Twins Interested In Joe Saunders

MONDAY: Twins officials denied having interest in Saunders to the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo (Twitter link).

SATURDAY: The Twins have added Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes to a rotation that struggled in 2013, but they might not be done making moves,'s Darren Wolfson writes. The team is interested in free-agent starter Joe Saunders if they can get him cheaply enough. 

Saunders struggled in Seattle last season, posting a 5.26 ERA with 5.3 K/9 and 3.0 BB/9 in 183 innings. As Wolfson points out, however, other indicators, such as his ground-ball rate, suggested Saunders was at least somewhat better than that ERA. He has also generally been very durable throughout his career, a quality that could be useful to the Twins, who had nine pitchers make at least eight starts last season. After a rough 2013 in which he made $6.5MM, Saunders will likely make less next year. Wolfson reports that the Twins made Saunders a one-year, $8MM offer last January, but he declined in favor of signing with the Mariners.

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  1. Sky14 1 year ago

    Meh, would rather see one of the out-of-options guys get a shot.

  2. PXDX 1 year ago

    “suggested Saunders was at least somewhat better than that ERA”

    His FIP was 4.72 and his xFIP was 4.26. So yeah, he was, a little.

  3. Matt Mccarron 1 year ago

    I would rather see Worley then him. Atleast Worley has upside.

  4. start_wearing_purple 1 year ago

    Number 5 pitcher who can throw a lot of innings. If he only costs a couple million then he’s probably worth a shot. Still I gotta imagine they have someone in the system who would be cheaper and just as good.

    • johnsilver 1 year ago

      Big stadium that will play up (as much as possible) to a guy who allows a lot of bombs, just like at Seattle last year. Probably not in his best interest to consider another place, like Baltimore that could use another innings guy where his type wouldn’t fair as well more than likely over a full season. San Diego, Seattle again would be great places, but he’ll have a rotation spot by the end of spring training.

  5. BK 1 year ago

    Saunders is a MUCH better emergency option than Blanton. Angels should grab him.

    • rpoabr 1 year ago

      Was thinking this exactly, it’s a no-brainer.

  6. TheRealRyan 1 year ago

    I know the Twins rotation was bad last year and they seriously needed improvements. However, how many #3-5 SP can you add? They have one legit #3 in Nolasco and seven #4/5. They better hope that Meyer can become an ace or they may have trouble even with all of those position prospects.

  7. twins33 1 year ago

    Don’t think I’d do this unless it was an MiLB deal, but even that seems like a bad idea. I have a feeling he would not do that anyway, but definitely don’t sign him to a guaranteed contract.

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