Alex Rios Drawing Interest From At Least Four Teams

At least four teams have asked about Rangers outfielder Alex Rios, Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi of FOX Sports report (all Twitter links). Those teams include the Mariners, Giants, Reds and Yankees. Rosenthal also notes the Blue Jays’ interest was only temporary, and that the Yankees might not be the best match as a trade partner for Rios, since they are one of six teams on his no-trade list.

It is not surprising that the Mariners or Giants would have interest in Rios. The Mariners have been seeking right-handed power and might want more even after their trade for Kendrys Morales. They’ve recently been connected to outfielders like Matt Kemp and Drew Stubbs. The Giants have been connected to a variety of players at different positions, including righty corner outfielder Dayan Viciedo. (They have, however, gotten good work out of regular corner outfielders Michael Morse and Hunter Pence.) The Reds, meanwhile, reportedly want a hitter they can control beyond 2014, and could be buyers even though they’ve fallen to six games back in the NL Central. Rios has a reasonable club option for 2015.

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  1. RooneyTunes 1 year ago

    I really don’t know the Mariners farm system all that well. Do you guys think that someone like Pike/Guerrero/Marte could get it done?

    • i'm me .. 1 year ago

      Paxton.Austin Wilson. Luiz Gohara. Victor Sanchez.Ketel Marte. Guerrero… Maybe Paxton / Wilson. I bet the Rangers will ask for Wilson in a deal.

  2. Cuso 1 year ago

    Giants seem to make the most sense for Rios

    • i'm me .. 1 year ago

      what do the Giants have to offer? they just traded the #2 Prospect in the minors to the RedSox. Ty Blach does not get it done.

      • Uncontrite 1 year ago

        For Rios? If they really wanted him Crick is hard to say no to, but I wouldn’t pay that for Rios

        • i'm me .. 1 year ago

          i don’t see the Giants trading Crick in a deal for Rios.

      • Cuso 1 year ago

        Salary relief? Let’s not act like Rios is THAT great a get. A couple of C-levels prospects would get it done.

        • Steven Russell 1 year ago

          Salary relief? He’s not that expensive and the season is winding down, plus he’s a FA unless they pick up his option. Rangers would rather keep him than just get a couple low level prospects.

      • GD 1 year ago

        Rangers gave up a utility player for Rios. They aren’t getting much of anything back except for salary relief.

        • oz10 1 year ago

          Since when was a trade determined by how a player was acquired? The sox wanted salary relief. The rangers want prospects or will keep him for a fairly reasonable rate next year. But to say he isn’t worth something based on what he was acquired for is so obviously wrong.

        • MadmanTX 1 year ago

          That’s an illogical argument. It didn’t take much for the Rangers to sign Soria–so does that mean the Tigers really overpaid because we’re basing deals on previous deals and how much salary they are getting, rather than performance at their position?

        • Rangers gave up a utility player because the White Sox just wanted Salary relief so they could go after Abreu. They didn’t care what they got just didn’t want his contract anymore.

  3. Jack Miller 1 year ago

    Would Ranuado and Middlebrooks be enough.

    • linklater1 1 year ago

      Why would the Sox even want him if they’re out of contention? Their best bet is to wait until the offseason to seriously pursue outfield help if they don’t acquire Kemp.

      • Jack Miller 1 year ago

        He has a relatively cheap team option, and they could return to contention next year if they pay Lester and Lackey.

    • Why would Boston want him? His power has seemingly vanished

      • Daniel Franklin 1 year ago

        Yeah, his power sure seems to have vanished… His SLG is down all of .004 from last year. In fact, it’s down a ridiculously alarming .014 from his career average. The fact remains that his OPS is EXACTLY the same as it was last year. In his 11 seasons, he has 5 in which he had a better double rate and 5 in which he had a worse double rate than this year. He is barely off his career average. Alex Rios is leading the AL in triples; coincidentally, he has already tied his career high in that category, currently hitting at a rate of twice his career average.

        The lack of power you perceive is actually just a lack of home runs, which the numbers might indicate they are merely not quite clearing the fences. The difference could literally be not quite hitting the ball with the sweet spot of the bat, meaning it could have absolutely nothing to do with power.

  4. JordanSwingman 1 year ago

    Wonder if the Mets have taken a flyer on him…

    • i'm me .. 1 year ago

      i don’t think the Mets want to over pay. the minors system is a top 5 system in baseball. With Nimmo. Noah. Herrera. Rosario and plenty of others, the future is bright in NY. – the Mets might pony up Wheeler and 3 others to get a player like Tulo but my guess is they pass on the price tag of Rios.

  5. Frittoman626 1 year ago

    I would love to see Rios on the Yankees over all the other options (even Byrd because he’s owed a lot next season and he could potentially be Soriano 2.0). Wonder what it would take to get him? Should be too expensive seeing as the Rangers didn’t give up much for him last season.

    • i'm me .. 1 year ago

      aaron Judge to start.

      • Douglas Rau 1 year ago

        For a player with only 4 home runs despite playing in one of the friendliest hitters’ parks? That’s not happening.

        • Ryan Baker 1 year ago

          Not really a hitter’s park anymore since they took away the jet stream.

    • oz10 1 year ago

      As I stated above, what the rangers got him for has nothing to do with his current value. He was a salary dump for the sox, not for the rangers.

  6. LoneTXRanger 1 year ago

    Am I the only one who sees value in Rios?

  7. LoneTXRanger 1 year ago

    Am I the only one who sees value in Rios?

  8. Patrick the Pragmatist 1 year ago

    The Rangers basically got him for nothing as did the White Sox before them. He is hitting .300 this year and that has value but the power and speed numbers have diminished. They cannot expect premium prospects for him. Hitting is not hard for Texas to add but pitching is. If they get an offer of a decent MLB ready pitcher they would be fools not to take it. The Mariners Erasmo Ramirez should be enough. Don’t laugh until you look up what the Rangers traded away to get Rios last year.

    • LoneTXRanger 1 year ago

      Rios also has leadership value though, can’t forget his club house presence.

  9. Edgar4evar 1 year ago

    Rios would be an upgrade for the M’s, but isn’t going to be worth much more than he’ll be paid this year and next. The M’s should absolutely not give up a potential regular player above the A-ball level for Rios. They would quickly regret doing so and for many years to come.

    • Lefebvre Believer 1 year ago

      Rios would be a nice addition. He’d be my number one choice right now. Yeah, there’s always the question of what it’d cost, but I doubt they’d have to give up much relatively speaking. Plus I guess the next year on his contract is a team option, with a $1 million buyout (according to baseball-reference). Go get this guy Z, he’d fit well in the order ahead of Cano, Morales, and Seager.

  10. The thing that gives the Rangers some leverage in trading Rios is the fact that he does have a club option. So because he may not a full rental and the fact that they have the opportunity to keep him if they don’t like any of the options presented to them will help them.

    While this season I do not believe Rios is that high value of a player at all this gives the Rangers some leverage on some teams and the opportunity to get a team to “overpay” for them if they start to get desperate.

  11. Daniel Morairity 1 year ago

    The rangers need to keep rios this year and once he is done with the team he can leave a sign with someone else. I just think the rangers are ok this year even though they are in last place, but they have a big tv deal coming next year so they will have money to sign free agents and getting jon lester max scherzer and justin masterson will bolster the rotation

    • Daniel Franklin 1 year ago

      1) Justin Masterson isn’t doing much better this year than the non-Darvish starters are.
      2) Grammatical error? or are you really trying to spend $50M/year on 3 pitchers this next off-season? As much as I like the idea of signing BOTH Scherzer AND Lester, I just don’t see it happening. A rotation of Darvish/Lester/Scherzer and whichever 2 DL starters are healthy next year would really get me excited.
      3) what do you mean by when he’s done? Do you mean after the club picks up his option for next year? Or do you think that they would buy out his option? If they’re going to let him walk away after this season, they would be better off trading him now; whatever prospects he brings back would be greater than the compensation pick for a Qualifying Offer, and the QO would be greater than his option. You’d basically pay him $1M and there’s a very large chance he would accept the QO to avoid the whole Kendrys Morales/Nelson Cruz “fiasco”.

  12. dlee 1 year ago

    trade homer bailey for matt kemp plus dodgers pay third of kemp salary per year

  13. GalLovesBB 1 year ago

    He’s probably just one of several Rangers who would like to be traded and might waive all those no trade clauses just to get away. JD doesn’t like older players anyway.

  14. I wished Alex Rios would have been able to sray with the Texas Rangers, I get used to see them play and I like it as it is, I don’t like losing good players. Glad MY is coming back to help Jon Daniels.

  15. LoneTXRanger 1 year ago

    I think she should be able to bring B and C level prospects. But it seems like everybody else thinks he is just throw away player who warrants a couple C-D prospects.

  16. Douglas Rau 1 year ago

    No, I agree he has some trade value. But he’s not going to merit a package full of top prospects like a Cole Hamels would. He’s also probably not going to be had for as little as Chase Headley was, considering Headley’s year numbers were awful. But teams can find a middle ground. Manny Banuelos and some other, slightly lesser pieces is my suggestion.

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