Cafardo On Morneau, Red Sox, Young, Johnson

In today's column, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes that rival scouts have their eye on the Red Sox who, despite leading the majors in runs, have been shut out nine times this season.  “If you pitch the Red Sox the right way, you can shut them down,” said one National League scout. “They do a tremendous job of working the count. It’s an organizational philosophy that works for them. But they prey on pitchers who can’t throw strikes. They grind out at-bats, work the count, make pitchers throw way more pitches than they need.  If you see a game where they get shut out or they get dominated, it’s because whoever is pitching isn’t allowing them to get into their game."  Here's more from Cafardo..

  • Justin Morneau wants to stay in Minnesota, but the Twins have rejected any offer to talk about a new deal, indicating they are ready to move on.  The Red Sox might have some interest in him with Mike Napoli struggling, but their Mike Carp/Daniel Nava option at first base might a better alternative.
  • A team like the Rays could take a chance on Delmon Young, who struggled considerably in Philly both at the plate and in the field. “He’s 27 years old going on 37,” said one AL scout. “He’s got bad feet, very slow. There are a lot of teams who need right-handed bats, but I wouldn’t touch him.
  • Josh Johnson will hit the open market in the winter after being shut down with a forearm strain and rival execs are understandably wary about the Blue Jays pitcher.  “He’s either going to be a gold mine for someone who gets him cheap and then reaps the benefits or someone is going to get taken like the Blue Jays did,” said one AL executive.

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