Pirates Will Not Make Any Front Office Changes

Despite embarrassing reports of military-style training programs for the team's prospects, Pirates owner Bob Nutting told Dejan Kovacevic of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that the team will not make any front office changes. President Frank Coonelly, GM Neal Huntington, and assistant GMs Kyle Stark and Greg Smith will all return.

“What we have been doing and what we’ll continue to do is a comprehensive review,” said Nutting. “But that is not a two-week or a four-week process. That is one that is going to continue as we evaluate every aspect of the organization. Because we need to get better.”

Nutting conducted an internal investigation into the club's developmental practices and stressed that he was not done, but he did acknowledge that this was not the right time to make a change. “I believe that our primary responsibility is to develop baseball players to play baseball and win championships at PNC Park … We are not and we should not be a military organization," he added, while also saying the training methods will stop immediately.

The Pirates came under heavy scrutiny when Kovacevic published a pair of reports in recent weeks detailing the team's training regimens. Top prospects Jameson Taillon and Gregory Polanco reportedly suffered minor injuries during the incidents. The Pirates had their best record since 1997 under Huntington this year, but a second-half collapse prevented the team from breaking the .500 barrier. He was hired as GM following the 2007 season.

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7 Comments on "Pirates Will Not Make Any Front Office Changes"

2 years 9 months ago

I don’t see how you can take part in a ridiculous training program, force your players to do it, injure them, and yet you still keep your job!!! The pirates have taken steps forward for sure, but man causing injuries to top prospects has to result in some consequences.

2 years 9 months ago

At the rate they are going, no one is going to sign with them…in the draft, minor leagues or at the major league level. Why would you play for a team that will abuse you??

Justin Gray
2 years 9 months ago

As a pirate fan, i can confirm that the fanbase overreacted. columnists ate this stuff up, and rallied up the ANGRY FANS to call for nutting to fire EVERYBODY.

Do i think they should focus more on hitting, fielding, and pitching baseballs? yes.

do i think the military type workouts are a big deal? no.

well, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Nutting shut the whole thing down. no more “injured” prospects

2 years 9 months ago

Justin, as someone who has watched the Pirates for years and started watching the A’s and Astros last year, I hope that you can find another team to follow that is less frustrating.

2 years 9 months ago

Following the Astros would be MUCH less frustrating. No second-half collapses to worry about.

2 years 9 months ago

as usual the Pirates “fanbase” is overreacting to this story, none of these guys were abused, and they had the option to decline to participate if they were injured, and both players who were hurt re-aggravated existing injuries, some of you people are ridiculous, but when this team is winning that will shut you all up

2 years 9 months ago

And the streak goes on.