Mets Rumors: Alderson, Syndergaard, Dice-K

With the trade deadline just a few days away, here’s the latest on the Mets…

  • In a chat with reporters, Mets GM Sandy Alderson acknowledged that the club has an opportunity to do a “thing or two,” but wouldn’t bet on something happening between now and the deadline, writes Anthony DiComo of   Alderson said that at some point he might be willing to use his top prospects in a blockbuster trade, but said that it would have to be “the right time for the right player under the right circumstances.”
  • Earlier today, Jeff Passan reported that the Mets would move Noah Syndergaard in a deal for Troy Tulowitzki, but David Lennon of Newsday (on Twitter) hears that the Mets will not include him in any type of trade.  Lennon cautions that things can change, but that’s the thinking at this moment.
  • Daisuke Matsuzaka, who landed on the disabled list on Friday with right elbow inflammation, should resume tossing a baseball in three or four days, manager Terry Collins said, according to Adam Rubin of  The right-hander could possibly be among the starters on the trade block this week.

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  1. OriginalHitman 1 year ago

    If the Mets include Syndergaard in a trade for Tulo, I’m hoping they’re gonna get something else back alongside Tulo. It’s like the case of d’Arnaud and the fears over his own injury troubles. They managed to also get Syndergaard & Becerra.

    • Pei Kang 1 year ago

      I trust in Sandy to do something smart when it comes to deals.

    • alphakira 1 year ago

      Except when they got d’Arnaud he was (and still is) a completely unproven player…That’s nothing like Tulo, injury history or not. As a Mets fan it would be shocking to see them get Tulo with anything less than Syndergaard AND two other top or mid tier prospects.

    • Joe Valenti 1 year ago

      The Mets need to add to that trade. Not the Rockies. Tulo is by far the best player at a premium position. Syndergaard has never thrown a major league inning. They aren’t even close in value

      • OriginalHitman 1 year ago

        Of course. Syndergaard will be the starting point & centerpiece of this trade. Rockies really like Syndergaard, Matz, Nimmo & Herrera. Herrera is the only one I wouldn’t do away with, opting instead for Flores. With that said, with that talent you’re parting with, it seems very risky on the Mets part to get ONE piece back with Tulo’s health history, which I doubt they’ll even do to begin with.

        • Joe Valenti 1 year ago

          I mean what do you consider a “piece?” Cargo? Morneau? Anything significant would just require significantly more prospects.

          Realistically, unless you are willing to give up more you probably are only going to get a fringe reliever or utility man and if Tulo has a career ending injury I’m not sure people are going to go “man, good thing we got Nick Masset, otherwise trading Syndergaard would have totally backfired”

          • OriginalHitman 1 year ago

            Knowing Alderson’s way of thinking from past trades, it wont be shocking if he asked back for a guy like Dahl.

          • Joe Valenti 1 year ago

            I definitely see that happening but realistically, if the Rockies throw in Dahl the mets would probably have to throw in a guy like plawecki, nimmo, or smith to even it out….and that’s also assuming that 1. Those guys aren’t in the trade and 2. The mets are overpaying for tulo, because none of those guys alone are worth David Dahl.

            All in all, I still want to see a few minor changes before the mets make a major move like this. We talked about this on another thread but I really don’t like this lineup. Way too many strikeouts, even from the best players like wright and granderson. I think they need a few guys who are solid contact hitters so that you aren’t stringing 5-6 bad at bats in a row

  2. Karkat 1 year ago

    Rockies should honestly be very interested in a package around Syndergaard for Tulo. When you play in Coors field you should focus on getting talented controllable pitchers and use your limited budget to try to lure hitters there with promises of flashy home run numbers. Seems like a much harder sell to a FA pitcher

  3. Ted 1 year ago

    Even the best pitching prospects are bigger question marks than many like to admit, and Noah is not a “once in a generation” prospect. Got a chance to flip him and a few smaller pieces for the best ss in the game? Go for it no questions asked.

  4. Seamaholic 1 year ago

    So this Syndergaard guy … not much of a prospect hound but I see his numbers and the K/BB ratio jumps out at you. But other than that it looks like he’s pretty hittable. I take it he throws super hard. What else has he got that would interest a team that has very specific pitching requirements like the Rockies? They really only want guys with elite command and who can keep the ball down.

    • Tom 1 year ago

      Questions about his command are not really an issue. He’s better than most of the flame throwing righties at the moment. He’s battled a couple injuries and a horrid Vegas environment. Vegas is a nightmare for pitchers to pitch in for 3 reasons, on the field it can get to 120 degrees, the ball flies out of there like Coors, you can’t throw curveballs, and it’s so dry the field is very hard so all groundballs go thru the infield and outfield faster resulting in more hits.

      I’d personally be more concerned that he’s a curveball guy, can’t throw a curve in Colorado, it’s one of the reasons why he’s been hit so hard in Vegas, he even talked about it at length how pitching there has forced him to develop his change more.

    • Matlack 1 year ago

      I would think that DeGrom is a guy they’d be very keen on.

      • paqza 1 year ago

        Spot on – strong ground ball rates, hard fastball (touches 96), success in LV, and hasn’t given up a dinger this month. He can also hit a bit.

        • Matlack 1 year ago

          DeGrom and Plawecki would be fair for CarGo. I wonder who is picking up the phone in Denver these days?

          • paqza 1 year ago

            I wouldn’t move him for CarGo though. I’d rather move a lesser prospect for Fowler and hope that one of Nimmo/Conforto turn into something. Fowler’s got that shiny OBP and little power – perfect for leading off. That would allow the team to keep at least three of Harvey, Wheeler, DeGrom, and Syndergaard leaving one as trade bait if the team wants to go for a big bat.

          • SeanE 12 months ago

            Cargo is awful. He has a negative war

          • Matlack 12 months ago

            Fortunately, the rest of baseball has a longer attention span and an appreciation of context. As a Mets fan, I hope that O’Dowd and Geivett share your opinion.

  5. MJ 1 year ago

    Would be unwise on the Mets part. Not because Tulo isn’t worth it, but when you consider their stadium and the division they play in, the Mets need to focus on pitching first and foremost. That’s what will make them competitive again. This is coming from a Braves fan. They have a seriously nice core coming together with Harvey, DeGrom and Syndergaard. That doesn’t seem inviting to me as a rival. Granted the Braves can’t score against Jason Lane either so kind of moot who they throw at us I guess.

    • paqza 1 year ago

      Sure, but getting Tulo wouldn’t hurt either. I’d rather have Tulo playing SS for us than Tejada. At the same time, the issue is the package. If the team guts the farm for Tulo and then he gets hurt, it doesn’t look very good for us. I agree with you that the Mets should focus on pitching while getting smaller pieces like Fowler and perhaps Owings or Alcantará to play SS.

  6. anon_coward 1 year ago

    give away the team and take on over $100 million in salary liability for someone who will hit .250 in Citi, has an injury history and is on the decline due to age? no one is that dumb, not even the yankees.

    for any rockies hitter you have to look at the splits. anyone can hit in Coors Field

    • paqza 1 year ago

      FWIW, Tulo’s got something like a 1.200 career OPS in Citi. And not just anybody can hit in Coors Field – Tulo is hitting obscenely well when he’s on the field.

    • paqza 1 year ago

      FWIW, Tulo’s got something like a 1.200 career OPS in Citi. And not just anybody can hit in Coors Field – Tulo is hitting obscenely well when he’s on the field.

    • EddieBX 1 year ago

      Alot of people said the same about Matt Holliday, and look how that turned out.

    • SeanE 12 months ago

      Look at what Holiday became.

  7. anon_coward 1 year ago

    give away the team and take on over $100 million in salary liability for someone who will hit .250 in Citi, has an injury history and is on the decline due to age? no one is that naive, not even the yankees.

    for any rockies hitter you have to look at the splits. anyone can hit in Coors Field

  8. SeanE 12 months ago

    Look I understand all of the hate on the Tulo trade,but the truth is you have to make a move at some point,and tulo could be the anwser.. Trading Wheeler+Montero+Dom Smith wouldn’t be a horrific move for the Mets considering the bat they could get back.
    I think the ballpark issue is a bit overrated. If you look deep into the stats its mostly interleauge play that he has really struggled in. Yes the .167 average in 6 games in dodger stadium is slightly alarming,but other then that most of the NL parks he has hit in have been a .260 average or better. Other then Citizens Bank he pretty much has been hitting well in the NL East parks. At Citi he dominates, he has a .300 BAA at Turner field,.286 in Washington,.267 in Marlins park. Going on

    For all of you Cargo hypers thats even worse. Cargo has a negative WAR of -0.7, O war of -0.2 and his dWAR is -0.8. Plus he is severly injury prone(i know tulo is too) Plus he has 60 mil remaining on his contrac

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