Athletics Acquire Geovany Soto

The Athletics have acquired catcher Geovany Soto from the Rangers, according to a tweet from Mark Madson. The Rangers will receive cash considerations for Soto, Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan tweets. The Athletics announced that they cleared space for Soto on their 40-man roster by moving Kyle Blanks to the 60-day DL.

The 31-year-old Soto has played sparingly this season due to injury, but he’s now healthy, and he was very effective in 2013, hitting .245/.328/.466 in part-time duty. The Athletics already have two good catchers in Derek Norris and John Jaso on their active roster, but Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle tweets that Jaso has recently experienced worsening concussion symptoms and will likely need a stay on the disabled list. And as ESPN’s Buster Olney tweets, Stephen Vogt, another catcher on the active roster, is currently dealing with a foot issue that makes catching difficult. (Vogt can also play first base and outfield.) Soto could see time at DH as well as behind the plate, but he has no significant history at any other position.

Soto, a former National League Rookie of the Year (with the Cubs), re-signed a one-year, $3.05MM contract with the Rangers this offseason. He’s owed $600K through the end of the season, at which point he will be a free agent. Soto is hitting .237/.237/.368 this season, although that comes in a small sample of just 38 plate appearances. In 2483 Major League plate appearances, Soto is a .248/.333/.438 batter.

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  1. Carlos Aguilar 11 months ago

    What? why? this makes no sense

    • brian310 11 months ago

      Don’t they already have 3 catchers on the roster? (Jaso, Norris, Vogt)

      • Carlos Aguilar 11 months ago

        well 2, Vogt cant catch anymore this year for injury reasons. This makes sense if and only if Norris or Jaso are injured

        • Guest 11 months ago

          Vogt could probably catch again this year if it came down to it, though I’m sure they’d prefer to keep him at 1B. I’m thinking either Norris’ back is worse than they thought, or maybe another move is pending.

          • padarox 11 months ago

            Vogt is hurt. He can’t catch the rest of the year.

          • Daniel Morairity 11 months ago

            Well your right but he can still be a Dh and Jaso is probably going to be on the dl so soto will be a backup for Derek Norris good call Carlos

    • RyanWKrol 11 months ago

      Been watching the Angels/A’s series and Vogt is at 1B now and looks slower on the field because of nagging injuries. So this does make sense.

  2. Snoochies8 11 months ago

    So Norris’ back might be bothering him, so Freiman or a reliever go down temporarily to AAA?

    • padarox 11 months ago

      That’s the only thing I can think of. Norris did look like he tweaked his back last week.

  3. Robert Montenegro 11 months ago

    Weird, not like they need another catcher. Not likely they were trying to block the Angels from getting him.

  4. Cabro Epico 11 months ago

    4 catcher lineup coming soon

  5. padarox 11 months ago

    Could possibly be a platoon candidate with Norris. Soto hits RHP better and Jaso isn’t the best defensive or pitch-calling catcher in the world. Jaso could then just platoon at DH.

  6. Seamaholic 11 months ago

    Had to be a claim situation. Doubt he would have made it through NL waivers.

  7. Ed Foster 11 months ago

    Read the article by Mike Pizarro on the A’s Taking Roster Construction to the Next Level and you will see that this move goes right along with the A’s philosophy of having players that can fill multiple needs for you against various teams, pitchers and batters. Like Moneyball, they are using multiple lineups to compensate for one player(example; Yeonis Cespedis for one). Looks like Billy has taken it to a whole new, and better level. Go Athletics

    • Derek Peezy 11 months ago

      Thank you for that explanation on the A’s approach!

    • Scott Bertolini 11 months ago

      This is absolutely true! We’re talking about our manager who is the catcher himself in his playing days. Catchers are smart versatile and in most cases some of the most durable players on a team. If you count Josh Donaldson that makes a total of 5 catchers that were carrying on the roster.

      • Ed Foster 11 months ago

        Thanks Scott. Remember, we are also talking about infielders and outfielders also being adept at other positions so as to provide Melvin with more roster variations depending on the team and or the pitchers we are going to face.

  8. $110795678 11 months ago

    This is reminiscent of when they brought back Suzuki last August. You can never assume that you have enough depth. Hopefully it will wind up being an unnecessary precaution. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    • Seamaholic 11 months ago

      Soto’s got over five years of service time, meaning he can decline to be sent to the minors. So are the A’s committing to carrying 3 or 4 catchers on the 25 man roster for the playoffs?

      • $110795678 11 months ago

        He probably wouldn’t make the playoff roster if Norris and Jaso are both healthy. But they have to try and win the division, first and foremost. And if the two primary catchers miss many games down the stretch, he’s better than their minor league options.

      • Ed Foster 11 months ago

        Hmmmm, Jaso has concussion symptoms, looks like there are underlying reasons for this move.

  9. MetsMagic 11 months ago

    Sign Biggio and Eli Marrero and trade for John Baker to pitch. 10 catcher lineup

  10. disadvantage 11 months ago

    Adding Soto is a great move because it will allow Melvin to strategically select which catcher/DH he will use if the pitcher is left handed, right handed, whether the pitcher has a goatee, whether the pitcher though “City slickers” was a good movie, the pitcher’s political views, etc.

  11. Pingston 11 months ago

    Precursor to a trade with Tampa Bay? A’s have reportedly claimed Yunel Escobar. Will a catcher go to Tampa Bay in return? The A’s hitting dried up after Cespedes was sent to Beantown. Will this be a bigger trade? Will A’s get hits or will they continue to suffer the fate of the other big July deadline trader (Detroit)?

  12. bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

    The A’s are falling fast.

  13. Frank Richard 11 months ago

    Samardzija gets his old catcher back. Soto caught him with the Cubs.

  14. Jason Himelstein 11 months ago

    The LAA are the far superior team. They will win the Division by several games.

    • FaStRmaN 11 months ago

      LAA is NOT a far superior team. They have better hitting but their pitching is no where near the A’s. The difference between the A’s hitting and pitching and the Angels Hitting and Pitching give the A’s a decided advantage. Pitching wins championships… and pennants !

  15. jason baker 11 months ago

    We get to expand the roster to 40 man for the playoffs. On September 1, the Major League team’s roster expands from the 25-man active roster to the entire 40-man roster. At this point, any player on the 40-man roster can play for the Major League team. September call-ups are players from the minors who are playing in September to get Major League experience and, especially for teams in contention, to provide reinforcements down the stretch.

  16. padarox 11 months ago

    For 7 more days. And the term “fanboy” is generally reserved for the jealous.

  17. Ed Foster 11 months ago

    Thank you paradox. Seamaholic, the article explains it much better than I can. With more of the (25)guys on your roster being versatile at multiple positions, better against lefties, righties and so on, Melvin can adjust his roster daily to get the most out of his lineup. Quit being so quick to be an a##hole and think a little bit about what you just read.

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