Phillies Designate Jeff Manship For Assignment

The Phillies announced that they have designated right-hander Jeff Manship for assignment. The DFA comes as a series of roster moves that will see Carlos Ruiz reinstated from the disabled list, Phillippe Aumont recalled from Triple-A Lehigh Valley and catcher Cameron Rupp optioned to Triple-A.

Manship, 29, posted a 6.65 ERA with 6.3 K/9, 5.5 BB/9 and a 43.1 percent ground-ball rate in 23 innings for the Phillies this season. The former Twins and Rockies hurler has struggled throughout his big league career but owns a much more palatable 4.22 ERA with 6.5 K/9 and 2.8 BB/9 in 358 innings at the Triple-A level.

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  1. Klaus D. 11 months ago

    Yay, let’s give Aumont another go. Maybe he’ll figure it out this being his – what, 10th trip to the majors? Here’s a trivia question. How many pitchers ERA+ number is lower than their actual ERA? I bet not many, but I do know Aumont is on the list with an ERA of 21.60 and an ERA+ of 21.

  2. Jeff Miller 11 months ago

    Why Aumont? Bring up Martin.

    Also, why even bother keeping Nieves? He’s been fine as a back-up catcher, but Rupp might actually have a role in the future of this team while Nieves will be in another uniform next year, possibly in the next week.

  3. disadvantage 11 months ago

    Oh, RUPP!! I was watching the game yesterday, and the entire time, I thought they were saying Ruf (as in Darin Ruf), and I was curious why he was catching.

    Also, this just in, the name Manship makes me giggle.

  4. The Virus 11 months ago

    Rupp is actually very good, but since RAJ felt the need to give old man Ruiz another 8 year contract last year for 195 million I guess they will just eventually cut Rupp since he is blocked…

    • Matt Smith 11 months ago

      What tells you, based on factual information, that Cameron Rupp is “actually very good.” Because let’s be honest, he’s a backup at best. He’s an all-defense, no-hitting backstop. He’s Corky Miller, Sal Fassano, etc.

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