Reactions And Analysis: The Alfonso Soriano Trade

Earlier today, Major League Baseball approved a trade that sent Alfonso Soriano to the Yankees in exchange for right-hander Corey Black. The Cubs will pay $17.7MM of the remaining money on Soriano's contract, leaving the Yankees responsible for just $6.8MM. Here's some media reaction and analysis of the move…

  • Danny Knobler of says that the acquisition of another aging outfielder isn't enough for a "pieced-together" Yankees team. Soriano is an improvement on Vernon Wells, Knobler writes, but even with Soriano and the return of Derek Jeter, the Yankees' lineup still isn't a strong one, and C.C. Sabathia's recent struggles are worrisome as well.
  • Dave Cameron of Fangraphs writes that the $7MM savings alone makes this a good move for the Cubs, pointing out that they signed Scott Feldman for less than that this offseason. The move helps the Yankees as well, he adds, noting that replacing Vernon Wells with a decent player is an upgrade. Cameron goes on to state that while the Yankees are paying Soriano to be exactly what he is ("a useful role player"), the Yankees aren't one useful role player away from making the playoffs, and they're starting to collect a lot of modestly priced, low-value players.
  • ESPN's Buster Olney (Insider required) broke down the reasons why the trade is questionable for the Yankees but also the reasons that it makes sense, noting that the Yankees are just 2.5 games out of a Wild Card spot in the American League.
  • Scott Miller of CBS Sports opines that Soriano gives the Yankees some desperately needed power, noting that the club has received a staggering total of just one right-handed home run since May 23 — a span of 767 at-bats. While Soriano isn't the player he once was, he provides the Yankees with the trait that they are most lacking.
  • Baseball America's Matt Eddy offers an analysis of each player in the trade, noting that Black has one of the best arms from the Yankees' 2012 draft class, but that questions about his size might make a relief role his best path to the Majors.

Charlie Wilmoth contributed to this post.

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