Indians, David Adams Agree To Major League Deal

The Indians and infielder David Adams are in agreement on a Major League deal, according to Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet. Adams is represented by Jet Sports Management.

Adams, who turns 27 next May, batted just .193/.252/.286 in 152 plate appearances for the Yankees in 2013. However, the 2008 third-rounder has an excellent minor league track record, having slashed a healthy .291/.376/.441 in 1798 plate appearances.

Adams has missed significant time due to ankle injuries in the past, which slowed his rise through the Yankees' system. He reached Triple-A for the first time in 2013, posting a solid .268/.366/.405 batting line. The right-handed hitter has extensive experience at both second base and third base, so he could be an option to platoon with Lonnie Chisenhall at the hot corner.

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  1. jjs91 2 years ago

    Too bad that he lost so much time with that injury, at least he can go to a team that can play him.

  2. Kevin Wisla 2 years ago

    Good for Adams. I always felt he could help the Yankees, at least in a platoon/utility role but they didn’t see it the same way. Dude has some hitting ability, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up succeeding in such a role with the Tribe.

    That being said, i’ll always remember him as the guy who’s ankle prevented the Yankees from landing Cliff Lee and possibly a second straight World Series trip.

  3. Ley_Z 2 years ago

    Weird the Yankees let him go considering their massive uncertainty in the infield.

    • DMoney1184 2 years ago

      Not that weird–Adams isn’t that good and the Yankees are going to sign someone. Infante? Drew? Uribe? They’ll get one of them. Yeah, you want options in a situation like this but quality options which Adams is not.

  4. TeddyRoos 2 years ago

    Adams, Cooper, Cloyd, Carson? Have they started printing playoff tickets yet. Wow!

    • bob smit 2 years ago

      Extra help in the infield and the insurance to back up 3B if Chisenhall and Santana aren’t working out… is a good idea. Sure they didn’t sign a Cano, but they can’t. Small market teams woo!

      • Shin_Soo_Choo 2 years ago

        Don’t forget Aviles played a lot of 3B down the stretch.

        • bob smit 2 years ago

          But like another commenter said, Aviles may see much more time at short if Asdrubal is traded.. which I hope happens.

          • Kyle Garret 2 years ago

            Yeah, something has to be going on, right? If we’re working under the assumption that Giambi makes the squad again (even though he’s on a minor league deal), the roster is getting really crowded with position players. We’ve got 5 outfielders and 8 infielders without counting Gomes or Giambi!

      • TeddyRoos 2 years ago

        Bob it’s not about signing these guys. I know all teams do. It’s the fact this is pretty much going to be it. We’re back to Shapiro ball. Link the Tribe to every FA. Them just miss out on signing. Then go shopping at the picked over bargain table in late February gets tiring after 12-13 years

        • Kyle Garret 2 years ago

          We don’t have the money. We spent our TV deal money last off season and ended up getting bargains compared to what teams are spending now.

          It’s not Shapiro ball, it’s economics. Unless the Browns leave again, this is the way it’s going to be.

          • Shin_Soo_Choo 2 years ago

            The 5 division championships and 2 World Series appearances had a much bigger impact on their popularity than the Browns leaving town. There is no reason they wouldn’t enjoy at least league average attendance with a perennial contender.

          • Kyle Garret 2 years ago

            The Browns leaving town meant people had money to spend on Tribe games. More money came in meant more money going out.

            There’s only so much money to be spent by people in NE Ohio.

            And even in ’07, attendance didn’t improve until September.

          • JAMCTribe 2 years ago

            Can the Browns leave again? Please?

          • Brownsfan99 2 years ago

            Why in the world would you want them to leave? Why coach Chud just said we can go toe to toe with anybody. We can’t beat anybody, but maybe he was referring to dancing? Maybe he was referring to cheerleaders? But hey we got draft picks coming. Just maybe we can find another Couch, Quinn, McCoy, Warren, Taylor, Weeden, Richardson, etc while we pass over the qbs we will be watching in January. But also don’t forget how proud our coaches are of the players who fight until the end. For 14 years we have been on the cutting edge of greatness. We can’t coach an onside kick that the whole world knew was coming, and couldn’t win with a 12 point lead with 3 minutes to go last week, but heck it was those awful refs that made us lose. Geesh!!!!

          • dieselman 2 years ago

            Disagree, it’s bring cheap. When the Indians fielded a consistently winning team in the late ’90s and early 2000s, attendance was > 3 Million. Now its barely 1. Fans have left this dying carcass that the Dolans keep trying to suck dry. Nauseating!

            Detroit has less people than Cleveland, an economy that’s bankrupt, yet still the team pays for high-end players, understanding that winning is everything, not just putting a team of .193 “hitters” on the field.

        • bob smit 2 years ago

          They don’t really need any big bats. That whole ‘big bat in the middle’ can be missed because we have such a versatile and powerful bench, with oodles of platooning that will be happening. It worked very well last year, and will work well again. Tons of depth is a good thing – especially when the bench hits well. What we need is a couple RP, and possibly a SP. We aren’t in a position right now where a huge FA signing is necessary. We got to 92 wins, and I don’t see this offseason as a backslide from what we had. Yes we lost 2 SPs (maybe Ubaldo will return? probably not), but we have a lot more to see from Kluber and Salazar who didn’t pitch full seasons, and the 5 spot can be adequately filled by Tomlin, Carrasco or Bauer.

          • dieselman 2 years ago

            Oodles? Tons of depth? Is this Shapiro writing under another name? Hard to write when I’m laughing…

          • DCTribeFan 2 years ago

            Even a negative nelly has to acknowledge the contributions Gomes, Raburn, Aviles, and Giambi made off the bench last year.

          • dieselman 2 years ago

            Absolutely for Gomes (GREAT pick-up!), Raburn and Aviles. All were/are very valuable! Giambi seems like a great guy, but I’m so tired of <.200 "hitters" for this team. Might make a good line coach.

            Last years team could not compete with top-end ML teams, and now we've lost 2 good SPs and our best reliever. We were lucky and scrappy last year. Congrats to Tito for bringing out the best from marginal talent!

            However, unless something changes, we won't be playoff bound in 2014 and will be lucky to even finish over .500. Call me Mr. Negative, but Shapiro and the Dolans don't evaluate or pay for talent well. We will never win a World Series until they're gone.

  5. Kyle Garret 2 years ago

    This is weird. They’ve now signed (to Major League deals) another 1B and another utility infielder. If signing Cooper started speculation about the future of Santana with the team, surely this must start speculation on the future of Cabrera? Signing another utility infielder suggests Avilles won’t be filling that role anymore.

    • Tribe82 2 years ago

      Unfortunately trying to trade Cabrera now is going to be tough. Tribe should have dealt him after 2011. I’d be happy to see Cabrera go though…just don’t think we’d get much in return.

      • Kyle Garret 2 years ago

        I agree, which is the other reason I find this deal so strange. But maybe they got a decent offer?

  6. slider32 2 years ago

    The Indians need a lot of pitching not infield help. Adams looks to be a AAAA player .

  7. Edward 2 years ago

    We needed some depth at third and we got it this kid should fit nicely

  8. mcgolfin 2 years ago

    Curious as to if this means they are close to dealing Asdrubal. Adams would seem to fit Aviles’ role which would imply moving Aviles to starting SS until Lindor is ready, midseason or next year. Maybe they swap Asdrubal for a good cheap reliever and use the saved money on a higher tier starter or Masterson extension.

  9. DMoney1184 2 years ago

    Wow, really? A major league deal? Did they see him play last year? There’s a reason he was 26 and in AAA last season. This is the guy whose injury cost the Yankees Cliff Lee from the Mariners once upon a time. The Yankees were willing to send him, Jesus Montero and a third prospect to the Mariners in exchange for Lee and the Mariners found out about some ankle injury of his or something and nixed the deal at the last second. Instead, Seattle made the “great” trade of landing Justin Smoak and minor leaguers Blake Beavan, Josh Lueke and Matthew Lawson. I don’t know who does the scouting of other teams’ farm systems for the purposes of trades but they need to be fired. Yesterday.

  10. dieselman 2 years ago

    Another .193 “hitter” signed by Shapiro and company. An average hitter in the minors? I think the Indians already have that in Chisenhall. Impressive? Not..

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