Brewers Sign Zach Duke

The Brewers have agreed to a minor league deal with lefty Zach Duke, reports's Adam McCalvy (via Twitter). The deal includes a Spring Training invitation.

Duke, 30, struggled early last year with the Nationals, posting a 8.71 ERA in his first 20 2/3 innings. But the southpaw turned things around upon joining the Reds, allowing less than an earned run per nine during his 10 2/3 innings in Cincinnati. Since losing his job as an everyday starter after the 2010 season, Duke has bounced around the league as a middle reliever.

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  1. Mike 1 year ago

    Brewers stocking up on the Pirate starters of yesteryear. Gorzelanny, Duke, who’s next? Ian Snell?

    • brewcrew23 1 year ago

      James McDonald probably next haha

      • Mike 1 year ago

        I wouldn’t mind McDonald haha he had some potential!

    • daveineg 1 year ago

      Duke was the worst of that lot. Anytime I had a ticket for a game Duke was starting against the Brewers, I knew I would see some mashing.

      • Mike 1 year ago

        There might be solace in knowing these pitchers will be used in relief, at least I hope so.

  2. vtadave 1 year ago

    Guess this is in response to the Dodgers locking up Kershaw…

  3. jarek redman 1 year ago

    Maybe he can play first base too?

  4. Eric 1 year ago

    Looks like the Brewers just signed their #3 starter.

    • Mil8Ball 1 year ago

      Thank you for that inaccurate post…its a minor league deal and they have 8 people that would start over him.

      • Eric 1 year ago

        Sarcasm is a 2nd language to you I see. It was more a dig at how horrible the rotation currently is right now.

        • Mil8Ball 1 year ago

          There rotation isn’t isn’t even that bad…so even sarcastically it made no sense.

        • daveineg 1 year ago

          Brewer staff ERA by month from June thru September last year: 3.44 in June; 3.63 in July; 3.57 in August, 3.29 in September. Pitching ERA was top 10 in all baseball in the 2nd half. Starting pitching ERA in July, August and September combined was 3.44 The staff compiled 14 shutouts over the last 96 games and the team played above .500 during Braun’s suspension mostly due to solid starting pitching. Every starter that ended the year is under contract for next season.

          • Mil8Ball 1 year ago

            ^This…Duke would never even sniff a rotation spot with the Brewers and they have a deep rotation.

            It makes any comment even sarcastic about Duke competing for the #3 spot really silly. It is a very underrated rotation that could make the Brewers a legitimate threat. I’m not saying they should be in the conversation now, but by mid season they should still be competing.

            I dont know why people write off the Brewers and make them seem like a 90+ loss team next year. Next years team will be vastly improved just by players coming back and having more experience.

  5. Sage 1 year ago

    Not exciting, but it’s not like having another lefty bullpen arm in camp could hurt. So, how many Pirates do we have now? Gorzelanny, Duke, Wei-Chung Wang… I guess you could count Aramis, but that was a while ago. Regardless, like I said, it can’t hurt to have more competition. Though, admittedly, I’d rather see Wang make the club than Duke. At least Wang has the potential to be above average. We already know exactly what Duke is.

    • X Marks the Spot 1 year ago

      Wei-Chung Wang can come out of the bullpen to the song. “Everybody Wang chung tonight”.

  6. brewersfan729 1 year ago

    I’m getting an early start and putting my lawn chair on Wisconsin Ave. The parade in November is going to be awesome!

  7. jarek redman 1 year ago

    Don’t look now, but Doug Melvin also invited John Jaha and Kevin Seitzer to camp as well to possibly platoon first base in 2014.

    • Sage 1 year ago

      You joke, but they would probably combine for less strikeouts than Juan Francisco would have if we start him for a whole season.

    • X Marks the Spot 1 year ago

      Thumbs up for John Jaha mention.

    • frogger6 1 year ago

      i loved seitzer. he should do it. better than whatever played there last season

  8. Justin Timberpond 1 year ago


  9. daveineg 1 year ago

    Duke has allowed 19 HR to Brewer hitters in 103 2/3 inning and sports a 5.99 ERA against the Brewers. He was obviously brought in to boost Brewer hitters confidence in BP.

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