Oscar Taveras Changes Agencies

Cardinals prospect Oscar Taveras has changed agencies yet again, according to a report from Jesse Sanchez of MLB.com (via Twitter). Taveras will now be represented by Dan Lozano and Brian Mejia of MVP Sports Group.

Taveras, 21, has moved between agencies quite a bit for a player who has yet to see his first MLB action. The outfielder has consistently been rated as among the game’s very best prospects over the last few seasons, but injuries and the lack of need at the big league level have kept him in the upper minors. Taveras has produced at every level of the minors, and is off to a .297/.348/.500 start in his second stint at Triple-A (after a shortened season there in 2013).

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  1. UK Tiger
    UK Tiger 1 year ago

    Ah, we’re back!

    Sure, theres a huge chunk of missing articles since March 13, but we are, at least, back in action…

    • Yep, we’re back. More details will be to come, but right now I’m filling in all the posts Jeff and Steve wrote yesterday but were not able to publish.

      • UK Tiger
        UK Tiger 1 year ago

        Top work Tim.

        No doubt this whole thing has been a nightmare for you and the team, but you’ll have the place back up to speed in no time that i am sure of.

        Keep up the good work.

  2. Jeffy25 1 year ago

    Is he going for a record of changing agents before becoming a big leaguer?

  3. karnika 1 year ago

    Hi very good work ,

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