Boras Trying To Engage Mets On Morales, Drew

Agent Scott Boras is working to sell the Mets on two notable free agent clients, Kendrys Morales and Stephen Drew, tweets Jerry Crasnick of  Both players are facing uncertain markets at this stage of the offseason with many left scratching their heads over where Morales could land.

For their part, the Mets appear to have little or no interest in Morales and plan to go with Lucas Duda at first base if they move Ike Davis (link).  Duda has also seen his name pop up in trade rumors, but not with the same frequency of Davis and their recent preference has been leaning towards rolling with Duda and dealing Davis.  It seems unlikely that the cost-conscious Mets would scrap that plan to relegate Duda to the bench so that they can pay significant money for Morales.

Drew would be a strong fit for the Mets, but money is once again an issue after the signings of Curtis Granderson, Bartolo Colon, and Chris Young set the Mets back $87.5MM.  Drew, ranked No. 14 on Tim Dierkes' top 50 list at the outset of the offseason, seems destined for a return to the Red Sox, but Boras has a long, impressive track record of finding lucrative deals from improbable suitors for his clients.

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  1. Sufferfortribe 2 years ago

    Instead of Drew, why don’t the Mets trade for Asdrubal Cabrera? Guy can play SS and 2B. And he would cost a lot less.

    • AFergilicious 2 years ago

      He is a free agent next year. If we are aquiring a SS we want to have more control.

    • oleosmirf 2 years ago

      because the Mets aren’t going to trade assets for one year (and 10 million) of the incredibly overrated Asdrubel Cabrera

      • Blake 2 years ago

        Don’t you just love the Asdrubal Cabrera freaks?

    • YaGottaBelieve11 2 years ago

      He would cost less dollars but even though he had a horrible year last year, would probably cost a pretty decent prospect or two. Plus, he’s a free agent in 2015 and our SS issues would just return next year.

    • Alex Giobbi 2 years ago

      Why don’t the Mets go after one of Arizona’s SS prospects, Chris Owings or Didi Gregorious?

      • Michael Lucas Jr. 2 years ago

        I’m sure the Mets would love to acquire one of those guys but the asking price is probably keeping them away.

      • Rook 2 years ago

        I think the teams probably have talked about it. Just speculating but, my guess is, the Mets want to do Montero+ for Owings and the Dbacks want to do Owings+ for Syndergarrd.

        • HarveyDaGod 2 years ago

          syndergaard is too much for owings. Arizona can keep him if they don’t want montero plus other good prospects.

    • Pei Kang 2 years ago

      Though the Mets farm system has drastically improved, a trade for Asrubal will cost a LOT in terms of depth and talent. Might even cost a guy like Noah Syndergaard, or at least Rafael Montero.

      • Anthony Mazza 2 years ago

        In what world would a top level arm like NS cost 1 year of Asdrubal Cabrera?

    • Blake 2 years ago

      The Asdrubal Cabrera freaks are almost as bad as the Gregorious ones.

  2. I can’t see a single NL team taking a bite on Morales unless it was a one year deal with a low base salary. Unless the GM wanted to be fired the second Morales goes down with an injury. Might as well bring Jim Thome out of retirement.

    • The_Unnatural 2 years ago

      Why would anyone give up a draft pick for a 1 year of him? Might as well take advantage of the situation and sign him for multiple years with a low base and lots of incentives.

      • Why would he want to sign for multiple years with a low base? What multiyear contracts work like that?

        • HarveyDaGod 2 years ago

          he won’t have a choice his market is so limited

  3. Sean Wellsand 2 years ago

    Jean Segura is the only answer. He’s a player the Mets can cash in on. Drew is a season or two away from being obsolete. Segura can give the Mets a SS reminiscent of Reyes. Pull the trigger, Sandy.

    • maristmetsfan 2 years ago

      And why do the Brewers give up on one of the best young shortstops in the game?

      • Sean Wellsand 2 years ago

        Orlando Arcia.

        • Rook 2 years ago

          Is three years away.

        • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

          Orlando Garcia is 19 years old and only in A ball. While he is projected as a nice well rounded SS he likely won’t be in the majors till 2017. I imagine the Brewers will buy out some FA years of Segura keeping him around till 2020…so the Brewers most likely would just move Segura to 2B.

    • Kobie P 2 years ago

      Sooo you are willing to give up Thor or Wheeler right? No? Then you don’t really want Segura.

      • Vmmercan 2 years ago

        Come on man, that’s not fair.Thor’s hammer alone can defeat anyone on a baseball diamond.

        • JacobyWanKenobi 2 years ago

          Now that you mention it, Tim Lincecum looks suspiciously like Loki. :)

      • Sean Wellsand 2 years ago

        I’m sure they’d take Montero.

        • Kobie P 2 years ago

          I’m sure they would, and they would still want Thor. Segura is one of the best young SS in baseball and is under control for very cheap. That would cost A LOT in prospects to get him. Montero hasn’t proven anything yet. Don’t fall in the trap overvaluing Mets prospects.

        • Kobie P 2 years ago

          I’m sure they would, and they would still want Thor. Segura is one of the best young SS in baseball and is under control for very cheap. That would cost A LOT in prospects to get him. Montero hasn’t proven anything yet. Don’t fall in the trap overvaluing Mets prospects.

    • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

      Keep dreaming

    • GrilledCheese39 2 years ago

      Hahahaha oh my the brewers will never give up Segura, unless you give up Wheeler

      • John Donovan 2 years ago

        Not even then if they are smart. Pitching prospects are a dime a dozen, but top shortstops are a rare breed.

        • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

          Wheeler and Montero + Flores +some other lesser prospect or two


          Syn + Montero + some other lesser prospest or two

          (Please note I threw this together very quickly as a trade involving Segura will never happen anyway)

    • Sean Wellsand 2 years ago

      I can see a Brewers lineup with Stephen Drew and Ike Davis in it.

  4. I didn’t realize the Red Sox had any interest in bringing Drew back

    • The Sox would prefer not to rely on Middlebrooks for anything. With Boegarts and Bradley in the starting lineup as of now, Drew would be welcomed back though probably not on anything more than a 2 year deal.

      • NOLASoxFan 2 years ago

        I agree. I think they’re a better team with Bogaerts at 3rd and Drew at SS, than with Middlebrooks at 3rd. I’d also like to see them package Middlebrooks and some pitching for a quality outfielder. I think if Drew signs, then there will be rapid action on a trade. The Sox will almost certainly find a way to replace or improve upon Ellsbury’s lost production. I’m just curious to see how they do it.

  5. JacobyWanKenobi 2 years ago

    Drew could be a good investment, especially since they intend on contending in the next couple of years. They have the makings of a very strong rotation, they just need guys in the field.

    Morales is too lumpy for the NL.

    I’m not sure what they’re still doing with Duda. I know Duda plays in the OF too, but he doesn’t produce enough for a player at the corner positions.

    30 1B in 2013 drove in 60 or more runs, and 22 hit 20 or more home runs. Dude also only hit 16 doubles, so it’s not like it’s Citi field’s fault.

    I think they should give Ike one more year to see if he can pull it together. He drove in 90 and hit 32 hr in 2012 while only hitting in the .220’s, so I think they may as well go with him if they don’t trade him.

  6. KingofKauff 2 years ago

    The Chris Young signing was atrocious at that price. Clearly no other team was in the same ballpark and why he signed so early.

  7. FamousGrouse 2 years ago

    I would make sure Boras picked up that check at dinner, Sandy.

    • NickinIthaca 2 years ago

      Hopefully Alderson has some tasty salmon…

  8. osheacanusee 2 years ago

    The Cubs have two SS ready to go behind Starlin Castro and are thin on pitching prospects. Baez would probably cost too much, but I’d take a gamble either on Castro, who had a down year but is still only 23 or on Alcantara who might be had for Montero and another prospect.

    • Trock 2 years ago

      I could see them trading Alcantara. Castro (unless something crazy happens) is going to be with the cubs for a long time. Don’t think Cubs give up on him due to last year

  9. Lefty_Orioles_Fan
    Lefty_Orioles_Fan 2 years ago

    Mets need more “Astronauts,” not more players Boras can’t find homes for!

  10. charles stevens 2 years ago

    Mets need to keep developing their own talent and ask Boras nicely to please leave.

  11. diehardmets 2 years ago

    Pass on both of these guys. Morales is overrated, can’t play defense, and is a huge injury concerns, draft pick attached, not to mention I’d rather just go with Davis and have Flores in the wings. Drew is similar, overrated, injury concerns, and is also attahed to a draft pick. Furthermore, the SS market is so much better next season. Better to wait and give Tejada another go.

    • burrito jones 2 years ago

      not really, who is that much better than Drew? Jed Lowrie, or Asdrubal Cabrera? the problem with the mets waiting until next year to try and go grab a ss is that the mets with the currently constructed 2014 team are somewhere around a 74-82 win team, which probably wont get them a top ten protected pick. Lowrie and Cabrera are almost assuredly going to be offered arbitration and neither are worth the pick. you can make the argument that if you consider Hanley a ss then he might be worth the pick but the mets aren’t winning a bidding war with the dodgers. if the mets can get Drew for 2yrs and $20-24mil and only give up a third round pick, its an absolute steal and Alderson will make that move. if Drew stays firm with the 3-4 year deal, then maybe the mets should see exactly what it would take to try and get Lowrie from the Oakland who is still a slight downgrade compared to Drew’s upside.

      • NOLASoxFan 2 years ago

        The problem here is that the Red Sox would also give Drew 2/20-24M. The whole reason he’s still a free agent is that he wants more than that. If he would accept that amount, he’d already be signed. The only way he goes to the Mets is if they offer him a lot more annual money or a longer deal.

        • jakec77 2 years ago

          There’s an argument to be made that, on a short term deal, Drew is better off signing with the Mets than Red Sox, since he’d be guaranteed more playing time. With Red Sox, he could end up sharing time.

          • NOLASoxFan 2 years ago

            I don’t know. He’s much more likely to put up big offensive numbers playing in Boston. Better lineup around him. Better park for lefthanded hitters. Also, probably more national exposure playing for the WS-champ Red Sox than the Mets. I think the whole reason the Sox want him for two years is because they see him as a two-year bridge to a Bogaerts-Cecchini SS-3B combo in 2016 or late 2015. I’d be surprised if they saw him splitting time before that.

          • Red Sox will almost certainly send Middlebrooks away if Drew is brought back.

  12. Dan Turner 2 years ago

    Why Sufferforthetribe? Because it would make sense for the Mets. …the mets don’t do anything that makes sense

  13. Freddie Morales 2 years ago

    I would love for the mets to sign Morales!! No, he’s not a great defensive 1B, but cannot be worse than Duda on D. He is without a doubt an upgrade at the plate over Duda and Davis. The man can hit!!! He could give them a legit 4 hitter to protect wright cuz grandy is definitely not a 4 hitter. Unless mets are still planning a trade for an OF such as Kemp, don’t see why they would go after morales because Duda or Davis is with them. Stay away from Drew!!!!! He is not worth the money, plus Tejada can rebound. If not, cubs might be more willing to make a trade of one of their SS next year or could sign hardy. Alex Gonzalez would be good signing for Backup if for mets. Has some pop, plays SS serviceably. Sandy has made good moves to improve offense so far but another 1-2 more guys are needed.

    • Snake Doctor 2 years ago

      The Man that Can Hit! : .277 / .336 / .449 OPS+ 123
      -2 Runs Saved in 274.1 innings at 1B

      Lucas Duda : .223 / .352/ .415 OPS+ 118
      -1 Run Saved in 280 innings at 1B

      Duda is probably better at 1B at this point (he’s actually +2 DRS for his career at 1B, although the sample is only 635 innings. Using the eyes, he seems fine there). As for a huge improvement at the plate, not really worth the money and draft pick. It’s pretty close. So if you want to improve the team, Morales ain’t doing it.

  14. WindsorJaysFan 2 years ago

    I still can’t believe Morales turned down the qualifying offer…

    • calamityfrancis 2 years ago

      hard to see anyone wanting to sign him at almost any price considering he will cost a team’s highest draft pick. I’d rather have Ike Davis and my draft pick than Morales.

  15. Alex 2 years ago

    Trout for….segura,gomez,2pitching prospects

    • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

      Funny and in MLB The Show it might be fair value.

      • Benny 2 years ago

        With Force Trade on.

        • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

          Just considering value(not the fact it makes no sense for the Brewers) this is a fair trade.

          Segura and Gomez are good for a oWAR slightly better than a Trout/SS combo. As far as dWAR Gomez and Segura probably would check out better overall. The only knock on it is the fact that Gomez only has 2 more years of control, but that’s where the 2 pitching prospects(let’s say Nelson Thornburg) come in.

          Its not as bad as you make it…you’d probably need force trade on because the computer will not trade the top 10 players no matter what you offer(even if it is really good).

          If I was playing my game and I was the Angels I’d do this trade if Gomez had 4 years vs. 2…if I was the Brewers I’d say no regardless as it creates a ton of holes.

          • Benny 2 years ago

            You are aware that you would be trading the best (all-around) player in the game, right?

            I just noticed that you have a “Mil” in your name, so you must be a Brewers fan, so no wonder you would trade Trout for that package. No one in their right mind would trade Trout period, nevertheless for that package.

          • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

            Thought I said the Brewers wouldn’t make that trade? If I could have Trout a 9 war player or a couple that are 13 war player I’m taking option two…id take two all stars over one. I’m a money ball kind of person…if your not that’s fine. One person doesn’t win games.

  16. If the Mets can drive down the years on the deal, it makes sense to sign one or both of these guys because the 1st round pick is protected, you’re punting the 3rd rounder now that Granderson took out the 2nd rounder. I don’t see how Morales can get a third year, not sure about Drew but a 4 year deal looks tough. 3 years of Stephen Drew at 12-15MM? That wouldn’t cripple anything, might help out in the short term. Depends on how much leverage can be brought at Boras.

  17. Lionel Bossman Craft 2 years ago

    Drew and Morales should have taken those QO. Neither are worth draft picks.

  18. dmm1047 2 years ago

    Now I thought Boras had a bunch of options for Drew, now he’s struggling to get the Mets involved?

  19. Matthew Rapillo 2 years ago

    I hate Scott boras he’s ruining the game by getting players lucrative contracts. Stephen Drew was stupid to not take a $14.1 mill contract because he’s worth about $7 mill a year in my books. He’s a decent defender and his offense is lacking a little. I know it’s better than what we had but we can trade for Gregorious or owings from the d-backs or wait to sign a guy like Jed Lowrie who’s a free agent and won’t be resigned by the A’s.

  20. Daniel 2 years ago

    Please get Drew. Huge PASS on Morales though.

  21. Elsalvaje 2 years ago

    I can see that most of u guys don’t know Kendry Morales, He was 5th in the MVP vote just 3 years ago, he’s a pure hitter and a legitim switch hitter that can hit in the 3rd or 4th spot in more than 25 Major League team.

    • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

      More than 25 teams? Your telling me only 5 or so teams have true 3 and 4 hitters? Just in the NL Central im up to 3 that have a combo vastly better than Morales.

      Morales is more a 5 hole hitter…I say he is worth 3/24 tops with the draft pick. I can see a desperate team in February giving him 3/30 though kinda like Kyle Lohse last year.

  22. Blake 2 years ago

    Morales has good ISO but his BB% is low and his defense is a major liability. He’d have to come cheap because there’s a good chance Duda can hit the 20-25 HR Morales is capable of along with much higher BB%.

    • Super_Hero 2 years ago

      When has Duda ever shown to hit 20-25 HRs that Morales has. Morales is 10x the hitter Duda is. Duda is a horrible hitter and a horrible defender. I take Ike over Duda.

      • Blake 2 years ago

        The actual data begs to differ that Morales is “10X” Duda:

        2013 #’s:

        Duda…14.3 BB% 26.6 K% .192 ISO .340 wOBA 120 wRC+
        Morales 7.5 BB% 17.4 K% .171 ISO .342 wOBA 116 wRC+ 6.4 oWAR

      • Blake 2 years ago

        The actual data begs to differ that Morales is “10X” Duda:

        2013 #’s:

        Duda…14.3 BB% 26.6 K% .192 ISO .340 wOBA 120 wRC+
        Morales 7.5 BB% 17.4 K% .171 ISO .342 wOBA 116 wRC+

  23. Blake 2 years ago

    Duda .192 ISO in 2013. Morales: .171. Duda also has +UZR at 1B.

  24. Brian Baker 2 years ago

    I can’t emphasize enough what a mistake Drew made in letting Boras decline the $14M from the Red Sox. He is going to end up signing a one year deal with someone for about half that.

  25. RodBinNC 2 years ago

    Morales is not the answer at first. I wish Davis could hit better than Kingman, though.

  26. Dennis Spellman 2 years ago

    I don’t care about money Lucas Duda is a triple A player at best, I think if Morales is healthy enough play first base for an entire season the Mets should sign him & instantly fix the lineup deficiencies with one great bat.

  27. He struggled with Bourn last year who was far more appealing than Morales. I think he’ll get a good contract for Drew but Morales will be tough. Or he’ll go back to the Red Sox on a short term deal, which he probably should have done anyway. I didn’t think the market would be this bad for him, but 14 million was a lot for a player of his caliber to pass up.

  28. David Stephens 2 years ago

    why would the Jays trade him?

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