of arencibia for darwin barney. i dont know much about barney but that doesnt sound bad to me either, any thoughts on it?

    • Jaysfan724 3 years ago

      Wasn’t he trying to get 4 years/40 mill last year? I presume he’ll be looking for the same again. As for that trade, I’d rather use one of the catchers to try and net a pitcher. I don’t have a problem with the Jays using Izturis for the time being until Hech is ready to be up full-time.

      • BtgJays 3 years ago

        are there any particular pitchers that you are thinking of?

        • Jaysfan724 3 years ago

          Can’t pinpoint anyone in particular, but I think Texas would make a great trade partner. Maybe someone like Matt Harrison.

          • Joe Turner 3 years ago

            I don’t think the Jays could pry Harrison from Texas. Maybe Ogando for Arencibia + a prospect.

          • Bluejaysnation 3 years ago

            Texas isn’t really solid on pitching themselves enough to trade what they have.

      • jaysfordays14 3 years ago

        As long as they intend for Hech to ultimately take over for Izturis. No way Izturis is a starter on a team looking to contend.

        • Joe Turner 3 years ago

          Why not? Lots of playoff teams had a handful of lousy players playing everyday. The Tigers made the World Series with black holes at DH, 2B and LF for most of the season.

          • jaysfordays14 3 years ago

            I think we have more “black holes” right now (hitting and pitching) then the Tigers did last season.

          • Bluejaysnation 3 years ago

            If we get 2 solid 1-3 SP’s we can contend. We don’t need a solid 9 lineup. Smart hitters that can get on and create runs along with a few big bats to drive em in is all you need. If you get solid D and some hitting from SS thats more than enough.

    • jaysfordays14 3 years ago

      He’s probably going to be looking for the same money that Sanchez is looking for, and unlike him, Jackson’s actually worth the investment.
      As for Arencibia for Barney, that’d be a heist on Hoyer’s part. AA knows better than that.

      • ice_hawk10 3 years ago

        barney cant hit at all, but a quick peek at his fangraphs page shows that he provides big time value on defence and on the basepaths. whether that meets the eye test or not i have no idea.

        that being said, i still dont think i make that deal if i’m the jays, cause i think izturis has a decent shot of outperforming barney, especially if you think his road splits from his last few years in anaheim (.304/.368/.424) will translate to toronto.

        i really think/hope there’s a a jon niese for arencibia+ trade to be made. mets and jays seem to line up really well as trade partners.

        • Joe Turner 3 years ago

          Never seen Barney play, but his numbers are impressive, especially on defence. I like Izturis, but he’s definitely more of a utility guy. Jays are potentially loaded at catcher, so I’d do JP for Barney in a second. Not sure the Cubs would do it, though.

  10. jaysfordays14 3 years ago

    Given AA’s bullpen fetish, anyone think that he could pursue Affeldt? Provides good insurance in case Oliver decides to retire, and I’m not big on having the likes of Loup, Crawford, and Cecil being our left-handed options.

    • J 3 years ago

      Say one thing about AA’s love of relievers, at least he doesn’t sign them to 3 year deals.

    • $17867741 3 years ago

      two things:

      1) What’s wrong with Loup? He doesn’t really walk anyone. He might have been a bit lucky, but he’s shown promise so far

      2) GM AA’s ‘fetish’ with relievers is overblown.

      Before he wanted relievers for their draft pick compensation. (Ex. Rauch, Francisco, Downs, Gregg). It wasn’t just relievers. If you remember GM AA grabbed Miguel Olivio, only to decline the option to grab the compensation pick. It was a fetish of compensatory picks. However, that is over because the CBA has changed.

      AA’s recent splurge for young relief pitchers is to keep them for the long haul. Delabar, Lincoln, Rogers aren’t set to hit free agency until 2017 (approximately). Same idea goes for Perez, Jansen, Santos, Loup.

      AA wants stability in his bullpen, which has been lacking in past years.

      It has nothing to do with a ‘fetish’ for bullpen players.

      • Bluejaysnation 3 years ago

        Also, in signing young controlable relievers (everyone lovers those words) it allows them to not overspend on RP and focus that money on SP and other areas that are more predictable and not wasted.

    • Howard 3 years ago

      AA already has enough bullpen help…we need a starter or 2 and a left fielder (which really isnt even a big time need either)

      • Joe Turner 3 years ago

        2 starting pitchers is the bare minimum the jays need to even consider making a run in 2013.

  11. JT91theFuture 3 years ago

    So the Yankees need to look for something with a bit more value other than playing some defense in a pinch. They should look to guys like Keppinger or Scutaro, but there are viable options in Theriot or Kelly Johnson

    • Joe Turner 3 years ago

      Probably all of those guys expect to play everyday, except maybe Theriot, so I’d be surprised if any of them signed with NYY.

      • JT91theFuture 3 years ago

        What I can assume MAY happen, big emphasis on the MAY. Is that in the wake of Jeter’s injury, the Yankees may establish some sort of rotating DH/3B door with Rodriguez and Jeter and may look to have a regular contributor at the shortstop position. Take all this with a grain of salt of course, because I highly doubt Jeter will move from SS even though his range is akin to that of a sherman tank

  12. Goriax 3 years ago

    Seriously…. is anyone else in here thinking that that deal would be insane for Sanchez? Why all the hype on him? Seriously, he hasnt had a winning record twice in his career and one of those is by one win. Im aware that wins and losses isnt the make or break it in a pitcher but cmon, he might be one of the bigger names on the block this year but 90million and 6 years for this guy is way too much.

    • Bluejaysnation 3 years ago

      Because teams pay for not what they’ve done but what they’re projected to do. If a player is still in his prime and has improved even slightly over the past few years then theres reason for believe he may break out. Especially if he’s on an improved team. You’r right, wins/losses are not relevent because they’re team related. So with all things taken into account (command,velocity,ability to mix pitches and of course health) they have some ability to project how a player will perform over the next few years. Of course they’re not always right, some players are always gonna under perform and some will over perform.

  13. horseiv 3 years ago

    Carlos is a deal with the market the way it is, small risk for big rewards

  14. Jays Fan 3 3 years ago

    Forget Sanchez. Sign Marcum and another pitcher that’s trying to rebuild value on 1 year deal ie Dan Haren. Trade Arencibia for Ogando.


    These moves will not jeopardize the future because haren (should perform well because he’ll be motivated for longer contract ) will be only a one year guy. That will open up a spot in the rotation for one of our big three pitching prospects in 2014. Also Ogando can always move back to the rotation if/when another one is ready, making bullpen stronger. Thoughts? Too much?

  15. jaysfordays14 3 years ago

    Only if you were an NL GM, I’m not buying that he’d have long-term success in the AL with his gopherball and walks tendencies. Hasn’t even registered a single 200 IP season in his 7 seasons.

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