Angels Acquire Gordon Beckham

6:01pm: The Angels initially claimed Beckham off waivers, according to Alden Gonzalez of (on Twitter).

5:07pm: Kay clarifies that the Angels will send a PTBNL or cash considerations to the White Sox in exchange for Beckham, not both, as he initially announced (Twitter link).

4:35pm: Angels director of communications Eric Kay announced today that the team has acquired second baseman Gordon Beckham from the White Sox in exchange for a player to be named later and cash considerations (Twitter link). The Angels can clear a 40-man roster spot for Beckham by placing the injured Garrett Richards on the 60-day disabled list. The team announced earlier today that Richards is out six to nine months due a torn patellar tendon in his left knee that will require surgery.


Beckham, 27, has struggled this season with the White Sox, hitting just .221/.263/.336 in 390 plate appearances. The former No. 8 overall draft pick hasn’t panned out the way the White Sox hoped back in 2008 as he is a lifetime .244/.306/.374 batter despite playing the majority of his games in the very hitter-friendly U.S. Cellular Field.

Park-adjusted metrics such as OPS+ (83) and wRC+ (82) suggest that Beckham has been about 17 to 18 percent worse than a league-average hitter over the course of his career, although the offensive bar for a middle infielder is considerably lower than that of a corner infielder/outfielder. While he’s hit lefties at a .309/.349/.454 clip in a small sample this season, his career split — .245/.313/.375 — is pretty even with his career mark against right-handed pitching.

Beckham will bring some degree defensive versatility to the Angels, and Jeff Fletcher of the O.C. Register tweets that he will come off the bench. Beckham has played primarily second base for the Pale Hose in his career, but he broke into the Majors primarily as a third baseman back in 2009 and was initially drafted as a shortstop out of the University of Georgia. Defensive metrics such as Ultimate Zone Rating and Defensive Runs Saved have pegged Beckham’s glove as roughly average over the past four seasons.

The Angels will have control of Beckham through the 2015 season if they wish, as he is arbitration eligible for the final time this offseason. Beckham’s agents at Relativity Sports avoided arbitration with the White Sox by securing a one-year, $4.18MM contract this winter. He is owed roughly $913K of that figure from now through season’s end. Despite the down performance in 2014, Beckham will be in line for a slight raise, making him a non-tender candidate following the season.

That Gordon reached the Angels means he either cleared waivers earlier this month or went unclaimed by every other team in the American League, as Anaheim currently possesses the best record in the Majors.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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  1. Daniel Rajan 11 months ago

    Can he pitch like an ace? Lol.

  2. GetToTheChoppa 11 months ago

    Definitely Garrett Richards replacement.

  3. MikeTroutForMayor 11 months ago

    Can he pitch jokes aside. Why?

  4. Chioakcisco 11 months ago

    Out of all the teams in the AL West I expected to acquire a 2B, this is not who I was thinking of.

  5. SanFranPanda 11 months ago

    Might as well have been a straight waiver claim. I’d take Kendrick or Aybar over Beckham any day.

  6. D.j. Wilson 11 months ago

    The Angels do know that Gordon Beckham can’t pitch, right?

    • Daniel Rajan 11 months ago

      The more I think I about this trade the more I come to the conclusion that this trade was most likely discussed well before Richard’s injury last night. The timing of the announcement just happened to be after the injury.

      • D.j. Wilson 11 months ago

        Oh, I’m sure you’re right. Generally things like this don’t happen the morning of. I am surprised the Angels went for a bench bat as opposed to a pitcher, though. They should get Bartolo Colon just to spite us. They lost Skaggs and Richards in the last week and we lost Jarrod Parker/AJ Griffin during Spring Training.

        • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

          I’m not totally surprised myself. They do have John McDonald on their bench but despite his wizardry with the glove, his hitting is far far worse than Beckham’s. Believe it or not, Beckham is a big upgrade over McDonald overall. Plus, they have club control over Beckham through next season, which means in addition to Green, Navarro, Cowgill, etc., their bench is already locked up for next season. Another hybrid add help now and for the future move by Jerry Dipoto.

          • D.j. Wilson 11 months ago

            Oh yeah. I would definitely take Beckham over McDonald. He’s been around forever because of his glove because he’s never been that great with the stick

          • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

            I finally looked at Beckham’s player page. I forgot he actually has power. 16 HR’s in 151 games in 2012, and 7 this season in 101 games. So that adds to it. I think that will go a long way as well. Plus if anyone can right the ship with Beckham at the plate it’s probably Don Baylor. I would even bet that if the A’s got him instead that Chili Davis could do the same.

          • D.j. Wilson 11 months ago

            True and like I told someone below, I would have welcomed him but it wouldn’t make much since because he’s pretty similar to Alberto Callaspo.

          • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

            That comparison makes even more sense out of the deal since Callaspo was once an Angel and exactly what the Angels tend to go for when it comes to bench depth.

          • Colin Christopher 11 months ago

            7 HRs in 101 games from a guy who plays his home games at the Cell isn’t really indicative of someone with power, is it? I mean, that puts him on a pace for 10 homers. Have major league hitters regressed that far since I went to bed last night?

          • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

            You still have to have pop in your bat for it to be possible for those numbers to inflate in the first place. When weaker bats go to home ballparks and turn them into 20-30 HR bats, it often has a lot more to do with the era (lack of pitching), as it did during the steroid era. Granted, he hit more HR’s at the Cell. Not surprised there. But still has to have the pop to reach those numbers any way.

          • Willie Cicci 11 months ago

            Cell power is warning track power at most other parks. besides he’s not going take enough of kendricks playing time for this to make sense. A once a week bench player hmmmm.?

          • RyanWKrol 11 months ago


          • Friar Tuck 11 months ago

            I still remember, at least, Chili in the old’ Angels’ colors….Was Baylor a player for the halos?

          • N1120A 11 months ago

            Baylor won his MVP as an Angel

          • Dave W. 11 months ago

            Clearly this was seen as a better option than McDonald, who has a nice glove, but can’t hit. They will cut McDonald, and likely non-tender Beckham after the season.

          • D.j. Wilson 11 months ago

            Yeah I assume DFA for McDonald??

          • Joe Valenti 11 months ago

            But do you want a $5M bench guy?

      • hossmandu 11 months ago

        I’d say you’re right. Dipoto said yesterday on the radio, pre-Richards injury, that he was looking to add a utility guy.

  7. Justin 11 months ago

    Honestly though , that’s very little to give up to acquire a once top prospect , there is no real downside to this deal.

    • Michael Kenny 11 months ago

      Except now the Angels have Gordon Beckham, of the sub-.600 OPS, taking up a roster spot. White Sox fans rejoice!

    • D.j. Wilson 11 months ago

      It’s only because he hasn’t hit at all this year. Angels got a good potential “buy-low” here in my opinion. He was decent last year…hit about .270. That’s great for a bench bat

      • Justin 11 months ago

        I agree , worse case scenario they gave up very little for a bench bat that can actually contribute. Plenty of guys have had off years.

        • D.j. Wilson 11 months ago

          Let’s put it this way: If we didn’t already have Callaspo, I would have welcomed Beckham here in Oakland.

        • someguy 11 months ago

          Unfortunately, Gordon’s off year has been going since 2010.

      • Tko11 11 months ago

        Hes like a .244 career hitter with a horrible OBP, enjoy…

  8. Jay Cal 11 months ago

    Pretty sure this move is in preparation for a Howie Kendrick or Grant Green package for a starting pitcher.

    • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

      Only problem is Green is on rehab assignment. But is due back very shortly. He’s pretty much recovered from his injury. They could also flip Beckham in a package, but his value is the lowest of the three.

    • Dave W. 11 months ago

      I wouldn’t like to see Kendrick dealt. Sad as it may be, he’s their #5 hitter, and occasionally their clean-up hitter! He also appears to be a major clubhouse influence and team leader.

  9. RyanWKrol 11 months ago

    Huh? What’s up with this? Are they dealing one of Aybar or Kendrick for a Cole Hamels? Or is this just a way of ensuring depth and maintaining overall win value in other places to counter the loss of Richards?

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

      Cole Hamels didn’t even clear waivers

      • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

        Assuming that’s even true. We’re technically not even supposed to know that information.

        • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

          What are you talking about it was reported on this very site that the Cubs put in a claim on Hamels

        • JacksTigers 11 months ago

          Cubs were awarded the claim. No trade happened. Your wishful thinking doesn’t overshadow facts.

          • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

            What wishful thinking? This site is called MLB Trade “Rumors”. Unless it’s a transaction or event that can be confirmed by everyone on the planet, you can’t believe every single thing you read on the internet. Even on this site.

          • JacksTigers 11 months ago

            It was reported by multiple reputable sources. Not sure what you mean by “confirmed by everyone on the planet.” I could ask almost anyone that doesn’t follow baseball and they wouldn’t be able to confirm trades that already happened. And while it’s called MLB Trade “Rumors,” your logic would allow for anybody to say anything with nothing to back it up. This site would not be what it is today if you can spin everything by saying “this is a rumor site.”

          • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

            Whatever you say. Believe everything you read on the internet. That’s your choice.

            Regardless, I confirmed it on my own. The Cubs did claim Hamels. And the Phillies can put him back on waivers a second time. And whoever claims him can take him without negotiating a trade. So the Cubs putting a claim on him doesn’t stop that process. The question then is whether or not the Phillies want to put him on waivers a second time.

          • JacksTigers 11 months ago

            You just confirmed it on your own? Without reading anything on the internet? Am I actually supposed to believe that?

  10. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

    Can he pitch?

  11. Michael Kenny 11 months ago

    This is addition by subtraction for the Sox. They have a slew of 2Bs in the high minors who could hit better than Beckham with their eyes closed.

  12. coldgoldenfalstaff 11 months ago

    Don’t stop now Hahn, dump Viciedo and Dunn too.

    • هذا الرجل رهيبة الكبير خليل 11 months ago

      For some 5 hour energy for Jose Abreu

  13. هذا الرجل رهيبة الكبير خليل 11 months ago

    Shouldnt they be looking to add to their mediocre rotation?

    • Jose Ochoa 11 months ago

      Same rotation that got them the best record in baseball before Richards injury and shoemaker is dealing tonight!!!!

  14. Jay 11 months ago

    Thanks Angels for taking this bust off our hands. Great defensive player, but one of the worst hitters in all of baseball! Great day for a White Sox fan.

    • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

      And with Don Baylor, Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, and of course Mike Scioscia in the house, all to help guide him on a winning team, he could very well turns things at the plate.

      • Light_tower_power 11 months ago

        Hahahaha you are kidding yourself…with the amount of at bats he has at in the big leagues this isn’t a likely change of scenery candidate

        • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

          That doesn’t mean anything. I played and watched this game long enough to know that any player can turn a new leaf at any time. It’s just a matter of getting over that mental barrier dealing with change. Great example is Dwight Evans. Very little plate discipline early in his career. Improved over time. Became a walks and on-base machine at about age 30 through the rest of his career. Pitching example is Dave Stewart. Had a ton of promise coming up with the Dodgers. Was dealt. Bounced around because he couldn’t capture that potential. Ran into Dave Duncan when dealt to the A’s. At exactly age 30, he transformed into one of the most intimidating aces of his generation. It can happen to any player.

          • andrey 11 months ago

            Add Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and Chris Davis as recent examples of failed prospects who changed teams and became great hitters.

          • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

            Exactly. Sometimes a prospect can grow up in an organization they’re not entirely comfortable with. Just as if they were traded to a team they’re not the greatest fit for and don’t succeed. Flipping that around, I remember when the Angels signed Kelvim Escobar, I was like “meh”. Big deal. He’ll give them some innings but I wasn’t expecting much. Although he was a versatile option because he had a lot of closing experience by then. Like a right handed Hector Santiago right now. But Escobar suddenly transformed into a frontline starter. Proof that anything can happen for a player in the right situation. And the Angels are a perfect landing spot for a player like Beckham considering their knack for maximizing value out of the Brendan Donnellys and the Colin Cowgills.

    • abes_seed 11 months ago

      He is a huge step up from John McDonald and his .140 Batting Average

    • authenhausen 11 months ago

      I have been waiting for this to happen, the White Sox actually have some infield depth better than beckham on the farm, and it will be nice for the auditions to start now, rather than at the Camelback

  15. Christopher Grubb 11 months ago

    We have zero need for Beckham.. maybe they are setting up for a SP trade. Would be very sad to see Howie go.

    • هذا الرجل رهيبة الكبير خليل 11 months ago

      Would probably have to be him, not a good farm system

  16. soxfan123123 11 months ago

    Of course Micah Johnson gets shutdown for the year. Who gets called up Semien and or Sanchez?

  17. BaseballBeisbol 11 months ago

    Makes sense for the sox. They have 2 guys in the minors in Micah Johnson and Marcus Semien that probably would have led to Beckham being a non-tender candidate in the offseason.

    • Jerry Mandering 11 months ago

      Don’t forget about Carlos Sanchez.

      • BaseballBeisbol 11 months ago

        Wow he’s really picked it up. I looked about two months ago and he was struggling pretty bad.

      • Ralph Esposito 11 months ago

        Carlos Sanchez was pulled from his game at Charlotte. He is supposedly on his way to meet the Sox in New York. Marcus Semien who started at short for Charlotte will join the team in September. Sad that next years starter Micah Johnson was shut down to injury. I would have loved to see him up now. He’s going to be a stud player.

  18. Jerry Mandering 11 months ago

    Alright Dunn, Viciedo, you’re next.

    • soxfan123123 11 months ago

      Viciedo is 25 and controlled till 2019 i believe. Why trade him when his value is the lowest?

      • Jerry Mandering 11 months ago

        Because I’m sick of waiting for something that’s probably never going to come. He’s a liability in the field and he’s not a good enough hitter to be a regular DH. If anything, they’ve been too patient. If he showed any semblance of improvement, I might agree with you, but right now, he’s just taking up space. Let someone else take the gamble.

      • Michael Kenny 11 months ago


      • Ralph Esposito 11 months ago

        I believe De Aza will go before Dayan does. I want to see Andy Wilkins, Jared Mitchell and Matt Davidson get some major league at bats this year. We have to move or sit De Aza and Dunn.

    • BaseballBeisbol 11 months ago

      I have a feeling they resign Dunn in the offseason. There is not a viable left handed power bat in free agency next year and they won’t need to make a long term commitment to keep him.

      • Jerry Mandering 11 months ago

        I think Andy Wilkins has the potential to mimmick Dunn’s production. He certainly has the power. I don’t hate Dunn like so many others, but I’m ready for something new.

  19. soxfan123123 11 months ago

    Since we are already doing business, why not take Danks off our hands? You could have him for free.

    • Free would have to mean that the Sox pay his salary as well.

      • Ralph Esposito 11 months ago

        No. Free means you do not have to trade anybody for him. I can give you a car for free. It doesn’t mean I will be filling up the gas tank for you forever.

  20. JTGleason 11 months ago

    $900K for a poor hitting, defensive specialist UT sounds like a joke…. Until you see our current poor hitting, defensive specialist UT. Beckham’s batting about 100 points higher then John McDonald so don’t knock it.

    This may be a precursor to a starting pitching deal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if its a stand alone trade. The Angels picked up Ryan Wheeler, and plopped him into Salt Lake. Dipoto may be collecting infielders as replacements for off season trades of Kendrick, Aybar, Freese, or just as disaster replacements for injuries.

    • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

      Just saw that Wheeler is hitting .344 at Salt Lake. Amazing the numbers that get inflated there. The Bees alone average over 6 runs a game, and are under .500.

    • Bryan 11 months ago

      Or Grant Green is being traded for a pitcher

  21. selw0nk 11 months ago

    Maybe the A’s should have gotten him for 2nd Base.

  22. A lot of those Blue Jays/White Sox trade proposals from the Spring seem rather silly now.

  23. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 11 months ago

    The Angels just had an extra 40 man roster spot and no one to fill it.

    • I don’t really dislike this move. I just don’t think anyone should care very much. Though I’ve always been a Johnny Mac fan and I’ll cut him more slack than he deserves.

  24. KINGMOJO 11 months ago

    Maybe trade Becham for a pitcher?

  25. Quikmix 11 months ago

    what’s the liklihood that they trade kendrick for a pitcher now?

    • Steve Adams 11 months ago

      This move has nothing to do with a pursuit of pitching, and Kendrick wouldn’t clear waivers anyway. The Blue Jays, Yankees, A’s and a number of other contending clubs would likely put in a claim on him.

  26. NRD1138 11 months ago

    One down; many to go Hahn. Dunn, De Aza, Danks, Flowers, and possibly Viciedo to go. Im not looking for blockbusters, but just get rid of the holes in the lineup costing bucks. Id rather see rooks up at the major league level performing like this at this point of the season

    • JacksTigers 11 months ago

      Dunn is a FA. Danks has no value at all. Flowers won’t really get you anything in return. You’d be selling really low on Viciedo for no reason. Only semi decent chip is De Aza in that list.

      • Twisted86 11 months ago

        He did say he wasn’t looking for blockbusters and to just get rid of the holes in the lineup..

  27. Willie Cicci 11 months ago

    Gordon Beckham for a bag of rusty nails. (just cuz Kendrick is already there) I don’t get it. Maybe Carlos Pena to LAA next? or some one to back up Trout once a month?

  28. Charles Kime 11 months ago

    Why didn’t the Bue Jays claim Beckham ? They need a 2B.

  29. melvin brookes 11 months ago

    Contrary to initial reports, this is not David Beckham, and the Spice Girls will not be doing a reunion show at Angels Stadium.

  30. rhubarbsss 11 months ago

    Danks should have gone as well.

  31. RyanWKrol 11 months ago

    If anyone can straighten him out at the plate, it’s Don Baylor.

  32. rhubarbsss 11 months ago

    Suddenly I have seller’s remorse. Can we trade you Danks for Beckham?

  33. RyanWKrol 11 months ago

    Ha! lol

  34. Douglas Rau 11 months ago

    Hamels didn’t make it through waivers; he can’t be traded any more this season.

  35. RyanWKrol 11 months ago

    Yes he can. The Phillies can put him back and on and the team claiming Hamels can just assume the contract without negotiating a trade. But that’s just theory. Do the Phillies even want to do that despite it being instant salary relief for 2015?

  36. Douglas Rau 11 months ago

    The Phillies can put him out on waivers again but it would be irrevocable waivers meaning they can’t pull him back. Meaning, the team that wins the claim on him (and one would have to assume it would be the Cubs because that’s who claimed him last time) would just get him and the remainder of his salary and the Phillies aren’t going to do that. Hamels isn’t dead weight that the Phillies are looking to shed. He’s one of the game’s better pitchers, signed to a team friendly deal. The Phillies will be looking to get a package of impressive prospects for him and that’s an option they can explore in the off-season. Letting him go right now in exchange for nothing but salary relief makes less than no sense.

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