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The Mariners have money to spend and a need for offense.  Yesterday, Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote that the team could be aggressive on free agents Jhonny Peralta, Nelson Cruz, and Mike Napoli.  The latest:

  • The Mariners' reported interest in Jacoby Ellsbury may be overblown, hears ESPN's Jerry Crasnick.  Crasnick wrote earlier than the Ms are more immersed in the Carlos Beltran/Peralta/Kendrys Morales market than in Ellsbury's.  The Mariners would like to find a way to add Cruz and Beltran, tweets Crasnick.  If they are to pull that off, it could be another offseason of disregarding defense, in my opinion.  Signing Cruz and Beltran requires the forfeiture of draft picks, but the Mariners' first rounder is protected.  They would lose their second round pick as well as their Competitive Balance Round B pick (similar to the Indians last winter).

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