Quick Hits: Phils, O’Flaherty, Maine, Guerrier, Cotts

Somewhat remarkably, both of the Phillies' last two GMs and last two managers are still employed by the organization, observes Justin Klugh of Philly.com. Meanwhile, the club only recently hired an analytical employee, and it remains unclear how much pull that position holds. While keeping the old guard around is a nice touch, says Klugh, the club should make a stronger commitment to progress. Here are more notes from around the league:

  • There is now only a "slim chance" that southpaw reliever Eric O'Flaherty will return to the Braves, reports Mark Bowman of MLB.com. The issue, Bowman indicates, is that Atlanta is not as interested in working O'Flaherty into their plans as other clubs. Specifically, Bowman names the Orioles as a contender for the lefty. 
  • The Braves may have found yet another diamond in the rough with minor league free agent signees Luis Vasquez and Lay Batista, writes Bill Ballew of Baseball America. "We identified Vasquez and Batista as potential high-octane arms who could contribute in Atlanta as soon as 2014," said assistant GM John Coppolella.
  • Lefty Scott Maine is reportedly throwing well in Puerto Rico and beginning to draw interest from clubs, reports MLBTR's Zach Links (via Twitter). He could sign with a club as soon as this week, Links adds. Maine has a 5.59 career ERA in 46 2/3 big league innings. He spent time in the Marlins' system last year.
  • Another right-handed reliever, Matt Guerrier, is expected to audition for MLB clubs in the next ten days or so, Links further tweets. Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN recently reported that the Twins could be interested in a reunion.
  • The $2.2MM contract agreed upon yesterday between the Rangers and reliever Neal Cotts is fully guaranteed, Links tweets. As Links observes, Cotts' representatives at Pro Star Management did well to get their client a guarantee given his injury history.

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  1. rxbrgr 2 years ago

    Scott Maine is a lefty btw

  2. Yanks48 2 years ago

    If healthy, O’Flaherty is a beast. Hes bound to be signed by someone

  3. Philip Marlowe 2 years ago

    Three Ex-Cubs in Maine, Guerrier, and Cotts. Maybe Clark scared them away.

  4. Bryan Knight 2 years ago

    I’d like to bring back EOF but not for a bunch of money. The Braves pen is great without him but he would still help especially seeing how we lost him and Venters to begin last season. I was worried this would happen after I saw the Joe Smith contact a long with a few others that he would realize he could get big money before we could sign him.

  5. Phillyfan425 2 years ago

    While I get the point Klugh is making, it’s a little off. Bowa was brought back by Sandberg (due to their familiarity). Charlie has a cushy “you won us a WS” job as “Special Assistant to the GM”. Wade was always pretty good at scouting. And Gillick is just good to have around in general. And in terms of the analytical employee – does Roberto Hernandez’s signing not shed light on the pull that guy has? I can’t imagine the Phillies signing a SABR-darling 3 years ago.

  6. migueljablonski 2 years ago

    Honestly, i figured EOF was as good as gone. Im sure they only wanted to employ his services at a low rate- a rate other teams could and would best considering his previous track record. the braves are the absolute best at finding amazing relievers on the cheap so there is basically no reason to outbid for his services. Not that he wouldnt be an asset, but we did get by last year without him…

  7. mstrchef13 2 years ago

    I’d love to see O’F in the O’s bullpen, next to O’D. How many other O’Pitchers can we find? Seriously though, if he can get back to even his 2009 self, he’s a keeper.

    • Lefty_Orioles_Fan
      Lefty_Orioles_Fan 2 years ago

      The question is will E O’F be able to pitch during Spring Training and be ready to go on Opening Day or at least around O.D.
      Because if he isn’t, then I have no interest.

      • mstrchef13 2 years ago

        Don’t know the answer to that one. Haven’t heard one way or the other.

      • bhambravesfan 2 years ago

        He will be ready no sooner than May, maybe longer

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