MLBPA Monitoring MLB Comments

The MLB Players Association believes some comments made by MLB team executives and other baseball employees violate the sport's collective bargaining agreement, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports. Anti-collusion language designed to prevent clubs from limiting a free agent’s value forbids clubs and their employees from publicly discussing the details of contract offers or disclosing whether an offer will be made.

The MLBPA objects to a number of recent comments, Rosenthal reports. For example, a Rangers official told USA Today the Rangers won't go beyond three years for Josh Hamilton; MLB executive Tony La Russa said on ESPN that contracts longer than six years are "scary" for teams; Yankees president Randy Levine told that Rafael Soriano seeks a four-year, $60MM contract. The players' union doesn't plan to file a grievance, but MLBPA executives continue monitoring the situation, according to Rosenthal.

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