Central Notes: Castro, Indians, Twins, Hart

Starlin Castro claims that stress related to an ongoing legal dispute in the Dominican Republic has affected his on-field performance for the Cubs, Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune reports. A coach at a baseball school in the Dominican is suing Castro, contending that a contract the shortstop's father signed when Castro was an amateur entitles the academy to a portion of his Major League earnings. The affair has had a "direct impact on his duties as a professional ballplayer, leading to one of his worst-ever statistical performances," Castro's countersuit states. While the 23-year-old played in 161 games last season, 2013 saw him slump to a .245/.284/.347 line. The 2014 season will be the second of the seven-year, $60MM deal Castro signed inked with the Cubs in 2012. Here's more from around baseball's Central divisions:

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  1. Arndt Miles 2 years ago

    Always a classy move when a player does that

    • Mil8Ball 2 years ago

      Classy would have been taking a small 4mil discount after taking 10mil in 2013 to sit on his couch all year.

  2. Sage 2 years ago

    I actually saw that ad from Corey when I read my paper this morning. Seriously classy man. I’m going to miss seeing old #1 on the field for us. Best of luck to him in Seattle!

  3. Slappy McGee 2 years ago

    The Twins won’t add anything useful if it costs them. What they have spent this year is basically the new $25MM in TV money. They have only committed a couple of million besides that, even though their payroll shrunk almost $25MM from the first of 2013 to the end.

  4. pft2 2 years ago

    Castro shouldn’t have left so much of his money in DR bank accounts.

    In any event, I suspect the complacency of a big deal had more to do with his poor season. Some players play better looking for the big day than after they get it, perhaps because they spend more time in the gym.

    As for the Twins, their 1st round pick is protected and they would only be giving up a 2nd round pick. I sometimes think the draft pick compensation is just an excuse to be cheap. Fans don’t understand that drafting is more of a lottery in MLB than other sports

    • TheoHoyer 2 years ago

      I think it has more to do with Starlin Castro’s father signing a terrible contract awarding the school future salary percentages. I agree with you though, and I hope he can turn it around.

    • Sky14 2 years ago

      If it is just a lottery, not that I agree, why would you want to decrease your odds by losing a high pick?

      It is not coincidence that teams that avoid FA’s attached to draft pick compensation, the Rays, Cardinals and Red Sox come to mind, have better farms than teams that regularly sign those free agents like the Tigers, Angels and Yankees.

  5. justinept 2 years ago

    So this legal matter has been going on for two years, huh? Interesting….

  6. mrsjohnmiltonrocks 2 years ago

    Maybe he feared that if they could get their hands on 3.5 million, they could get their hands on 30 million or all 60 million.

    Anyone that has been put through the meat grinder that a court system can be might be at least a bit preoccupied.

  7. justinept 2 years ago

    Well, in fairness to that comment – Castro has made $6 million career to date. Subtract taxes and agent fees, and the $3.5 million involved here pretty much wipes wipes out his bank account. I’m sure it’s a bit of a relief to know that more money is on the way, but the bills he currently has can’t wait. Add in the fact that he was likely spending money he thought he had, and you can imagine those bills are probably pretty high.

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