Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Orioles, Rays, Holmberg

On this date in 2000, the Cubs named four captains: first baseman Mark Grace, right fielder Sammy Sosa, pitcher Kevin Tapani, and reliever Rick Aguilera.  The quartet became the Cubs’ first captains since the 1960s and early 1970s, when Ron Santo held the position.  Here’s this week’s look around the baseball blogosphere..

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  1. Dylan 1 year ago

    That Rays article is so silly.

    • I Want My Bird 1 year ago

      How so? With one or two exceptions, it’s about the same team I would have put together. The big thing is the benefit of hindsight. I think it’s fine to point out the disparity in team payroll, the other two main sports don’t have it.

      • Dylan 1 year ago

        Yeah, hindsight is huge tho. Anyone can put a championship team together. (Including Yanks) for 200 million with hindsight. The author acknowledges this; I’m not knocking him. It’s just silly, that’s all.

    • TheTruth 1 year ago

      The silliest thing is does is pretend Mike Napoli could catch forty games a year.

      • Dylan 1 year ago

        Imagine what he could’ve got in FA if he could catch 100-120 games a year…

  2. Dan O'Brien 1 year ago

    The interview with Jeff Luhnow’s wife is golden! Completely candid!

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