AL Central Notes: Indians, Jimenez, Masterson, Royals

After defeating reliever Vinnie Pestano in an arbitration hearing recently, Cleveland still has three more players scheduled to face a panel. One of them — outfielder Michael Brantley – is reportedly close to a long-term deal. Pestano discussed his feelings upon going through the process, as's Jordan Bastian reports. The reliever said he was surprised mostly by the team's use of statements he'd made to the press against him. "You're being honest and accountable and saying the right things and being there," Pestano said, "and then later you find your own words in the paper, and somebody is trying to use your words against you to drive your value down. Whether that played a big role in the decision, I don't know." Though not necessarily expressing ill-will towards the team, Pestano did indicate that the hearing would have a future impact. "I definitely think it'll affect how I see things going forward," said Pestano. "I don't really know if I can be as honest and up-front anymore. I've got three more years of arbitration left. I don't know what they'll pick to use against me next year or two years from now."

Here's more from the Indians and an American League Central competitor:

  • Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweets that the Indians haven't been in touch with Ubaldo Jimenez or his agents at Relativity Baseball in "weeks." Cleveland is, however, said to have inquired on fellow righty Ervin Santana, who (like Jimenez) will require the sacrifice of a draft choice if he is signed by a new club.
  •'s Jordan Bastian reports (via Twitter) that Indians hurler Justin Masterson is willing to discuss an extension in Spring Training and may even consider talking with the team during the season, if necessary. Last we checked in, extension talks had been shelved while the sides focused on avoiding an arbitration hearing that remains scheduled for February 20th. 
  • Royals GM Dayton Moore says that the club's payroll will land around $90MM for the coming season, tweets Andy McCullough of the Kansas City Star. That tab falls beyond the club's "break-even point," says Moore, and thus constitutes a "gamble."

Steve Adams contributed to this post.

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  1. Koby2 1 year ago

    Break even for Glass to pocket $30 million.

    • Sufferfortribe 1 year ago

      Glass used to make that much every 2 years working for WalMart. Hard to believe he found a way to make it even faster.

  2. Ron Loreski 1 year ago

    I wonder if the Indians could be a mystery team for AJ Burnett.

    • I Want My Bird 1 year ago

      Does it not seem like last year was free agent splashing for the Indians and Blue Jays, for the novelty of it and see what could come of it, and now they have hunkered back to their usual selves.

    • MLB416 1 year ago

      At this point I think Burnett likely has a few mystery teams in on him.
      He is maybe the best option left on the market.

  3. alexamato 1 year ago

    Pestano should count himself lucky he’s even on a 40 man roster

    • Sufferfortribe 1 year ago

      Agreed, and I really liked him. Besides the ‘arm injury’, he also looked out of shape last season, as if he had put on some poundage. Always seemed to be laboring on the mound. And after those comments of his, wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t an Indian for long.

      • McTigers 1 year ago

        There was a time when that Pestano/Perez combo basically meant the game was over for my Tigers. They both looked like shells of their former selves last season.

  4. Ryan23 1 year ago

    “Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweets that the Indians haven’t been in touch with the Ubaldo Jimenez”

    But they have been in touch with an Ubaldo Jiminez. I personally hope it is the one from 2010.

  5. Sufferfortribe 1 year ago

    Yo, Vinnie. Put up or shut up.

  6. Jeff Weissbuch 1 year ago

    I think if the royals are close in the divison the fans will come out and the team will make money.

  7. MLB416 1 year ago

    I would be surprised the Tribe would go after Santana over Jiminez unless the dollars Santana commands are reasonably less.

  8. yes 1 year ago

    That’s how you solve a problem? By not talking?

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