Mets Don’t Want To Go Beyond One Year For Drew

The Mets don't want to offer Stephen Drew a deal of more than one year, New York Daily News' Andy Martino writes. It's mostly Scott Boras, rather than the Mets, initiating contact between the two sides, and Martino reports that the Mets could attempt to wait Drew out, hoping to sign him cheaply later in the offseason.

Martino also suggests Drew's medicals could be an issue, although it's unclear exactly what that might mean. Drew missed three weeks with a hamstring injury last season, although he played well after he returned. He also missed significant chunks of the 2011 and 2012 seasons with an ankle injury.

Drew hit .253/.333/.433 for the Red Sox last season, and there are a number of teams he should be able to help. Many of those teams prefer to use their own younger shortstop options, however, and the fact that Drew declined a qualifying offer appears to be hurting his market. The Mets' first-round pick is protected, however, and they already gave up their second-round pick to get Curtis Granderson, so they would only have to sacrifice a third-round pick if they signed Drew.

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