Poll: Will LaRoche Get A Three Year Deal?

Adam LaRoche wants to return to Washington and the Nationals want to bring the first baseman back.  So what's LaRoche still doing on the open market?  Well, the 33-year-old is looking for a three-year deal and the Nats say that they won't go beyond two years.  They reportedly haven't felt pressured to consider a deal to keep LaRoche in D.C. through 2015, because they don't see another team offering him the same.  It looked like General Manager Mike Rizzo & Co. were dead on about that, until recently, when the Red Sox's situation with Mike Napoli became cloudy.

Amidst concerns over Napoli's hip, the two sides have still yet to finalize their three-year, $39MM deal.  Whether it's a play for leverage or legitimate concern over the catcher's health, Boston has begun talking to LaRoche as a plan B.  Even though we're closing in on the New Year and LaRoche's market likely isn't what he expected, he's still not willing to budge on his demand for a three-year pact.

How do you see it playing out?  Do you see the Nationals, Red Sox, or any other team giving LaRoche a three-year contract?

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