D’Backs Asking For Young Catcher In Exchange For Shortstop

The Diamondbacks have a good deal of depth at shortstop, as they feel that both Didi Gregorius and Chris Owings are capable Major League shortstops. In addition, three more names on Baseball America's list of Top 30 Diamonsbacks prospects — Nick Ahmed, Sergio Alcantara and Jose Munoz — are shortstops. This has led to some speculation that the Diamondbacks could trade a shortstop in order to address other needs in the organization, and Marc Carig of Newsday now reports (via Twitter) that the Diamondbacks have targeted young catchers in discussing shortstop trades with the Mets.

However, Carig adds that the Mets aren't a good fit for a trade with the D-Backs. Arizona is said to be seeking a Travis d'Arnaud type of talent in exchange for one of their shortstops and doesn't deem fellow catcher Kevin Plawecki a good enough return. As such, the Mets and D-Backs haven't had recent trade discussions about Arizona's shorstops (Twitter links).

For some context, Plawecki ranked fifth on BA's Top 30 Mets prospects heading into the 2014 season. BA calls him a safe bet to bat around .280 and hit somewhere in the range of a dozen homers at his peak level, and his bat is good enough to profile as a starting catcher, according to their scouting report. He has an average arm and is solid when it comes to blocking pitches, per BA.

The Diamondbacks currently have Miguel Montero installed as their everyday catcher, but the 30-year-old's offense slipped in 2013. After batting .283/.361/.457 from 2009-12, Montero slashed just .230/.318/.344 in 475 plate appearances last season. The decline was rapid and clearly unexpected, as it came in the first season of a five-year, $60MM extension that Montero inked in May 2012. He's set to earn $10MM this coming season, $12MM in 2015 and $14MM in 2016-17.

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  1. Kolukonu 1 year ago

    The Yankees need to be calling them up and offering Gary Sanchez. They have absolutely nothing to replace Jeter at SS next year or in the future. They have a (relatively) young catcher in McCann for the next few years so Sanchez is now expendable.

    • Jonathan Gallo 1 year ago

      Respectable trade way too many Yankee fan proposals center around John Ryan Murphy.

      • Kolukonu 1 year ago

        I’m not like most Yankee fans and actually am realistic with expectations and trade proposals. You have to provide value to both teams otherwise a trade will never happen.

        Pretty much, while I’m a Yankees fan, I’m a baseball fan second. No bandwagoner here.

        • DMoney1184 1 year ago

          Nobody’s going to replace Jeter, just like no one can replace Mo but someone has to fill their spots, any way. That being said, I’d consider putting up with Ryan’s non-existent bat as long as his glove stays Gold Glove level as a starting shortstop in 2015 and keeping Sanchez or just signing Drew already. It would cost a second round pick so maybe the Yankees get lucky, he signs, has a big season, opts out and then the Yankees make him a qualifying offer, he declines and the Yankees get compensation pick between rounds one and two. Year of Drew + higher pick.

          • johnsilver 1 year ago

            That would be tolerable if it was only 1 position on the L/H side, but NY has questions from 2b-3b.

            Someone like a Mike Avilles would be really handy for them as a super utility player who can handle every IF position and is respectable at the plate.

            NY may be the 1st team picking over the teams that fall flat in May/June and start selling off infielders and BP pieces, both areas NY are very weak at and made no effort to upgrade over the winter.

      • DMoney1184 1 year ago

        I think you’re selling Murphy short a little; he’s not going to be the offensive center piece of a team but Keith Law (so someone not on the Yankee payroll) said Murphy has the stuff to be a major league starting catcher.

        I would consider swapping Sanchez for Owings but I don’t know about Gregorius. I’m not sold on him. Plus, there’s also the problem of where does this guy play this year since the Yankees already have Jeter and Brendan Ryan on board. Would have be satisfied backing up second, short and third this season if he knew SS was his for 2015 and beyond?

        • Kolukonu 1 year ago

          I agree. I would only part with Sanchez if Owings was the return they were receiving. Gregorious is major league average at best.

      • jjs91 1 year ago

        According to law Murphy is going to be a starting catcher, and his zips projections puts him ahead of a lot of top prospects. I have no idea why he wouldn’t be considered a valuable trade chip.

      • Joe Valenti 1 year ago

        JR still may make a little sense if they don’t plan on getting Didi or CO. They also would need to add someone

    • Seamaholic 1 year ago

      Not sure Sanchez is close enough to MLB for the Dbacks, who have this idea that they’re competing this year.

      • Eric Droegemeier 1 year ago

        Montero should give them decent production if he stays healthy, then they have Sanchez in the wings. Seems a good fit to me.

    • Mike Rook 1 year ago

      Sanchez is not MLB ready however I would think Ryan or Romaine plus another lower level prospect could get the job done

      • Kolukonu 1 year ago

        You are correct. However, Sanchez easily has the highest ceiling out of all those players and would command the better return. He is the No. 1 prospect in the Yankees system for a reason. I could see him being MLB ready in 2016.

        If the D-Backs would prefer Murphy or Romine, one of the others that are closer to being MLB Ready, that’s fine as well. It just means the Yanks will need to throw in another prospect if they want the better of the shortstops (Owings).

        • Mike Rook 1 year ago

          The D backs are looking for someone to back up this season so Im thinking Murphy and a pitching prospect. and to respond to halflink123 the Yankees never have a good farm system for long its not the way they are built. its hard to build a farm system when you dont get the top draft picks and the free agents you sign typically have no trade clauses. I see some talent at the lower levels and I think that the yankees last draft was decent if it pans out. The yankees like to go after oft injured players during the draft in hopes they make a recovery because they can have a high upside if they recover however that strategy hasn’t been great for them

      • oleosmirf 1 year ago

        The D-Backs have Miguel Montero as their starting catcher so having an MLB ready C prospect really isn’t that important to them. They are probably more interested in someone who’s in AA or close to it, who will take over in a few years.

        Someone like Sanchez or Plawecki would make sense. D’Arnaud, not so much.

        • JoshReddicksWalkupSong 1 year ago

          I read yesterday that they wanted a MLB ready catcher to backup Montero, so a AA catcher wouldn’t do it.

        • Mike Rook 1 year ago

          They are looking for MLB ready catcher to be Monteros backup

          • DMoney1184 1 year ago

            That’s very strange. There are plenty of back-up catchers in the majors–quality glove, no-bat veteran types. You typically don’t look to trade a high-end prospect like Owings for that type of player. A catching prospect like Sanchez, high end, All-Star potential, would be a fair return for a guy like Owings, even though he isn’t immediately major league ready. The D’Backs could just wait until the end of Spring Training and pick up a spare back-up catcher type for this season. Teams always invite extras to spring training so that the two guys they plan on carrying into the year aren’t catching a lot of unnecessary innings in meaningless games.

      • slider32 1 year ago

        I agree, I can see the Yanks making this move.

    • halflink123 1 year ago

      Gary Sanchez isnt a very good prospect tho. He’s only the Yankees best prospect b/c the Yankees have maybe one of the thinnest farms in baseball. I would be very surprised to see the snakes pull of a deal like that but then again they did trade Randy Johnson to the yankees who knows

      • Kolukonu 1 year ago

        The Yankees farm system is considered middle-of-the-pack. They aren’t anywhere near the top 10, but also aren’t in the bottom 10 in the league. They are closer in the 15-18 range.

        Sanchez projects to be amongst the top 10 offensive catchers in the league when he is ready. His power grades at a 65 out of the 80 scale, which is borderline all-star level. He’s ranked, according to MLB.com, as the 4th best catching prospect in the game.

        So explain to me how he isn’t a very good prospect?

        • halflink123 1 year ago

          .468 career slugging percentage in low a ball. anyways thats what they said about jesus montero

        • cjr45 1 year ago

          BP has the Yankees farm at 23 and I believe Law had them somewhere in the twenties so I do not know where you are getting 15- 18 range.

          • Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

            BA has them at 16

          • MB923 1 year ago

            Law had them at 20. BA had them 16.

          • cjr45 1 year ago

            If you are talking about the list BA put out in October of 2013 that is not their actual farm system ranking.

          • jjs91 1 year ago

            Their system was rated 18th back when they released their book.

          • Kolukonu 1 year ago

            I go with BA for farm system ratings.

          • Tom 1 year ago

            BA is unusually differentiating from the rest of the prospect ratings with the Yankee prospects. They always have though.

      • LazerTown 1 year ago

        Gary Sanchez is rated 35th overall in baseball by BA. That is a pretty good prospect.

    • Ben-Dessa Anderton 1 year ago

      You really think McCann will be capable of catching that much longer? I know he is just 30 and its not unreasonable to think he couldn’t catch until he is 33-34. I just thought most teams that were interested in him discussed moving him to 1b or even DH. Maybe the Yankees had a different idea. Either way, your theory is not far-fetched. A SS will certainly be needed. Below is your list of potential FA SS…

      Mike Aviles (34) – $3.5MM club option with a $250k buyout
      Asdrubal Cabrera (29)
      Yunel Escobar (32) – $5MM club option
      Rafael Furcal (37)
      Alex Gonzalez (37)
      Tyler Greene (31)
      J.J. Hardy (32)
      Jed Lowrie (31)
      John McDonald (40)
      Hiroyuki Nakajima (32) – $5.5MM club option with a $500K buyout
      Nick Punto (37) – club/vesting option
      Hanley Ramirez (31)
      Jimmy Rollins (36) – vesting/club/player op

      • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

        NYY clearly expects McCann to catch for at least 3 more years, if not they would not have signed Beltran to be the DH for the next 3 years. Plus McCann is a very well regarded catcher both in terms of old school stats (PB, FLD%, gut feeling ect) and new stats (framing, UZR).

        • Ben-Dessa Anderton 1 year ago

          Maybe that will work out for them.

      • slider32 1 year ago

        I agree the Yanks will go after a big time SS next year, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get Didi. I see the Yanks going after Hanley, Hardy, Lowrie and Cabrera in that order next year and getting Headley for third. They will also look to replace Kuroda with Scherzer if he is available, this will complete their overhaul.

        • Kolukonu 1 year ago

          I personally would rather see them go after Sandoval if he reaches FA.

      • Kolukonu 1 year ago

        As great as that would be, I don’t see Hanley or Hardy reaching free agency. I think both will re-sign with their current clubs.

        Asdrubal will be interesting, as this season will determine the type of contract he gets going forward. If he has a decent season, he could get a decent paycheck. However if he performs like he did last season, I do not see the Yankees going after him at all.

        IMO, the best course of action is still trading for a young, controllable SS like Owings.

        • Ben-Dessa Anderton 1 year ago

          I agree. Tulo from Col. Could become a trade candidate. Not saying it will happen but it’s plausible.

          • Kolukonu 1 year ago

            That is pretty much every Yankee fan’s dream. However, it would be for a lot of prospects AND taking on the salary, and I don’t see the Yanks giving up their top 5 prospects and taking on all that salary.

            And Colorado would have to go back on their word that they won’t trade him. I don’t see them doing that either.

          • JacobyWanKenobi 1 year ago

            They just simply don’t have the pieces to acquire Tulo. They could possibly have a shot if a good number of their prospects have very good, bounce-back seasons and raise their value, but even then they’d have to hollow out an already thin system.

          • Ben-Dessa Anderton 1 year ago

            Well, if you all think DiDi or Owings is all that great, as mentioned, Sanchez fits the bill of what AZ wants back.

          • DMoney1184 1 year ago

            You’re assuming Tulo will have a good year. What if he misses another half of season? He’ll have the unmistakable stink of “injury troubled and huge money” and be impossible to move.

          • Trock 1 year ago

            I wouldn’t see Rocks trading Tulo for prospects who have 1 good year (not familiar with the Yanks system so I do not know who are you referring to in particular) but I would have to think it would need to be multiple top prospects who have performed on a very consistent basis

  2. James Wolf 1 year ago

    sounds like a good match for the Yankees as they have good catching depth and need infield help

    • LordOfTheSwings 1 year ago

      That is a pretty good fit.
      I’m sure they’d want Sanchez. Or perhaps a multiplayer deal involving J.R. Murphy (depending on which shortstop the Yankees want).

      • DMoney1184 1 year ago

        Murphy + Betances +????

        • MB923 1 year ago

          If Betances is projected to just be a relief pitcher, I can’t expect the DBacks wanting him

          • Mike Rook 1 year ago

            thats to much to give. I expect Betances will make the team this season in the bull pen. He was awesome as a reliever in AAA last season and throws fire

          • Kolukonu 1 year ago

            Depends which shortstop the Yanks receive in return. If Didi, then yes. If it is Owings, that wouldn’t even be enough to get him.

  3. Eric Droegemeier 1 year ago

    Que the Yankees

  4. daveineg 1 year ago

    It’s never all that surprising when guys like Montero struggle after getting a hefty contract. Deep down there’s pressure to live up to it and some guys never can.

  5. Eric Droegemeier 1 year ago

    I don’t see why the D’backs are so high on Gregorious. Chris Owings has better stats and a much higher upside. Gregorious seems he’ll top out as an average starter nothing more.

    • kungfucampby 1 year ago

      Kevin “He’s the next Derek Jeter” Towers is why.

  6. Mike Rook 1 year ago

    I like Owings as well lots of potential

  7. DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

    Fans saying the Yankees have nothing to replace Jeter.
    Fans willing to trade Gary Sanchez right away for a Shortstop! HA
    The Yankees have MONEY and with Lowrie, Cabrera, Han Ram, Drew, etc all free agents they don’t need to trade away Gary Sanchez for anything right now.
    Money to bring in a new superstar will replace Jeter. You people are funny.

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

      If they had unlimited funds wouldn’t they have signed Drew already? Plus they have more catchers than Sanchez to offer.

      • DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

        Drew would only be a luxury right now. They’ll cross that bridge when they get there.
        With Jeter Soriano Kuroda Ichiro all off the books next offseason, I guarantee the Yankees will have their new top of the line SS.

        • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

          NYY isn’t paying Soriano much and Kuroda will have to be replaced by an equally pricy pitcher if he’s not resigned for 2015 so really they only have Ichiro coming off the books

          • DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

            Wrong. They have Ichiro, Kuroda, Soriano, Johnson, Roberts and Jeter off the books.
            But keep living in fantasy land. Also they’ll replace Kuroda next offseason too. Easy.

          • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

            They also have A-rod’s 28 MM coming back on the books so enjoy fantasy land buddy.

          • Matt Mccarron 1 year ago

            That is Jeter and Soriano. Ichiro, 7M, Kurado 16M and other 2 are 5M. still 29m to spend.

          • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

            So losing Jeter, Soriano, Ichiro and Kuroda equals Arod + 8 MM in 2015. A trade for a cost controlled SS seems like a good idea to me.

          • jjs91 1 year ago

            Arod’s contract for next year is 21,000,000.

          • mattdecap 1 year ago

            The Cubs are paying 13 million of Soriano’s 18 million dollar contract.

          • Croagnut 1 year ago

            29mil minus 22mil for Arod and minus Gardners contract difference of 7mil. Also, Arod has easily reached incentives that jump his contract up even more.

          • DerekJeterDan 1 year ago

            They’ll work around Arod’s salary. They always have.

          • Croagnut 1 year ago

            How do you “work around a salary”?

          • DMoney1184 1 year ago

            A-Rod’s only guaranteed $21 million in 2015. Of course, if he’s back, he’s likely to get the 6 or 7 homers needed to pass Willie Mays on the all-time list which would trigger a $6 million incentive clause which, for luxury tax purposes, bumps the number up to $27 million. But then only $20 million for ’16 and ’17. The Yankees also may opt to just buy him out after the 2014 season. It might be worth shelling out the $61 million for him to go away. It would be another Carl Pavano situation–paying for something you’re not getting but oh well.

          • Croagnut 1 year ago

            Arod due 22mil next year, 21 in ’16, 21 in ’17, according to Cots. Also, if they buy him out, they still have to show salary on their books for Salary Cap reasons.

          • DMoney1184 1 year ago

            How is this possible? I’m also getting my info from Cot’s Baseball Contracts and I’m seeing ’15-$21 mill, ’16 and ’17-$20 mill.

            link to baseballprospectus.com

          • Croagnut 1 year ago

            Yankees have 161mil on books for ’15 (Cots Contracts), and that doesn’t include any of the arbitrations (10-15mil) for next season, or ARod’s easily reached 660 home run mark for another 6mil. Add in insurance and other benefits (roughly 12mil). You’re at 190mil before you’ve signed a single FA. Who’s living in fantasy land?

          • MB923 1 year ago

            I believe I read ARods HR milestone $ is Not counted towards the team payroll

          • Croagnut 1 year ago

            It would for Salary Cap purposes, it just wouldn’t show until he reached it.

          • MB923 1 year ago

            Again, I have read that it isn’t. A Jayson Stark article from a year or 2 ago mentioned that. Maybe I “misremembered”

          • Croagnut 1 year ago

            I’ll check it out.

          • Croagnut 1 year ago

            I see some reference to a Stark article at RivStBl, so you make a legit point. But, I can’t find any other reference than that. I’m just not sure I believe it.

            For example: Why wouldn’t Yankees have made Jeters ’14 salary look like this: 1 mil salary and 11 million bonus when he passes Honus Wagner on the hits board (needs 4 hits). The team would save 5.5 mil against the luxury tax. Not just the Yankees, I think any team at or over the threshold would be exploiting this loophole.

          • PittsburghPirates0022 1 year ago

            Why because he would achieve it within the first 5 games because he likely still takes PED’s

          • MB923 1 year ago

            Huh? When he achieves it next year is irrelevant. He gets $6 million (not sure if he gets it when he hits it or at the end of the year).

            What does doing it within the first 5 games (in 2015 obviously) have to do with anything?

          • stl_cards16 1 year ago

            It must make you proud to see such strategic planning to building a winning team.

          • Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

            Not necessarily, if all goes well next year the Yankees could have a rotation of Sabathia, Tanaka, Nova, Pineda, Banuelos/Turley/Phelps/Warren etc.

        • DMoney1184 1 year ago

          I don’t know about Drew being a luxury–the team would look a lot better with Drew penciled in at third and a Johnson/Roberts platoon at second. Plus, you gotta figure Roberts will miss at least some part of this season with injuries.

          • Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

            IMO I think they are waiting to see which catcher they would want to trade for an infielder, it’d make more sense to trade for a young infielder with potential than to give a multi year deal to Drew.

          • DMoney1184 1 year ago

            I don’t know. Depth can quickly turn into need, especially at the catcher position. I mean, if they get an offer for someone like Owings, they need to consider it but I would be very happy going into the season knowing they have McCann and Cervelli in the majors, Romine and Murphy at AAA and Sanchez at AA.

          • Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

            Its not necessary to have so many catchers though. I could see 2 in the majors, with one at AA and one at AAA, but if I were them I’d trade for a SS which they would certainly need next year. He could also be used this year at times to give Jeter a day off

    • Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

      Why should the Yankees rely on FA when they could have a SS now?

      • DMoney1184 1 year ago

        Because where do you put that shortstop right now while Jeter’s still there (and Brendan Ryan)?

    • stl_cards16 1 year ago

      There is only one of those SS’s that can be considered anything close to a superstar and it can be argued he shouldn’t even be playing SS.

      • Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

        Hardy is a really good SS too.

        • stl_cards16 1 year ago

          True, I was just going off of who he mentioned. I’d still take Owings over any of them besides Hanley and possibly Hardy.

          • Croagnut 1 year ago

            Owing has no plate discipline. Not sure how well his PCL numbers translate to pros.

          • Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

            Who’s better Owings or Gregorius?

          • Croagnut 1 year ago

            Both mediocre in my book. I like Franklin from Sea.

          • Kolukonu 1 year ago

            Out of all SSs that are reportedly available, I would rank them as Owings > Franklin > Gregorius.

  8. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

    Yankees seem like the obvious fit here. NYY needs a SS in 2015 and they have Cerveli, Romine, Murphy and Sanchez all stuck behind McCann.

    • Yettyskill 1 year ago

      Yankees spent large on 16 year old catcher from Venezuela Luis Torrens in 2012 as well

  9. Yettyskill 1 year ago

    Not sold on Stryker Trahan’s catching ability?

    • CardsFanInChitown2 1 year ago

      That was my first reaction as well…. how far away is he?

      • Yettyskill 1 year ago

        Still only 19 I believe, but one of the knocks on him pre-draft was his ability as a receiver behind the plate.

        • blank38 1 year ago

          Saw him play this past year, he’s decent behind the plate. Received well for the most part but made just some simple mistakes. He’s still a couple years away if he sticks behind the plate.

        • DMoney1184 1 year ago

          Strong arm, needs work on his foot work behind the plate but seriously, what young catcher in the minors DOESN’T come with the tag, “needs work on his foot work behind the plate”? They’re few and far between.

          Baseball America ranked him #35 on their top 100 prospects and 2nd among catchers, behind only Padres’ Austin Hedges. Keith Law ranked him #68, saying he has All-Star potential, just needs to show it at a more consistent rate and is a much better catcher, in ever category, than Jesus Montero ever was, and even average defense could set him up as an MVP candidate.

          • Yettyskill 1 year ago

            He’s no longer in BBA’s top 100 or Keith Law’s Top 100 for 2014

          • DMoney1184 1 year ago

            Yes he is. Those are his rankings for this season. Some of their other prospects (Mason Williams, Tyler Austin) may have fallen off (I’m not sure, I’d have to check) but those are Sanchez’s current rankings on both respective lists.

  10. CardsFanInChitown2 1 year ago

    The Cardinals would love to have Owings if they would take some pitching help instead? Any idea what they would take/want? No one say Wacha, Miller, Martinez or Rosenthal or no one will take you seriously.

    • yeah because two young rp aren’t worth an everyday young ss that grow on trees

      • stl_cards16 1 year ago

        If Martinez was a RP your comment could make sense. He’s a top-30 prospect that has already shown his stuff translates to the majors.

    • Kolukonu 1 year ago

      Well, considering they are wanting a young catcher, none of those. Only club that might be shopping a shortstop that is looking for pitching is Seattle with Nick Franklin. Give them a call.

      • but there the cardinals they can do what they want, their rp should net possible allstars

        • stl_cards16 1 year ago

          You’re very clever. Haven’t seen that one posted in a couple days.

    • oleosmirf 1 year ago

      And what do the Cards do with Peralta? From this outsider’s view, the Cards have no need for a middle infielder.

  11. Matt Mccarron 1 year ago

    Ruiz, Rupp, Rollins, Howard, Byrd, Papelbon, Hernandez, Burnnet, Adams and 5M for Owings. Do et

  12. Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

    If they can’t get d’Arnaud, I’m guessing they would want Sanchez considering he is the 2nd best catching prospect.

    • SWB0781 . 1 year ago

      Austin Hedges is definitely the #2 catching prospect in the minors right now. Not sure if Sanchez is even #3.

      • Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

        not according to mlb prospect watch

        • Tom 1 year ago

          Pretty much consensus around the league that Hedges is either the Number 1 or 2 catching prospect in the league. He beats out d’Arnaud in defense, but likely not the bat. If anyone is thinking Sanchez, who took a step back last year, is ahead of Hedges they’re not in their right mind.

          edit: was just looking at Mayo’s uber top 100 list, Sanchez is 4th behind Alfaro.

        • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

          Prospect rankings, like all projection systems, have differing results. For example BA has Hedges as #1, Sanchez #2 and d’Arnaud #3 because they don’t believe d’Ardnaud can stay healthy. Regardless I’d bet the D-Backs would be happy to have any of the three.

  13. driftcat28 1 year ago

    Idk much about the DBacks shortstops. How good are these guys anyway? Or how good can they be is the real question?

    • Matt Mccarron 1 year ago

      Decent power, decent speed, could be a .280 hitter, 15 homer guy in the majors for Owings.

      Gregorius really isn’t ever gonna be a above-average shortstop. He has no standout offensive tool.

      • Croagnut 1 year ago

        Not so sure about Owings.
        1) Only 47 Hrs in 2140 plate appearances. So, not that much power.
        2) Numbers are inflated due to playing in PCL (AKA Arena Baseball).
        3) 28 BBs and 109 SOs in 636 PAs, in ’13. Terrible plate discipline.

        I’d be cautious.

  14. Tony Sanchez and Bryan Morris for one of them

    • mmiller54 1 year ago

      Maybe a better player than morris as the second piece… but it could work.

  15. Kevin McConnell 1 year ago

    Sounds like the Diamondbacks should just wait out the market until they can get a top return; just work with Montero and Blanco and keep the depth. Best case they get a buttload in return closer to the deadline, or worst case they have insurance for when someone goes down to injury.

  16. halflink123 1 year ago

    dbacks are overplaying their hand IMO. They want a premier catching prospect in exchange for a middling SS prospect? Neither Owings or Gregorious are the second coming of Jeter or Larkin, let’s not kid ourselves. Plawecki should be plenty good enough for Owings as for Gregorius they can have him he hit horribly last year in the second half

  17. Baseball 1 year ago

    I heard Jesus Montero is available..

  18. oleosmirf 1 year ago

    Well the Mariners and D-Backs are in pretty much the same situation. Both have two young SS battling for 1 spot. While they keep talking about a platoon (more so in Arizona), at the end of the day, one of Gregorius or Owings and one of Franklin and Miller are going to be traded.

    The Mets seem to be in a great position for either team. They have a major need at SS and have the pitching prospects (and C prospects) to make a move. Obviously Syndergaard and Montero wont be moved, but the Mets have strong minor league pitching depth that there is definitely a deal to be made.

    The question is how much will Seattle and Arizona want for Gregorius and Franklin?

  19. Dave Pierce 1 year ago

    Because no-one has once mentioned the Pittsburgh Pirates just yet…

  20. North 1 year ago

    Translation: “Hey Towers you, you got what I neeeeeed.”

  21. chicothekid 1 year ago

    Here’s an idea nobody has thrown out there yet:
    3 way trade:
    Mets get Owings from AZ
    Yankees get Daniel Murphy from NYM
    Dbacks get Gary Sanchez from NYY

    Perhaps there has to be a spare part thrown in here or there to make the deal work, but that’s the gist of it, and before you ask, the Yankees prefer Murphy over Owings because they need help this year and will worry about SS next year when they can buy one on the market.

    • Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

      Yankees most likely won’t give up their best prospect for Daniel Murphy. They have Ryan and Roberts. How do you know they prefer Murphy over Owings? Murphy had a WAR of 1.8 last year and isn’t a great defender. I’m guessing you are a Mets fan because this trade works out best for them; they barely have to sacrifice anything.

    • ultimate913 1 year ago

      So Yankees would be giving up their top prospect for 2 years of a decent 2B who might make 8-9 million next year but will actually cost them that + half cause of luxury tax.

      Try again.

  22. slider32 1 year ago

    Sounds like the D-Backs are talking to the Yanks, id give them Romine for Didi!

    • mmiller54 1 year ago

      not unless romine was coming with another prospect that is good.

  23. diehardmets 1 year ago

    That’s fine, I want no part of Chris Owings and his sub-5% BB rate, especially not for d’Arnaud. This is even more true when we consider the approach that Mets management (correctly) preaches to all of their players.

    • Sami20 1 year ago

      Not any of his 330 batting average either?

      • diehardmets 1 year ago

        A .330 average driven by a BABIP near .400 in one of the most hitter friendly leagues in baseball. That’s not a sustainable skill.

        • Tom 1 year ago

          The problem with the west coast prospects, you can’t trust any of their numbers. Not that you can trust prospect numbers anyway.

  24. UltimateYankeeFan 1 year ago

    I could see the Yankees matching up very well here with the Diamondbacks. Either J.R. Murphy or Gary Sanchez and if necessary another piece either a lower tier prospect or one of the excess relievers the Yankees have in the farm system. It’s a deal that fills both teams needs. Either Owings or Gregorius could be the long term solution the Yankees could use at SS..

    The Yankees have the following position players for catcher and outfield on their 40 man roster after the presumed starters:
    Catcher: Cervelli / Romine / Murphy / Sanchez further down the farm is Peter O’Brien
    Outfield: Almonte / Flores / Heathcott also available prospects: Austin / Williams
    Just pointing out the Yankees match up well with the Diamondbacks needs.

    • JerseyCityMetsFan 1 year ago

      As an “ultimateyankeefan” then I really hope you know that the Bankees have no one to offer in a trade. If only they could trade money.

      • UltimateYankeeFan 1 year ago

        I won’t dignify your comment with an actual response. I will only say, have a nice day.

        • JerseyCityMetsFan 1 year ago

          Who can they offer ? I would love to see what a generic bankees fan think is a good proposal.

          • UltimateYankeeFan 1 year ago

            I would love to one day read a comment from a knowledgeable Mets fan. Do you know any? Now why don’t you move on from your soapbox.

          • UltimateYankeeFan 1 year ago

            I would love to one day read a comment from a knowledgeable Mets fan. Do you know any? Now why don’t you move on from your soapbox.

    • ultimate913 1 year ago

      With Kevin Towers there, he would know exactly who to target in any potential NYY/ARZ trade.

      Interesting to see who he’d go after.

      • UltimateYankeeFan 1 year ago

        If I’m him I take Sanchez and see if the Yankees will include Flores. I think the Yankees would prefer to include either Austin or Williams though. But who knows. You’re right though Towers has a very intimate knowledge of who might be the best option for the Diamondbacks if it come to that.

  25. Rook 1 year ago

    I don’t think the Dbacks should be trying to land a catcher for a SS. Montero will bounce back. He’s only 31 and was one of the best all around catchers in baseball in 2011-12.
    I would rather the Dbacks try to get a really good SP prospect for a SS instead.
    Ventura or Stroman or someone like that.

  26. amoreperfectunion 1 year ago

    Rays have young catching – Molina for Gregorius!

  27. amoreperfectunion 1 year ago

    Rays have young catching – Molina for Gregorius!

  28. dvmin98 1 year ago

    If Grandal is ready, trade them Nick Hundley. Rivera can back him up and then Hedges can move up next year. Send the Dbacks some cash to offset Hundley’s contract

  29. southside 1 year ago

    yankee fans – sanchez for gregorius – what do you think?

    • Matt Galvin 1 year ago

      Murphy to Blue Jays,JR Murphy to DBACKS,Owings to Mets and Pennington to Yankees?

      • Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

        That trade isn’t fair for the Yankees. They would give up a young catcher with starter potential for a 29 year old Pennington who will be a free agent in 2 years?

        • Tko11 1 year ago

          Don’t worry, his proposals rarely make sense lol. It says the Dbacks want a catching prospect on the level of D’arnaud and he proposes JR Murphy…lol

  30. Paul Shailor 1 year ago

    This makes the didi gregorious trade even worse.

  31. Bobby Milone 1 year ago

    I will throw this one out there…Murphy and Betances for Owing and
    Putz. I would see if that would work 1st.

  32. paqza 1 year ago

    d’Arnaud’s the top ranked catching prospect in baseball. If it’s not d’Arnaud, it’s a step down, not “comparable”.

  33. Derpy 1 year ago

    The DBacks want d’Arnaud in return for a subpar shortstop? If I am trading d’Arnaud, I would take back Didi, Owings, AND Montero. d’Arnaud’s value dwarves these players.

  34. Zak Arn 1 year ago

    How can one be expected to count a pile of money AND take batting practice, sheesh.

  35. Richard Alicea 1 year ago

    Kevin Palwecki is the real thing…if I were the Mets I would be asking not only for the shortstop, but another piece as well. Doing this deal straight up the Mets would be on the short end of the stick.

  36. Richard Alicea 1 year ago

    Not many catchers that can bat for average, some pop and great defense in the minors or even at the major league level…the Diamondbacks are crazy not to snatch this player from the Mets…

  37. Joe Valenti 1 year ago

    Seriously? I’m a huge Chris Owings fan and I work for the D-backs but there is no way he’s valuable enough for d’Arnaud and I’d say he’s the most valuable of the bunch. Plawecki for one of the other SS seems very fair to me

  38. Joe Valenti 1 year ago

    Why do they need a young catcher? Henry Blanco doesn’t age

  39. formerdraftpick 1 year ago

    Could the Pirates trade one of their cash crop of catchers like Sanchez or Reese Mcguire for Owings?

  40. Karl Larson 1 year ago

    If I were the Twins, I’d trade Josmil Pinto for Owings in a heartbeat.

  41. Dave Pierce 1 year ago

    Sounds like Tony Sanchez would be where the conversation starts… Not sure the Pirates can afford to trade him as he currently projects to start every day in 2015 if they don’t resign Russell Martin.

  42. TL 1 year ago

    I’m sure Martin would be open to discuss an extension. He wouldn’t be cheap but is certainly valuable.

  43. stl_cards16 1 year ago

    Yeah, because no other fan bases make off the wall proposals.

    The only thing older than the BFIB cardinal fans is people making a comment about Cardinals fans anytime one posts their thoughts.

  44. stl_cards16 1 year ago

    Martinez is not a RP. Lance Lynn, Shelby Miller, and Adam Wainwright all got their feet wet in the bullpen as well. Hasn’t worked out too badly for them.

  45. UltimateYankeeFan 1 year ago

    Are you still waiting? Apparently you have trouble with reading comprehension. I refer you to my previous comments above. Have a good day.

  46. stl_cards16 1 year ago

    I just wanted to say I sympathize with you. It’s sad you can’t get on here and have a good baseball conversation because of the logo next to your name. Oh well, I’m starting to get used to it anymore. It didn’t used to be like that around here. I comment less and less due to the declining quality of conversation.

  47. Riaaaaaa 1 year ago

    Murphy is a FA in a couple years, not really a good trade for the Yankees.

  48. UltimateYankeeFan 1 year ago

    I appreciate that. Thank you.

  49. jjs91 1 year ago

    Glad I wasn’t the only one that thought that. I guess as any site gets bigger the quality of comments goes down.

  50. JerseyCityMetsFan 1 year ago

    I don’t think money is an issue for that team

  51. Tom 1 year ago

    2 years left is often the time a player gets traded for multiple prospects. Murphy isn’t worth that, but teams are more willing to let go of a good prospect for an established bat with more than 1 year of control left. It’s actually far less likely you see prospect for prospect swaps, although I have no idea why, in my opinion they make sense.

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