Quick Hits: Dodgers, Arroyo, Giants, Axford

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti told reporters, including Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times (on Twitter), that he has met with "far more agents than teams" at the winter meetings. He added that he doesn't expect any deals to go down before leaving tomorrow.

  • Although the Reds have met with Bronson Arroyo's agent in the last 24 hours, they're telling clubs they expect him to sign elsewhere, tweets Jayson Stark of ESPN.com.
  • Giants assisstant GM Bobby Evans says the club is "equally close" on trade and free agent options for a left fielder, tweets John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • The Indians are believed to have made an offer to free agent reliever John Axford, according to Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com. Earlier tonight, we learned that the Orioles have also made an offer to Axford, though they prefer Grant Balfour.
  • The Rays have expressed interest in Kevin Youkilis, tweets Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times. Youkilis would fit the Rays' mold as a player on the rebound.
  • Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski told MLB Network Radio (on Twitter) that he's focused on winning a championship but he's still in a spot where he has to keep finances in mind.

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  1. Bill Smith 2 years ago

    Come on, DD. Just get Mr. Illitch to up the price on the “hot n ready’s” to 50$ a piece. Spend, spend, spend!

  2. BadBJay 2 years ago

    Giants: Gardner or Rasmus? Certainly wouldn’t be Choo.

    • Greg Morse 2 years ago

      I really like Gardner, Rasmus would be ok Choo would blow me away

    • Tko11 2 years ago

      Choo is a RF and Gardner is a CF. So I doubt its either of them.

      • BadBJay 2 years ago

        I’m sure Choo would oblige in LF for $150 million.

        He would welcome it given AT&T Park’s center/right field.

        • Tko11 2 years ago

          Yeah but it says specifically “left fielder” I’m just assuming that means they will trade or sign someone who is a left fielder rather than a right fielder who will move to left field. I could be wrong though and I wouldn’t mind Choo in SF.

          • BadBJay 2 years ago

            I hear ya. But that’s just semantics. It could be Mike Morse if all we know.

      • Greg Morse 2 years ago

        I heard something about Pagan shifting to Left

      • Brad Blossom 2 years ago

        Pagan would move to LF where he is better suited to play anyways.

      • Zach Ripple 2 years ago

        Both Choo and Gardner can play left and do it well. Gardner would be able to really take advantage of AT&T with his speed and the right-center gap. He could put up 20 triples. This is a guy who was a 7.4 bWAR and 6.0 fWAR player in 2010. He’s a great defender, especially in left field, and he offers a ton of speed and decent contact and on-base abilities.

        • Tko11 2 years ago

          Putting Gardner in LF would be a waste in my opinion.

      • AndyWarpath 2 years ago

        …both have played LF in their career. The latter at a gold glove caliber level.

    • Brad Blossom 2 years ago

      I like the idea of a Sanchez for De Aza trade personally. Would make sense for both teams

      • soxfan123123 2 years ago

        Hector Sanchez? Is he a decent hitter?

        • Brad Blossom 2 years ago

          Yeah he hit .280 in 2012 he had some injuries last year. I think he would do well with regular playing time but we don’t have anywhere to play him with Posey. Personally I’d hate to see him go but he deserves a chance to start and we need the OF help.

        • Nathaniel Brownson 2 years ago

          He’s honestly perfectly fine as a back-up. I personally believe he has the potential for power, but I’m not sure what he could do as a starter.

  3. RyanWKrol 2 years ago

    My iPhone app updated just as I was reading this. Nice layout but the comment function is posting my comments in the wrong place.

  4. BadBJay 2 years ago

    I don’t know why… but Josh Willingham comes to mind for the Giants in LF.

    • NickinIthaca 2 years ago

      Well the last time they traded for Pat Burrell they won the World Series…

      • northsfbay 2 years ago

        Burrell was released by the Rays and the Giants picked him up. He was not traded.

    • ea19 2 years ago

      Don’t know why the Twins would trade him when his value has hit rock bottom due to injuries last year. They would be better off trading him near the deadline if he is putting up decent numbers

  5. Guest 2 years ago

    Gardner not moving. I’d love for it to be Jay Bruce, but he’s too good for Sabean to have his eye on. Hell, I would’ve gladly welcomed Granderson for the contract he got. Really needed Ellsbury, but will probably end up with Jeff Baker. Not bad as far as platoons go, but the Giants really don’t need a platoon.

  6. Why do I have a sinking feeling that Sabean is about to sign Raul Ibanez or Mike Morse?

    • Nathaniel Brownson 2 years ago

      I don’t think there is any logical answer to that since Morse is in talks with the Astros and Ibanez hasn’t even really been linked to the National League.

      • Which is exactly the point. There are a handful of “good” fits out there to solve SF’s outfield woes. There are even a couple of “great” fits. Instead, I almost fully expect Sabean to sign someone who makes no sense or yet another platoon player. In fact, if he leaves the meetings without signing/trading for someone, I’d expect Andres Torres to be picked up for yet another spin around the block.

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